How to choose the heater for the apartment or house - the pros, cons and selection criteria

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16 April 2016

With the first autumn rains and slush home is dank and uncomfortable.And when hit hard by winter frost, the cold settles in an apartment for a long time sometimes.Well, it means that it's time to go to the store for a heater.That's just too much of their species appeared: and oil and convection, and even infrared.Let's talk today about how to choose a heater, consider the features, advantages and disadvantages of each type of instrument.

How to choose the heater for the apartment or house


  1. What used and how the heaters
  2. Oil heaters - heated slowly, long hold heat
  3. Heaters - up quickly, slowly warm
  4. heaters - inexpensive but noisy
  5. Dehumidifiers - quiet, efficient, but expensive
  6. Choose a heater and do not make mistakes when using
  7. Comparison table of characteristics heaters
  8. Video: variety and choice of heater

What used and how the heaters

devices are used for heating when the heat radiator is not enough for sufficient comfort

.Nobody wants to freeze, and the heat from the room out continually.The colder it is outside, the more quickly it escapes into the street precious heat.Moreover, three-fifths of it escapes through the walls, floor and ceiling.This process is called with transmission heat losses.The more doors and windows, so the loss of significant.The angular flats are more substantial than those located in the middle of the building.

remaining two-fifths of the losses refer to vent heat loss.They occur when the penetration of outside air into the apartment and replacement of part of the warm air in the rooms of the apartment.Windows and doors where there are gaps, ventilation system, extractor channel - that's a loophole for the cold outside air.So long since taken to seal windows for the winter and insulate doors.

Today on sale there are three types of heaters having different working principles:

1. Conventional devices heat the air, and then mixed it with cold.

2. radiation with a wavelength allows the warm air is not in the apartment, the walls, the floor and the things in the apartment.This is how infrared heaters.

3. heaters warmed the air and direct it to the right place.It creates a nice warm breeze.

Next consider in detail each of the types of devices to find out at last what to choose a heater for the apartment, and that it was effective, and economical, and the price was reasonable.

Oil heaters - heated slowly, long hold heat

these devices appeared en masse at the end of the last century.Then, they were very popular, being considered the best.This device is similar to a conventional cast-iron battery, but, in contrast, has no water inside, and mineral oil.It is heated by means of PETN, feeding electric current.As the battery, in this heater has several sections.The more, the better the heat return.

have oil heaters warm the room is due to convection.They have, however, and the wave radiation, but it is so little that does not play any role in the operation.Select the device should be as follows: for every 10 square meters of space is needed for 1 kilowatt of power.This is a standard ceiling height - 2.7 meters.If the ceiling above, choose a more powerful heater.Convenient device, which is integrated in the heater - it reduces the heating time of the room.

+ These devices delight:

  • low price (1.5 thousand);
  • running time without shutting down (there is an adjustable thermostat);
  • mobility - the appliance can be easily moved around the apartment;
  • to operate for a while (until the oil is still hot) in case of sudden power failure.

- Have oil heaters and disadvantages:

  • warms device almost an hour - a very long time.
  • Dimensions of the device, as well as its weight, are quite impressive.
  • Strong heating body (70 degrees) poses a risk of burns.
  • These heaters are not very economical - their average power of two kilowatts.
  • by convection in the air constantly rising dust particles.Therefore, if you suffer from allergies to dust, deciding which to choose the heater for the house, try to eliminate the convection-type devices.

Oil heaters
Oil heaters -sleva with protective cover on the right open type.

Heaters - up quickly, slowly warm

As the name implies, these devices are used for convection only, and nothing more.At the lower end of the heater there are gaps through which the cold air is sucked in.Heating by means of PETN, it becomes easier and then the hot air rushes up to the ceiling.The larger the area of ​​the heating element, so, consequently, more air can heat it.Therefore, manufacturers try to increase this area, equipping tube PETN flat edges of metal.

convectors less inertia as oil-type device.To heat their hour is not needed - missing just a few minutes.This is because the coolant is not oil, and the air itself.Due to the lack of spare parts a thin cover of the unit, no more than eight and a half centimeters.Basically these heaters are designed for wall mounting, but there are floor models - on wheels.Their thickness is chosen so as oil from devices - 1 kilowatt to 10 square meters of space.

+ -convector heaters Advantages:

  • They feature a reasonable price - 2.5 rubles.
  • housing of these devices does not get above 60 degrees.
  • They do not make noise - a big plus.
  • They have Auto power and auto shut-off, which are controlled by a thermostat.
  • These heaters built protection against overheating.

- Disadvantages:

  • great room heater is not so warm.
  • The air is warmed for a long time - because there is usually no convectors built-in fan.

Electric convector
electroheater convector type.

heaters - inexpensive but noisy

These devices are available in different sizes.The larger the fan blade mounted within the housing, the greater the size of the device.Air for heating or passes through a metal coil, or through the ceramic heating element.Heat registers - the fastest way to raise the temperature of the air in the room.Turn on the device - and in half an hour in a room noticeably warmer.Moreover sufficiently from 1 to 1.5 kilowatts of power of such a device is not at 10 and 25 square meters.Those who determine which heater is best to choose the most economical in terms of solutions, we can advise this type of devices.

+ heaters Advantages:

  • They are the cheapest - from the spiral model can cost 500 rubles, the price of the instrument with a ceramic plate starts from 1,1 thousand rubles.
  • They are the most efficient - consumes about 1-1.5 kilowatts of power.
  • They have a thermostat in case of overheating immediately shut off the unit.
  • They are very lightweight and easy to carry from room to room.

- Disadvantages:

  • These heaters are too noisy.
  • They quickly overheat, so can not be used continuously for a long time.
  • They raise a lot of dust.

simplest, portable heater.

Dehumidifiers - quiet, efficient, but expensive

In these devices within the available light (halogen, quartz or carbon) emitting long wave infrared.Since our eyes this part of the spectrum does not see it and running the heater for us unnoticed.However, the radiation is doing its job, and all the objects in the room warm.This floor, furniture, walls, and if in the way of the waves is a man, and his body is heated.Therefore, for a long time to be in this way should not be - can overheat.

Producing these devices in the floor, wall and ceiling versions.Sometimes they are placed not only in the room, but also on the terrace or balcony.The power is taken 1 kilowatt for 10 square meters.Inside the apartment you need to have 1.5 kilowatts for the same area.

+ Advantages infrared devices:

  • They work very quietly, without raising any dust particles into the air.
  • When used very quickly equalized temperature throughout the volume of the room - because all planes are heated simultaneously.
  • As soon as you turn on the device, it immediately begins to warm the room.When you turn it instantly cools.

- Disadvantages:

  • These heaters are more expensive than all the others - they are not less than 2500 rubles.
  • heated only items found in the area of ​​radiation.
  • Man can not long under infrared rays - it causes overheating of the body.

Infrared heaters
quartz infrared heaters type.

Choose a heater and do not make mistakes when using

1. Remember once and for all, no matter what the sellers told extolling beautiful model heaters that do not dry the air, this can not be.As models, do not burn oxygen, or with efficiency close to 100 percent.All this advertising nonsense.If you increase the dryness of the air in the room is any heater (even infrared), it will not burn oxygen, no - it's appliances, and open fire in them can not be.But the efficiency of all types of devices is very high and close to 100 percent.Like this.

2. Therefore, the choice of the heater should be done, based on the area that needs to be warm.On this depends the most important parameter - power devices.

3. Naturally, it is necessary to look for a room needs heating.Perhaps it is for children, and it is necessary to select the unit with protective cover.In dusty rooms is better to use an infrared device, and where the wet - the heater housing with protection against water.

4. Be sure to check the stamp of certification for work in the Russian electricity grids.Do not take too powerful device for heating small rooms - overheat.

5. course, better to buy a model of the famous brand, the manufacturer, which has long been familiar to consumers.It is necessary to pay more, but to buy a quality product.Cheap devices and will last long, and the risk may be.Because they often have no protection against overheating.This could cause a fire.And not cheap materials will stand in good stead: prorzhaveet black metal, and a material such as abc-plastic is very fragile and will be unpleasant smell when heated.

Now a few tips for operation:

  • connect the heater to a separate outlet.In no case two plug such devices into one outlet does not stick the - because of possible melting wires short-circuiting can happen.
  • Whatever may have been the type of heater, it must be more than half a meter from any of the objects in the room.
  • Never place the unit under the window - because his body is often very hot, and as a result can ignite curtains.
  • Do not dry wet items on the radiator - they will close the gap for ventilation, the heater will overheat quickly, which is fraught with trouble.

Comparison table of characteristics heaters

Options oil-fired heaters Heaters Heat fans Dehumidifiers
Noise Low Low High Low
Cost Low average High average
rate of warming Little very small average Fast
Human exposure by convection slightly raises dust by convection slightly raises dust strongly raises dust long time is strongly influenced by the infrared rays is prohibited
Mobility average average High Model dependent
Price average Most Low Most

Video: variety and choice of heater

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