How to choose a vacuum cleaner for the house and the apartment - the most important moments

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18 April 2016

How to choose a vacuum cleaner for the house to match the requirements of purity, was easy to use and has the least impact on home occupants.Hoover has long been an integral part of household appliances.His failure or inconsistency volume of work, lead to the need to purchase a new model of vacuum cleaner.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner for the house


  1. Table: Technical data of vacuum cleaners to be brought to the attention of
  2. suction power and the power of the vacuum cleaner
  3. types of cleaning, supported cleaner
  4. Types dust bag - the bag,container or aqua filter and volume
  5. Filtering and having a fine filter
  6. Suction tube
  7. Noise
  8. less important points to consider when choosing a vacuum cleaner for the house
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This buyer is faced with a new problem - the difficulty of choosing from a huge range of vacuum cleaners equipped with various functions.Models presents all sorts of shades, different in shape

and weight, however, the focus is recommended to be given to the technical characteristics which should meet your requirements, which in turn sovyu depend on the size of your home area and the variety of floor coverings.

Table: Technical data of vacuum cleaners to be brought to the attention of

Options values ​​
type cleaning Dry, wet, combined
type dust collector bag, container, aquafiltering
volume dust collector 1 to 79 liters
Consumption 2 to 3600 W
suction power 9 to 2200 W
Noise from 71 to 80 dB
Suction tube Composite, telescopic, whole
Range 9 to 125 meters
Length of cord From 7 to 20 meters
Automatic cord winder Yes/ No
Additional tips 1 to 16 pieces
Turboschёtka Yes / No
electro Yes / No
power adjustment there on the body / There remotely /No
fine filter Simple filter / electrostatic microfilter / HEPA-filter / S-class

suction power and the power of the vacuum cleaner

first criterion to consider when choosing a vacuum cleaner for the house - this is hispower, which should correspond to the volume of the proposed works.

Housekeeping large area, which is used for a variety of floor coverings can handle only a powerful vacuum cleaner.The more powerful model, the more functions it can perform: to absorb all kinds of garbage, carry out wet cleaning.But we should remember that much power is accompanied by an appropriate level of noise, the work of a powerful vacuum cleaner is characterized by quite a loud sound that may bring some discomfort.

a standard apartment, decorated parquet, linoleum and classical carpets with cleaning vacuum cleaner is quite cope with the capacity of 300 watts.

For houses with a large area, the floors of which are carpeted with a thick pile carpet, or, the best option is a model whose capacity ranges from 300 to 450 watts.These vacuum cleaners are designed for dry and wet cleaning, as well as the fight against pet hair.

Many models are equipped with a pretty handy feature allows you to change the power level, selecting the appropriate mode for the particular coating structure and level of contamination.Note this function, it is best if it is present in your vacuum cleaner models.

for the performance of the vacuum cleaner should be periodic preventive maintenance.Filters his contaminated, dust fills the result because of this, its power decreases and this adversely affects the quality of the entire vacuum cleaner.

types of cleaning, vacuuming supported

Today vacuums support several types of cleaning: dry, wet and combined.For each of these types of models are specially designed vacuum cleaners.

type of cleaning is the size of a particular room.For a standard apartment in most cases cleaner for dry cleaning, this version is designed for small volume works such models consume minimal power.

This is a classic representative of household appliances, which is perfectly cleanse carpets, garments, and furniture, as well as provide sufficient surface cleaning flooring, natural carpet, concerning which contraindicated the use of wet cleaning.Vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning familiar to all, they are extremely easy to operate, economical does not occupy much space.

Cleaning models are endowed with different functions, through which are considered universal household assistants, it is, of course, is reflected in their cost and weight of the structure.However, they can be used to perform high quality dry and wet cleaning, wash the carpet, clean furniture, stuffed toys;easy to remove the remains of the spilled liquid.

This vacuum draws a lot of positive features: You can effortlessly wash the windows and floors, carry out cleaning hard to reach places, clogged bathroom and wash basin.

detergent cleaner guaranteed to provide a higher quality of cleaning that needs to be done with them just once a week.Dry cleaning is recommended every other day.

detergent cleaner design includes two autonomous tanks: one for clean water and detergent are sprayed onto the surface through a special hose, while the other is going to all the dirt dissolved in water.In most cases, such a model equipped with a power controller.

Types dust bag - the bag, container or aqua filter and volume


collection bags are distinguished on disposable paper and tissue.Cloth bags are designed for regular use, are cost-effective option, but this bag must be periodically cleaned or dried, after which it is ready for use again.You have direct contact with dust, which is not very hygienic.

main advantage of paper bags is that the owner is relieved of his duties scrapers, immediately after harvesting, he is thrown out, and the need to consider one major drawback: the structure of the paper bags are not capable of holding the smallest dust which returns to the air.The most attractive option is a disposable bag that perfectly collects dust and does not require exhausting care.These bag also has a drawback, they adversely affect the power of the vacuum cleaner.

Dust bag


In models with a container for collecting dust all the dust collected by a vacuum cleaner, a means of vortex flow, is transported in a container in which it is formed from a lump.Container - a rather compact container periodically extracted for cleaning.

technology collecting dust with the subsequent formation of a lump eliminates the possibility of penetration mikrochastichek into the air, to the same user gets rid of the dust cloud accompanying the cleaning bag.Filling koteynera no negative impact on the level of power.

there are also disadvantages to this type of dust collector: microparticles of dust may droop over capacity, respectively, it has an impact on air filtration.Given all of the above it can be concluded that the cyclone is the leader among the bags.

Cyclone vacuum cleaner


washing vacuum cleaners operate entirely on a different principle: in a water tank supplied assembled in the implementation of the dust cleaning surfaces, where up to just vacuuming, while eliminating the possibility of release dust particles into the environment.

The main advantage of this type is the extreme simplicity of cleaning.After harvesting, completing the work, you just need to pour dirty water and fill with fresh clean.The suction power remains unchanged throughout the whole period of operation.

Like other species, these vacuum cleaners have certain drawbacks: require immediate treatment after completion of the work, also have a three-dimensional size, which requires a separate storage space.

Aquafiltering vacuum cleaner

Filtering and having a fine filter

When choosing a vacuum cleaner for the house do not forget that filters perform a very important function, that is. To. They collect dirt and dust.If they are made of poor quality material dust particles and bacteria will be able to go back to blowing through the air, and it will negatively affect the health of all family members.

Especially important is this issue for people who suffer from various allergies.Quality filters reliably protect you from the harmful effects of particles on the body.

Currently, there are several types of filters: cloth, water, paper, coal, synthetic (thus in high demand - N.E.R.A. - filter).Models which is mechanically and water purification, provide maximum order around your home.

Currently popular is the cyclonic filtration process.You do not have to clean or change bags, dirt and dust is collected in a plastic container, delivered to a strong air flow is a spiral.For the production of container is used a transparent material, which allows to observe the end result cleaning.This method is designed for the destruction of 96% of pollution.

Suction tube

usability affects the design suction pipe, which is of two types: component and telescopic.Consist of two telescopic tubes one in another and located by means of the lock can adjust the length of the tube.Meanwhile sama easily choose the height of the pipe under the height of the individual conducting the cleaning.

Composite pipes are represented by two or three separate parts, if necessary gather.What may not be quite convenient, so pay attention to the moments when choosing a vacuum cleaner for the house.


very important factor when choosing a vacuum cleaner is the noise level.Exceeding certain rules may cause some discomfort for you and your domochattsev.Particularly noisy operation of the vacuum cleaner can hopelessly spoil the mood and prevent proper rest small children.

for a vacuum cleaner, as well as any home appliances set a certain level of noise that is admissible in a residential area.According to the rules, the noise level must be determined immediately after production of the model.The procedure takes a few hours of study: a short distance from the vacuum cleaner is placed a special instrument, equipped with a microphone, the device records and measures the noise level.

for vacuum cleaners set rate - from 71 to 80 dB.for lovers of peace and quiet lifestyle should pay attention to models with minimal performance, make it easier to navigate, keep mind that the noise that characterizes the human whisper -40 dB.

less important points to consider when choosing a vacuum cleaner for the house

If you choose a vacuum cleaner requires certain accessories, be sure to ask about their availability for sale, otherwise, in the future you might have a problem with using a vacuum cleaner.

Given the high level of competition in today's market, manufacturers in the fight for customers, inventing more and more new components that extend the scope of application of vacuum cleaners.Basically updated tips that maximize ease the process of cleaning and spend it on a lot of quality.For owners of standard apartments, given the small area, the model actually purchase a vacuum cleaner equipped with special storage space for attachments.

A significant role in fulfilling the cleaner cord plays, the length of which will depend on your freedom of movement without a periodic change of the outlet.Almost all current models of vacuum cleaners are endowed with a very handy feature - automatic cord winder, it provides easy adjustment of a certain length, and user convenience.

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