How to build a rectangular gazebo with their hands

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14 April 2016

This article discusses how to build a gazebo with your hands.Make it easy enough, especially if the hand you have all the necessary materials and tools, and in my head - plan ready.

Garden furniture with their hands


  1. Materials, tools and preparatory work
  2. Construction base rectangular gazebo own hands
  3. Mount fence gazebo
  4. Building roof gazebo
  5. Video: Project gazebo

Materials, tools and preparatory work

We encourage you, beginning to work, to study in your area building regulations (the depth of laying the foundation, the distance between the rafters, recommended products, etc.) and legal requirementscharacter.Always use high-quality materials and professional tools, if you want to make an arbor, for the appearance of which you will not be ashamed.

If you can afford it, buy a high-quality timber - cedar, pine or mahogany.Ensure that all materials used are resistant to weathering.So, building a gazebo with your own hands ...

Materials: Tools:
A - The foundation of sand, cement, gravel, tubular casing (9 pieces); circular saw, a saw for cutting at an angle, the jigsaw;
B - Racks: beams of 10 × 20 cm, length 325 cm (8 pieces); Drill and drill bits;
C - The perimeter of the floor batten (lower rail) timber 5 × 15 cm length 360 cm (2 pieces) and a length of 472.5 cm (2 pieces); hammer, level, carpenter's pencil, tape measure, chalking cord
D - Intermediate beam floor grid: bar length 165.5 cm (4 pieces), length 455 cm (1 piece) and a length of 224 cm (2 pcs); drill for digging holes under the posts;
E - joists floor boards of 5 × 15 cm length 175 cm (10 pieces) and 232.5 cm (8 pieces); ladder;
F - Flooring: bars 5 × 10 cm length 240 cm (40 pieces) and 180 cm (52 ​​pieces); protective gloves, goggles.
G - Upper rail: bars 5 × 15 cm length 360 cm (2 pieces) and 472.5 cm (2 pieces);
H - Fence: bars 5 × 10 cm length 223 cm (9 pieces), 163 cm (12 units) and 67.5 cm (92 pieces);
I - The ridge of the roof: timber 5 × 15 cm length of 244.5 cm (1 piece), beam 5 × 10 cm length 193 cm (2 pcs);
J - Angle rafters: beams 5 × 10 cm length 276 cm with a sawn off at an angle of 61º ends (4 pieces);
K - Rafters: beams 5 × 10 cm length 245 cm (10 pieces) and a length of 137.5 cm (4 pieces) with a sawn off at an angle of 34º ends;
L - Rafters: beams 5 × 10 cm long 80 cm (4 pieces) and a length of 136 cm (4 pieces) with a sawn off at an angle of 45º ends;
M - Roofing material: sheets of plywood 20 mm to 120 × 240 cm (11 pieces);
N - Roll roofing: roofing paper or roofing felt, 56 m;
O - The outer covering of roofs: asphalt shingles (shingles), 600 pieces.


  • Upon completion of major construction works fill holes with putty hats screws for wood and wooden surfaces align.
  • Apply several layers of stain all wooden design elements.

Driving base arbors
Driving rectangular gazebo.

Driving roof
Driving roof gazebo.

Construction base rectangular gazebo own hands

Before starting construction work, you must indicate on the perimeter of the area for future pavilions, using the pegs and rope stretched over them.Use the carpenter's gon make sure all the corners are straight.Measure the diagonals of the rectangle.If necessary, make any necessary adjustments.

Markings on the ground
markings on the ground.

Installing racks arbor is perhaps the most important step in the construction process, so you should approach it with care and responsibility.Dig holes having a depth of 60-90 cm (at least 15 cm below freezing) and tamp the lower layer of soil.Place the tube into the hole and fill the formwork small amount concrete, after which you can install the rack.

Tip: Use a spirit level to perfectly set vertically wooden rack.Temporarily, until cured concrete, fix the rack in two directions.Make sure they are all on one level.

Mounting racks
mounting racks gazebo.

Before installing the sill, allow concrete to harden for a few days.Cut the bars are the right size and secure them from the outside racks 9-centimeter screws.In order to avoid splitting the wood screws before screwing in the right places to drill pilot holes.Make sure that the bars are horizontal strapping - will depend on how smooth will your gazebo floor.

Installing sill
Installing sill.

next step of the project is the installation of the intermediate floor lag.As you can see in the picture, they must be fastened to the B-pillar.Make sure that the joists are horizontal.

Intermediate logs
Positioning and supporting lag floor.

Positioning logs should be every 40 cm to evenly distribute the load.Place the spirit level on top of the bars mounted, make sure that the crate floor flat turns.

Installing lag sex
Installation lag sex.

To fix the floor joists in their place, we recommend using special steel clamps for supporting the ends of wooden beams.Make sure that the clamps are located at the same distance from each other and on the same level.

Fastening elements batten floor.

flooring floorboards - a simple process, but you should think in advance about the most appropriate design.Fix the floor boards to the joists 6-centimeter galvanized screws, pre-drill holes and zazenkovav.

between the boards should be left slot.This will allow the water does not accumulate on the floor, which means it will not be subjected to the damaging effects of excessive moisture.To gaps were everywhere the same, we recommend that when Flooring planks inserted between studs.


Set top binding components on top of the rack and secure 9-centimeter screws.Use a spirit level to ensure that the beams are arranged horizontally.

The upper rail
Installation cantrail.

Mount fence gazebo

Make fencing gazebo is easy enough, the main problem here is to choose a design that matched the style of your home and garden.First of all, you must install the horizontal crossbar between the uprights, securing their 9-centimeter galvanized screws.Use a spirit level to control Horizontally mounted design elements.

Install handrails
Install handrails.

Once on the site designated for them are securely fixed railings on the upper horizontal crossbar secure with decorative studs railings (to increase the strength of the connection can additionally use glue).

Install balusters
Install balusters.

Building roof gazebo

shape of the roof, you can choose to your liking.There are many options - from simple gable design to the construction of which will cope anyone with basic skills to the unique roof construction of which will require a lot of effort and materials.

begin construction of the roof is necessary to install the ridge and corner rafters.Make sure that the roof ridge is mounted horizontally, otherwise the roof of your gazebo will be asymmetric.

Tip: Ask a friend to help you in the construction of the roof frame.One person must hold the elements in their place, while another will fix them with screws.

Installation of rafters
Setting the main rafters.

Now you need to install on the sides of the rafters of the roof.They should be placed at a distance of 60 cm from each other, starting from the center.Drill pilot holes and secure the rafters 9-centimeter galvanized screws on the corner rafters and upper trim.

Installing auxiliary rafters
Installing auxiliary rafters.

Then install the rafters at the front and rear roof slopes gazebo.Fixing them is carried out with screws to the ridge of the roof and the top trim.

Installing the side trusses
Installing the side rafters.

to roof frame for its weight, it is necessary to place the rafters every 60 cm, starting from the center.Align the rafters at both ends and secure them with screws.To avoid splitting the wood and still get rigid coupling elements are drilled pilot holes at an angle.

The scheme of installation of rafters
Arrangement rafters.

Attach sheets of plywood to the rafters 20 mm, as shown.We encourage you to saw off sheets of circular saw to their attachment to the rafters.Fixation of veneer sheets is carried out via 3-inch screws, which are screwed along trusses every 15 cm. Do not leave any gaps between the sheets, and gaps.

Plywood roof sheathing
roof lining sheets of plywood.

to protect the gazebo on the water damage, we recommend that you cover the sheets of plywood roofing paper or roofing material.Make sure that the bands of material overlap by at least 5 cm, and fasten them with staples.For the ridge will cut a piece of roofing material width of 30 cm. The perimeter of the roof mount drip, placing it under the edge of the layer of roofing material.Before laying the shingles, read the manufacturer's instructions.

Tip: When laying tiles each subsequent row should be displaced horizontally relative to the previous polplitki.Vertically stacked layers of overlapping shingles.

Flooring roofing
flooring roofing material.

Attach the ends of the rafters trim strip and secure it using finishing nails.Do not leave gaps between the bar and the roofing sheets.

Finishing the roof edge
Decorative finishing edge of the roof.

Gazebo ready, you can only take care of small strokes.Fill the holes with wood filler and let it dry for several hours.Sand the wood surface with fine sandpaper.

Cover all the wooden elements of construction with several layers of paint or stain.This will not only protect the wood from rotting, but also improve the appearance of the gazebo.

Now you know how to make an arbor by hand.Anyone with basic skills of woodworking easily do the job if you follow our step by step instructions.However, be careful not to forget about common sense, if you want to avoid costly mistakes and potential problems.

Video: Project gazebo

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