Methods of installation of concrete pillars lighting

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09 April 2016

Outdoor lighting is necessary for normal functioning of cities.The first street lights provide security, but can also be used to decorate parks and gardens.When installing streetlights important point is the choice of lamp poles.The most popular are concrete and concrete lighting poles, due to its durability and reasonable price.


lighting columns
A principal lighting provides good visibility on the roads at night

Classification light poles ↑

  1. production material:
    • concrete - can withstand heavy loads and extreme temperatures;
    • concrete - durable, but are unattractive appearance;
    • metal - robust and aesthetically pleasing;
    • fiberglass - lighter, more weather-resistant than metal, available in various colors;
    • wood - are subject to more rapid decay, break in strong winds.

    supports protection
    Metal outer support amenable galvanizing - it permanently protects them
    from corrosion process
  2. By type of construction - may be tubular, multi-faceted, conical or lattice.
  3. As the purpose of use are distinguished:
    • street;
    • backbone;
    • fine.

Features concrete constructions ↑

Concrete lighting poles are hollow inside, but for extra strength reinforced with metal reinforcement.As the filler used crushed granite, which has a high resistance to frost.

important that concrete does not corrode and is very resistant to degradation.Such support though not aesthetically attractive, but are reliable and can last up to 50 years.They are not destroyed by temperature changes from -55 to +50 degrees Celsius.

The benefits also include fire resistance and ease of maintenance.And thanks to the reinforcement can withstand the load, at times exceeding those withstand concrete lighting poles.

Moving and installation of lighting columns is performed using special equipment.

important to know , that in the event of an emergency, reinforced concrete structure capable of causing great harm.Weight of supports much more than metal or wood.

light support
advantage of reinforced concrete light poles is resistant to adverse environmental influences

Installing outdoor lighting poles ↑

installation of lighting poles - this is an important stage of construction works at the complex design and installation of outdoor lighting.

To do this properly requires:

  • develop a scheme of lighting network;
  • spend the markup on the ground;
  • dig trenches for cables;
  • drilled out of the pit;
  • prepare the foundation;
  • mount poles;
  • make installation of electrical wires.

distance between lighting columns must be calculated in accordance with the planned load and capacity.

When developing the scheme, you will immediately determines the optimal location with lanterns and their quantity.It is important to choose the right way to start and disconnect from the network.

Also depending on the intended use of the lighting design selected height of the column lighting.

concrete method can be used to strengthen the pillars of reinforced concrete and metal.To do this, first drilled the ground, taking into account pre-marking.Given the height and thickness of the column is determined by the depth of the hole.This work is done by a special technique with earth or telescopic drills that are placed on a car platform.

concreting support
concrete method is simple and reliable

diameter must be greater than the diameter of the column of 20 cm. If the soil is very soft, the pit lay the sand and granite rubble, about 15 cm. And only after that establish the post.In order to make it vertically, using the special temporary spacers.The remaining void is filled with concrete up to the level of the soil.

For higher lamp poles used method of fixing flange.It should be ready to use a monolithic block of concrete with embedded anchor with bolts, to which is attached a flange.The unit is lowered into the pit with a pillow of sand and gravel, well compacted soil around the block.Flange nuts must be secured.

installation best done with the help of special equipment

important to remember that the installation of lighting poles, especially the work with the wiring requires specific knowledge and use of special equipment and technology.Therefore it is better not to take yourself for this work, and to professionals in the field.

Video: installation of reinforced concrete poles ↑