Modern types of remote switching of lighting

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12 April 2016

Let there be light remote!

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All we seek for comfort and convenience, especially when it comes to the arrangement of our house.We want to make the home beautiful, modern, play with design options, doing permutation and repair, consulting designers.But with the light?- And with the light - the gloom.Sovdepovskie switches, good old wiring under the plaster and chandeliers in the form of flowers - pop culture makes itself felt.But progress - Comrade volatile, and it is beneficial to us - it was made possible thanks to a remote control lighting.Comfortable, stylish and presentable.Learn more.


Video: the story of the establishment of remote control lighting ↑

Automation of engineering systems and remote switching of lighting can b

e useful both for internal lighting and external systems fixtures and streetlights.This move will help to create comfortable living conditions and establish a life (to decorate an apartment, exterior portion) and the whole management areas (if we talk about street lights in urban areas).But the most important advantage of such a solution - a substantial saving of energy consumption at the site.

light or no chance - that is the question ↑

rapid impetus to the development of electronics and lighting technology led to the invention and, accordingly, the emergence of mass-market both new types of light sources, and all sorts of devices to control these sources.And if even a decade ago, all that could be said about the management of the world - is a switch on the wall, today diverse remote light switches gained intelligence.

Lighting Control
Lighting Control - the path to a brighter future

This high-tech sensors and control panel that reduce the number of knobs and switches.They can be used to maintain and control the constant and variable levels of light.This, in turn, is a convenient way to properly illuminate the premises, divided into an arbitrary number of zones depending on conditions, time of day and the situation.

How it works ↑

Such light management system automatically detect and scan the light levels, the degree of brightness, make it easy to regulate them.The user can change the paradigm at any time in relation to your needs, life situation (a romantic evening, party, etc.), while saving on electricity without compromising vision.

familiar situation where like it is not dark, but the eyes are sore, and turn on the lights when the light still does not want to?Such a light switch with remote control helps you set up lights in the room so that the emphasis was placed still daylight and artificial it will be a little supplement.Very convenient functionality using various scenarios of light that can create any light "scene" just one button: once - and you're done.

lighting control
lighting control systems can be used both at home and in business (restaurants, clubs, shows

All these operations can be carried out manually (remote control) and automatic (sensors, receivers and control station will do all the workfor you, just enter the required data). Start system such "smart" world is possible from one priemnichka, then expand, increasing the comfort of his home, step by step.

management is done by radio equipment, electrical appliances with remote transmitters. The signals areby radio that automatically solves the problem of installation, assembly and subsequent transfer of both the receiver and your wonder-console.

features: a new level of comfort ↑

Functional advantages and possibilities of light control systems:

  1. No need to get up and goon the street, looking up from the workflow or pleasant company - remote control at your fingertips.
  2. Ability to create any lighting scenarios for the events (particularly useful in shopping centers, restaurants, bars, squares and clubs).
  3. All in one package - easy to control the light in the house on the street (lighting facade, landscape, etc.) with a single pultik.
  4. effect of the presence in the hours when you are not home or in the office (an effective way to make it clear to potential criminals that the building was not empty, and there is nothing they do).

    a useful feature
    effect of the presence of home owners - a useful feature
  5. energy savings, especially in the daytime.
  6. Ease of use and installation.

Such systems equally well fit into the classical and modern interiors in the spirit of high-tech.Especially often use them in smart homes.

practical use ↑

savings.The system automatically detects when the room is no one, on and off.Conversely, if someone walks into the room, closer to home, fencing the area, the light will light up, that is equally effective in the fight against hacking and "yeggs" and is useful if you have an elementary hands full.

Such equipment can control the lighting of a separate nochnichka, the whole house full, automatic gate, backyard allotment, radiators and blinds.

Such equipment will have the illusion of static lighting - outside sunny or cloudy, dark, dawn is breaking, if you need to, you will always have the same level of illumination.So you can save a lot of money and vision (do20% of electricity).

interesting bonus against intruders ↑

In his absence you can set the "asymmetrical" set lighting scenarios: from time to time, the system will turn on / off light in arbitrary rooms, open the shutters and cover, simulating your presence at home.Even if you are not home long period of time, it is practically impossible to calculate the scheme, since the program does not repeat itself and has no regularity.

home lighting
lighting can be divided into convenient for you section, change the mode can also be

That's what technology has come ↑

Some models of such equipment for lighting control mode allows you to control the light house and wherever else directly from yourtablet, phone or laptop.With smartphone and other personal gadgets can be done exactly the same steps - turn on / off electrical appliances, change the brightness and lighting scenarios, working shutters.

remote light switch
Now you can turn the lights on at home with a personal gadget

All you need to do - download the application online or buy the management station.There are systems based on Android, iPhone and aypada - all that darling please.

Think about it: it is now possible not just turn on the lights without getting up from the couch, but even at a great distance from the building.It is convenient, or you find it expensive overkill for the rich - you decide.But the very idea that the human brain is able to create something like the soul and the room becomes a little lighter.