Pumps, filters and skimmer pool: competently equip private pond

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09 April 2016

Not long ago, the presence of the pool on your own site is a kind of measure of a life of luxury, because not everyone can afford to install it.For the vast majority of people in our country is a miracle in the individual use only existed on the TV screen, and such a thing as filters for swimming pools was familiar only in discussions purity of public facilities.We invite you to stay at these devices in more detail.


pools today - is no longer a luxury.New technologies have enabled almost everyone to become the owner of at least a small pool.Inflatables, frame, fixed, detachable design - anyone can pick up the option, based on their own preferences and financial capabilities.Buying a swimming pool, we have to think about it and cleaning.In this article we will talk about the different equipment, allows you to forget about the problem at any time to enjoy a refreshing dip in th

e clean water, a private swimming pool.

equipment for pool maintenance ↑

For pools of all sizes and their surrounding buildings there is a huge amount of equipment for water treatment.

Important: the proper selection of equipment depends on the quality of purification, the water temperature and long-term trouble-free operation of your pool.

All equipment for pools created to:

  1. guarantee the safety of the structure.
  2. ensure a pleasant stay in them.

Standard Package will include:

  • filtration system;
  • water heating;
  • plum;
  • skimmers;
  • pumps and much more.
Pool filtration system
pool filtration system is responsible for the cleanliness of the water, preventing the formation of plaque on the bottom and sides of

For best results, we recommend the construction of swimming pool and installation of its equipment to conduct simultaneously, ordering all the services in one company.

This will not only save a lot of, but also to avoid many mistakes.

Filters ↑

filtering system for the swimming pool is now vast.To choose the right filter for the pool, you need to know what different types differ from each other.Devices are divided into:

  • sand;
  • diatomaceous earthen;
  • cartridge.
Sand filters for swimming pools
Sand filters for swimming pools

pool filter sand is the cheapest, but less effective than others.Sand filters for the pool located in large tanks, which is run through the dirty water.All filtered dirt is deposited on the edges of the device.

Such a system makes it possible to clean the pool of particles larger than 20 microns.In most cases, it is quite effective for preserving the purity of the pool, but to serve sand filters for swimming pools is quite problematic.At least once a week, it is necessary to clean the tanks with sand using a reverse flow, which leads to a very large flow of water.Therefore, such a system is not recommended for use with limited water resources.Despite this, the sand filter for the pool - the most popular equipment.

Diatomite filter
Diatom filter

The diatom earth filter, use a toner, powder coating particles of fossil plankton.Compared with the sand screens, these devices are much better purified water in the pool, they are able to detain particles of over 3-5 microns.Service of such filters also requires reverse cleaning procedure, but other than that necessary to remove the lattice filter and replace diatomaceous mixture.There is a significant drawback: many cities have decided on the definition of this mixture as potentially dangerous to human health, so if you change it will have to think about recycling.

Tip: If you need a filter for the inflatable pool, the best option would be the sand filter with quartz sand.

Cartridge filters
cartridge filters

Finally, the cartridge filters - they contain several, usually 3 or 4, polyester cartridges cylindrical shape.This material allows the smallest particles capture and retain all the time until the filter is clean.Such filters are cheaper diatoms, but a little more expensive than sand.In addition, the cartridge system is very easy to clean, it is sufficient to remove the cartridge and clean them with a strong jet, pre-soaking in the cleaning solution.In the case of severe deterioration of the cartridge can be found in any store that offers equipment for swimming pools.

pumps for artificial reservoirs ↑

pumps for pools such as the necessary equipment, as well as filter systems.Unlike filters that are removable devices, a pump for the pool is selected for long term use, ideally, for the entire period of use of the pool.That is why the choice of the pump should be approached with great responsibility.All pump systems can be divided into three groups:

  • self-priming;
  • filter;
  • priming.

Each type has its own distinctive capabilities.Since self-priming pump is usually installed above ground level, as it can raise the water to a height of three meters.The filter-pump to the pool holding pre-treatment of water from large dirt particles.If you buy a filter pump for the swimming pool, make sure that the performance of the filter element does not exceed the capacity of the pump, otherwise it will lead to a significant deterioration in the quality of treatment, and subsequently to the failure of the entire system.Priming pumps are used in a variety of decorative devices, waterfalls, rides.

The pump filter for inflatable pools
pump filter for inflatable pools

Even buying a pump for inflatable pools should be familiar with its performance.The more the volume of construction, the greater the amount of water will flow through the system for each session.In addition, it is necessary to take into account the conditions of the location of the pool.If it is placed indoors, the performance of the pump should not be very large, since in this case longer pool will remain clean.

Skimmer: remove surface rubbish ↑

Another equally important element for water filtration - skimmer pool.It is designed to clean the surface of debris, hair, sebum and other dirt.If we ignore this simple arrangement, the pool will form so-called dead zones in which perishable water and concentrated chemicals that are added during the operation.

easiest skimmer looks like a tank with filter, in which through a special opening in the sidewall of the water falls and passes through the cleaning and preheating returns to the pool.Despite the simplicity of the design, the skimmer pool with their hands is very difficult to do.It is better to buy a ready-made equipment in specialized stores, but you can install it on their own.

In some models, provides for a bucket strainer (strainer), but most of the water is transferred directly into the filtration system.All skimmers are divided into two groups:

  • attachments;
  • built.
Suspended skimmer pool
Suspended skimmer for outdoor pools set upwind

Suspended skimmer pool today is most prevalent.It does not require installation in the filtration system, and simply hung on the inner side of the pool.Such models can be used to clean the inflatable and frame pools, where it is not possible to install built skimmers, as well as they are indispensable in the event that these devices were not incorporated in the construction of buildings.To hinged skimmer working offline and smoothly, it is necessary to equip the return pipe.

When self-installing hinged construction must adhere to certain rules:

  1. If the pool is open, then install the skimmer should be hinged on the windward side to the leaves, dirt and dust fall into the self-cleaning system thanks to flow created by wind.In closed basins devices are placed evenly around the circumference.
  2. Skinner One of the last generation able to clean 25 square meters of water surface.Based on this value are calculated the number of devices required for each pool.

Very often in the deepest ground pool installed skimmers bottom, made of polypropylene alloys.

Built skimmer
Built skimmer is mounted on the stage of construction of an artificial pond

Embedded devices are mounted directly in the wall of the pool, so their acquisition and installation care must be taken at the beginning of construction.Such models are highly efficient and more productive, therefore preferred in a very large swimming pool.

Therefore, the best choice for owners of small private artificial reservoirs is functioning perfectly mounted skimmer:

properly selected and installed equipment for pools will forget about the buck and enjoy the gentle touch of pure, sparkling blue waters, amazing relaxing after a hard day, orenergetically invigorating in the morning.