Wooden garden furniture with his own hands - the instruction for construction

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14 April 2016

This article is about how to build a gazebo made of wood with their own hands.If you have a large garden, and you want to enjoy spending time there with family and friends, garden furniture is ideal for this.Just imagine yourself in your own hands built a beautiful gazebo, watched as the grass next to your children play.In addition, garden furniture - a great place for sharing a family meal.On hot summer days, it will protect you from the scorching sun, and will serve as a comfortable place to retreat with your favorite book.

Wooden garden furniture with their hands


  1. necessary materials and tools
  2. Construction of foundations square gazebo
  3. How to make the roof of the gazebo
  4. How to fence gazebo

Materials andConstruction tools

gazebo is not difficult, provided you use the right materials and have a plan ready.To gazebo perfectly fit your tastes and needs, you need a responsible approach to the process of planning and design.You m

ust decide in advance what should be its size, whether you want to lay the floor here, BBQ set.The options are many, so we recommend that you spend some time planning.However, remember that each additional function involves additional costs, so there is need to strike a balance between your desires and possibilities.

the preparatory phase should identify and design your future gazebos.Here, too, a lot of options: it can be, for example, an octagonal structure, or rather simple square.This step by step guide will show you how to create your own gazebo just a couple of days off, without spending too much money.Construction of a wooden pergola - a simple task, provided that you know the basics of woodworking.

to build a gazebo, you need the following:

Materials Tools
A - concrete supports (foundation): a tubular casing (4 pieces), adjustable anchors(4 pieces); circular saw, a saw for cutting at an angle;
B - The perimeter of the floor batten (lower rail) timber 5x15 cm length 300 cm (2 pieces), beam 5x15 cm in length 307.5 cm (2 pieces); Drill and drill bits;
C - Medium beam floor grid: 5x15 cm bar length of 300 cm (1 piece); hammer, level, carpenter's pencil, tape measure;
D - Laghi floor: timber 5x15 cm in length 148.5 cm (16 pieces); drill for digging holes under the posts;
E - Spacers for lags floor: timber 5x15 cm long 36.5 cm (18 pieces); ladder;
F - Wooden racks: beams of 10 × 10 cm length 270 cm (9 pieces); protective gloves, goggles.
G - Upper rail: 10x10 cm bar length of 300 cm (4 pieces);
H - Angle rafters: beam 5x10 cm length 255 cm with a sawn off at an angle of 64º ends (4 pieces);
I - Supporting rafters: beam 5x10 cm in length 197.5 cm with sawn off at an angle of 55º ends (4 pieces);
J - Narozhniki (short rafters): timber 5x10 cm long 105 cm (8 pieces);
K - Roofing sheets: 12 mm plywood, 40 m;
L - Roof insulation: roofing, 40 sq.m;
M - Shingles: Shingles, 40 sq.m;
N - floorboards, 10 m;
O - Decorative fences: lower and upper railing of 5 × 10 cm;balusters 5 × 5 cm;
cement, sand, gravel;
6 cm square head screws for securing rack;
10 cm screws for fastening bars (trusses, railings, etc.);
Metal corners (angle brackets) to secure the bars;
6 cm screws to secure the floor boards, balusters, roofing sheets, etc .;
15 cm screws for fastening the rafters;
1 cm roofing nails.

Driving square gazebo
Driving square gazebo.

Construction gazebo made of wood with their own hands - quite a complicated project, but even an amateur will be able to cope with this task, if it is used properly compiled plan and appropriate materials and tools.You have to install multiple racks, lay a floor, the roof and make the railing.At first glance it may seem very complicated, but do not be afraid: to achieve the goal, you should comply with our step by step instructions and be very careful in their work.

Tip: In the beginning, you calculate the required amount of material, otherwise you will spend a lot of time in endless walking in DIY stores.Make sure you use power tools are in good condition, and their blades are very sharp.Construction of the foundations

square gazebo

Before you start, you should choose a flat area for building and mark the perimeter of the future gazebos using pegs and ropes.

Tip: Measure the diagonal of the square - they must be equal.Check every corner for squareness using known rule "3-4-5" (according to the theorem that all is well remembered from school, the hypotenuse of a right triangle with legs of 3 m and 4 m must be equal to 5 m (32 + 42 = 52)).

Planning placement gazebo
planning on the ground.

There are several ways to fix the wooden racks, most of them are fixed with the help of metal or concrete.If you want to install the rack in the concrete, you have to dig a hole in the ground a depth of 60-90 cm, fill and compact the 5 cm layer of sand or gravel and pour 10 cm layer of concrete.Then place each rack in the hole and with the help of a plumb or level to put it perfectly vertical.

After the vertical alignment of wooden struts secure them in two directions, otherwise they may move.

Securing the rack in concrete
way to secure the rack to the concrete.

Alternatively, you can put in a hole dug tubular formwork (scrap LDP) and fill it with concrete.When the concrete has hardened a bit, you should replace the adjustable anchors, making sure that they are perfectly aligned with each other.

Tip: When installing the racks, you must align them properly so that they form a square was perfect.

Align racks
Vertical alignment rack.

Use a ruler and a level to make sure that the four concrete pillars perfectly aligned.Suppose that before installing concrete pillars dry for at least 48 hours.

Tip: Prop up the stand before they mount bolts / screws.Use a spirit level to make sure that they are vertical and aligned.

Mounted Rack
Racks gazebo.

To create a frame floor using wooden blocks of 5 × 15 cm. Logs must be placed every ~ 40 cm to the construction is already too tight and can withstand the weight of the deck.

Tip: When installing a floor batten use level: you need to be sure that the logs are arranged horizontally.

Crate floor
Crate floor.

To mount inside the wooden frame lag you have two options.You can twist 10-12 cm screws into the end of each lag through them perpendicular to the sill beam or use metal corners (clamps ends of wooden beams).

We recommend the second option, however, you may want to use and the first, but before screwing the screws do not forget to drill pilot holes.

Fixing lag sex
Fix the floor joists.

Now came the turn of the rack to install the rest that will support the roof and upper harness.If you want to build a solid structure, we recommend that you secure the rack to the joists with nails 15 cm.

Tip: Do not forget to mount vertically align the rack with the help of a plumb.Roulette also help you to place reliance symmetrically.

Extra racks
extra racks.

Once you have created a crate floor and installed wooden racks, it is time to lay the floor.We recommend that you buy for this purpose floorboards are designed for outdoor use, otherwise the gazebo floor very soon will become worthless under the influence of atmospheric moisture.

Floor Covering
Flooring in the gazebo.

Before nailing strongly advise you to drill holes.If you use screws, you can twist them without pre-drilling.

Tip: Each floor board must be secured by two screws at each end.

How to make the roof of the gazebo

Make roof gazebo in several ways.We will show you the option that, first, does not require large amounts of material and, secondly, makes arbor durable.

first step of the process is to install top strapping wooden racks.Use for this purpose the bars 10 × 10 cm.

The upper rail
upper rail gazebo.

In the figure, you can see the proper technique for fastening bars.At the ends of each bar must be made L-shaped cuts and connect them together in the top of the uprights.Then drill pilot holes and drive the nails of 15 cm.

Tip: We recommend that you use for binding solid bars, otherwise significantly reduced rigidity.

Fixing cantrail
Mount cantrail.

Now you can install the roof frame.To start saw out carrying bars truss pairs and secure them in place, scoring a nail at an angle.Even if you've been dreaming to build a wooden gazebo exclusively with his own hands, at this stage you can not do without an assistant.

Tip: If you are installing the rafters, you will need a ladder.Make sure that you have given it a stable position.

Installation of roof
Building roof gazebo.

Then install auxiliary rafter as shown in the figure.Make sure you have them symmetrically.Attach them to the top of the trim and the main rafters 10 cm screws.

Tip: You can change the size and height of the pergola to suit your needs and tastes.

Installation of roof
Mounting roof gazebo.

The roof gazebo can be done in several ways: you can use for this purpose, such as wooden boards or large sheets of plywood.Whatever your choice, we recommend the material for fixing the roof trusses along the twist screws every 25 cm.

Tip: Use as roofing boards will require more time and work by a qualified employee.

Installation of roof
Mounting roof gazebo.

surface of the roofing material (wooden boards or plywood sheets) must be covered with roofing material, and then shingles, wooden shingles or metal sheets.

Our experience shows that the costs in all these cases are comparable, so you should choose the option that suits your needs and tastes.Working with great caution, make sure that the nails do not damage the roof (using 1 cm roofing nails).

Coating metal tile
Roofing tiles.

How to fence gazebo

Last, but not least, than any previous, stage of work - the creation of fences.There are many design options balusters, we should rely solely on your taste.

Generally balusters height of 70-80 cm, but you can adjust this value to suit your needs.

railing gazebo.

lower and upper horizontal bars of the fence must be fastened with screws, are screwed at an angle, or with metal parts.

Tip: Do not drive nails into the ends of the balusters through the railing for the mounting of the fence is better to use the hidden connections, such as boring machine (pins).

Similarly, you can make and the upper border.As below, use of the board there is a width of 10 cm for the bottom and top bars and the binding of 5 × 5 cm for the balusters.Make sure that you have created decorative fence has a neat appearance and its design matches the style of your entire gazebo.

Finishing top of the pergola
Decorating the top of the gazebo.

again critically examine the gazebo.Fill cracks and holes with putty for wood.Sand all wood surfaces with sandpaper medium grain.Protect all wooden design elements from moisture and covered with several layers of lacquer.

to create your ideal garden furniture matched your needs and tastes, do not blindly follow someone else's advice.From the beginning, you choose satisfies design and size.

Translation source: http://www.howtospecialist.com

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