Design and site drainage design their own hands

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09 April 2016

What if you got a problem area with high humidity of the earth?Spoiling the foundation, poor harvest, permanent puddles and kilos of mud on the shoes - all this, undoubtedly spoil the mood of any landowner.The first solution that comes to mind: to sell territory.But what if you already love their possessions and would not exchange it is a cozy place to another?Then do not be lazy, do the drainage area with your hands and continue to enjoy their favorite neighborhoods.


Video: advice from professionals on the implementation of the drainage area ↑

Prerequisites for the organization of a system of drainage of the soil ↑

vagaries of nature in the form of frequent rains, isolated pools in the garden, seasonal dirt in the garden - all this is not

reason to beatthe alarm and to spend on the project drainage.We need to clearly distinguish between when the earth needs help, and in some cases, soil itself to cope with the natural force majeure.Watch your possessions, make conclusions and to take over the drainage area, drainage of land only if the following problems.

  • Flooding of such spaces as a cellar, ground floor and the other buildings on the ground floor or below ground level.How dangerous these phenomena?Damage of buildings, because excess moisture provokes the emergence and proliferation of mold, fungi and other unnecessary landlord adversity.Stairs, floors, furniture and other components of the buildings - all this starts to rot, unusable, spoil your mood and lead to losses;
  • Waterlogging of the soil due to the fact that water can not fast enough to go into the deeper layers.You will be a bad harvest or lack of it, rotten flowers, dead trees, and as a consequence - a disgusting appearance of your possessions;
  • Washout earth, which becomes noticeable because of the constant failures, depressions in the stone-paved paths, or tiles;
  • heaving soils - an extreme stage of excess moisture when you need to take action immediately, otherwise the expanding soil destroys not only the paths, but also lead to cracks in the foundation, walls, skewed windows and doors, up to the transformation of your home in ruins.
drainage area
quality drainage provides a year-round water outflow

It is important to know!Design and installation of drainage in the area - an essential measure to those who own territory with a clay soil, in the lowlands, areas with abundant groundwater, river valleys, regularly flooded by heavy rains or melting snow areas on drained marsh areas.

Drainage on the site
Example of the drainage system in the country

Drainage and its species ↑

Drainage - a combined system of pipes and trenches placed on part of the land, or around the perimeter of the territory, including buildings on the site.The main objective of such actions - to protect buildings from moisture and normalize the soil moisture by diversion of excess water beyond possessions.

You can order the project drainage area or a specialized company is to build a system of drainage of the soil with his own hands.As often happens, and in this case all depends on your ability to finance, time and desire.

Before you learn how to do the drainage in the area, you should decide which of its kinds to choose, because the right choice and the correct order of work - is the basis for the success of any operation.

Thus, the drainage system is of two types:

  1. surface when the territory is made for drainage of excess moisture, which appeared due to frequent rains and / or abundant snowmelt.
  2. depth, which is relevant in the case of near-surface location of groundwater in order to protect the building from destruction, and garden, yard and garden from flooding.
how to make drainage
Yes, such a major "front" of work is waiting for you if you want to make a reliable system of drainage

In turn, surface drainage system is divided into the following types:

  • linear,
  • point.

linear surface drainage system often is a series of trays arranged with a special slant to the place of the total harvest moisture.Containers are installed in the trench with a layer of gravel on the bottom.Such drainage suburban area effective if the soil slope exceeds 3 degrees relative to the horizon.Roughly speaking, when your possessions are lower than neighboring areas.

Spot dehumidification system - a combination of drain pipes to water inlet.This device resembles a well-separated siphon wall - bars, which is necessary to clean the incoming water from the waste that the system is not clogged and there was no odor.Some landowners receiving unit equipped with a special basket for garbage collection.

It is important to know !Not enough for each section of one of the drainage systems, sometimes to maintain proper humidity is necessary to combine them.

How to make their own surface drainage ↑

how to divert water from the area
That's the way the system of surface drainage

As mentioned, surface drainage system - a solution for areas suffering from heavy precipitation (rain, snow).Implement such a project "to life" is much easier than to build deep drainage.Even a beginner summer resident under the force of a similar scope of works.The main thing - a sound approach, and the exact order of operations.

Where to start?Inspect the territory, make a tentative layout of the trenches.As a rule, around the perimeter of the tested main gutters, and in places where water can be made and additional trench.Recommended by experts channel width - 50 cm depth - 70 cm, bevel wall - about 30 degrees.Auxiliary depressions dug out with a bias to the main trenches, and the last - with a bias towards the collection tank.

How to make a surface drainage system using trays?In accordance with the above recommendations dug ditches filled layer (10 cm) of sand to be compacted.Top selected should be placed trays and cover them with sand catchers and waste.In order not to spoil the landscape and prevent large debris from entering the system, it is recommended to close the trench grates.

should pay attention!Which trays to choose everything for surface drainage?You are free in their decision of this question.You can buy or make the plastic concrete (possible with the addition of polymers) capacity.

Organization drainage
To arrange a reliable surface drainage experts recommend purchase special trays

Meanwhile, some landowners manage without trays.Then deepening 2/3 of the backfilled large rubble.This is followed by a layer of fine gravel, and on top - the turf.To improve the drainage system so you can wrap the rubble geotextile.

drainage ditch
It looks good faith made deep drainage system

drainbage by deep drainage ↑

main rule of an effective system of deep drainage - placing pipe at a depth below the passage of groundwater.If there are serious problems can seek professional help in hydrogeological firm whose workers accurately determine the level of proleganiya pipes, and, possibly, develop a plan for draining the system.You do not need such services, because your buildings were not in danger, and in the garden you can do on their own?Operate a variety of proven way to truckers.On mineral soils digs ditches depth of 60-150 cm, thus adhering to the norms:

  • area around fruit trees - 120-150 cm;
  • area near the forest trees - 90 cm;
  • area of ​​flower beds, lawns, flower beds - 60-80 cm.

professionals recommended width of grooves - 40 cm.

It is important to know!If the soil on your possessions peat, experts advise to do the trench at least 1 meter deep, as this ground settles quickly.

deep drainage
example of deep drainage sectional

To create a deep drainage system use special pipe network hole with a diameter of 0.15-0.5 cm. Do not use the unsold since the Soviet era asbestos cement or ceramic pipes, as these materials themselvespoorly established "in" (require frequent washing due to the imminent clogging).Today, such works exist perforated plastic pipes, some of them are even equipped with a filtering membrane, which prevents clogging design.

pipes for drainage
to deep drainage you need to buy special perforated pipes

The procedure works:

  1. dug ditches filled in and compacted layer of sand (10 cm).
  2. geotextile trenches dimmed so that the edge of the web were above the recess.
  3. followed by a layer (20 cm) of gravel.
  4. top lay the pipe.
  5. design filled with gravel up to half the height of the ditch.
  6. Next, fold the geotextile, which will transmit water, but keep the soil particles and debris.
  7. remaining half asleep recesses loam and fertile soil.
  8. complex work ends with the creation of wells, located in the lowest points of land from which water can be output into storm sewers, gully or the nearest body of water.
geotextile - a kind of filter that saves the system from clogging

Deep drainage is good that virtually unnoticed.The fact that it is in the territory, only you know.But to create such a system would have to work hard.

to drain water you have to make such wells

Having drainage area, you will protect the building, the garden and the garden from the negative effects of moisture and turn the land into a problem favorite vacation spot.