How to choose a drill, their variety and selection criteria

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15 April 2016

good drill not only can make holes in the walls, it is able to perform many other useful functions.Therefore inexperienced person is quite difficult to make a choice from a variety of models available on the market today.Next, let's talk about how to choose a drill for home use or for permanent use for work, fully meet the specific requirements.This will take into account the estimated amount of work, as well as the functionality of the tool.

How to choose a drill, varieties and criteria


  1. What distinguishes a professional drill from home
  2. What types of specialized drills
  3. Tips for Choosing a drill
  4. Video: What drill choose

What distinguishes a professional drill from home

taken all drills divided into household and professional use.Recent designed for continuous use.They have a higher price, ergonomic design, and not as broad in scope as home appliances.But a person who needs a couple of times a year to drill a few holes, a tool for the "pros" and does

not need at all.With these tasks quite cope and amateur models.

household tools let all well-known manufacturers.From a professional it is characterized in that a more versatile.Indicators of its price and quality in harmony and functionality - beyond praise.Here are just a drill to work only 4 hours during the day, occasionally giving it a rest.It is best to be interrupted to rest after fifteen or twenty minutes of work.At this time and the breaks should be equal.

Such a small device uptime is understandable.The fact that household engine models and low power costs, and the materials used are not very strong.Unlike professional tools such drills are less protected from water and dust during operation.However, their positive qualities and can count a lot.

list them:

1. drill for domestic use is usually universal.It can serve as a percussion instrument, and it can be used not only to drill holes and fasten the screws, and penetrate septum solid.Typically they are all equipped with a thrust reverser.But "cool" professional models have a much more limited set of functions.

2. Household device assembled from lightweight elements, so weigh little.Chuck for quick tool holder is very convenient, on the body there are soft pads.Ergonomic appearance adds ease of use.

3. As a rule, these devices have a good defense and limited power characteristics, so that even an inexperienced handyman is injured at work.

4. with a drill in case there is a large range of accessories.There are spare bits and drill bits and chuck.

5. Guarantee household drill is usually higher than professional - two years to one.

Deciding how to select an electric drill, you know that everything will depend on how many parts you want to use the device.If you are not very heavy loads home handyman enough household appliance, and for everyday work naturally need a professional option.The passport is usually given device class to which it belongs.And again, if the manufacturer stated that the drill can be run without turning off at least an hour, it's - obviously a tool to "pro."Professional devices are designed for continuous operation, throughout the working day, which is 7 - 8 hours.

Household Drill

What types of specialized drills

Despite the versatility of the instrument, various modifications of drills may be structurally different from each other.This is done for convenience in carrying out certain type of work.Choosing a drill, it is necessary to think well, for what purposes it may need it.The types of drills on their appointment.

Drill impactor

This device may be advisable to work with a sufficiently durable materials.They can break through the wall and concrete, and the metal surface drill.This possibility is created because the axis of the device not only rotates, but also makes pushes forward and backward.This is the function of the shock, which, if necessary, switched off and then we can make the usual drilling.Although the possibility of disconnection is not at all models.

No part of a pneumatic type, or bearing, called "drunk" - all these features puncher - hammer drill has.It works completely different.It is available in more gear couplings in the United forming a ratchet.When effort clutch slip to each other and are separated by releasing the axis of rotation, which is beginning to move forward.Trying to break a drill something heavier than brick or concrete is not necessary - it will not stand.

So fit such a device only for infrequent work on punching holes in the concrete.This is not a puncher, and under constant loads like the drill will last a long time.In addition, impact function entails an increase in weight and the backlash of the spindle, reducing the accuracy of conventional drilling.So versatile - it is not always a plus, as you can see.

Hammer drill
Hammer Drill with klyuchnym patrnom.


This device can not only drill holes, and tighten and unscrew the screws, wood screws and self-tapping screws.If you need to assemble furniture such drill is perfect.And a picture of you on the wall with the help of easy to hang.But if the problem is more serious to be - for example, making holes in a very durable material - the power of this tool may not be enough.Drills have the following features:

  • speed adjustment;
  • mode pulse-type;
  • twisting force change;
  • reverse.

Drill screwdriver
Photo: Easy drill-screwdriver.

Drill angle type

Everyone knows how hard it is to drill a hole in the hard, narrow spaces.For such cases, it is the angular drill.It has a bevel gear, causing the rotating shaft is perpendicular to the body.In such devices, it is impossible to build in shock function, and their power is not very big.Therefore it is sometimes preferable instead of a drill to buy a special nozzle angle type.It must be worn at the usual direct drill.Therefore, thinking about how to choose a drill for drilling holes of angular, not always have to look sophisticated and expensive options.

Angle Drill

drill mixer

Some universal drills are equipped with a special nozzle for mixing the liquid and semi-liquid mass of up to 10 liters.On the sides of the drill-mixer handles are, as is usually included a few tips.The power of such devices is small, but they may work without overheating.More powerful devices of this type have several degrees of protection that allows you to insert them and use crowns and large drill.The coupling burst type is used to enhance the security appliance - with jam and a drill, and the man did not happen.

Drill mixer

cordless drill

is used, usually in areas where the source is connected to the electrical network is not possible.The main thing is what you need to pay attention to this type of battery.Nickel-cadmium batteries are very durable and require constant use, so definitely not suitable for home use, where a drill may lie for months on the shelf until it useful.Lithium-ion and metal-hydride batteries last longer.Typically such power drills is not high, and they are suitable for use only with soft materials.

Cordless Drill

Tips for Choosing a drill


So, how to choose a drill for the home: more powerful, or to stay at medium settings?The average power of these devices ranges from 500 to 900 watts.Yes, more and is not necessary, unless you are constantly stir the viscous mass or drilling very large holes.However, if such work is necessary, you will have to buy more powerful device - it only allows the torque to handle load by cores of large and deep holes.And again, keep in mind that with increasing power of the device and increasing its weight.Therefore, for normal operation it is possible to choose a drill having a capacity of 600-700 watts.

shaft speed.

such parameter as the rated shaft speed idling, specified in the data sheet.The higher the rate, the more smooth wall openings are obtained.For household devices allows high speed access more features at low power.For grinding, polishing or shock Enhanced speed and an invaluable assistant.But better to screw the screw at a speed higher than 400 or 500 rpm.Therefore, speed control must necessarily work well.


maximum diameter of the hole being able to do a drill, is specified in the passport for three different materials.It is concrete, metal and wood (sometimes only steel and wood).And drill impactor add these features for stone and brick.It is indicated, and the diameter of the drill.With regard to the minimum diameter of the holes produced, then usually it is 0.6 centimeters.A maximum of up to 25 centimeters.

type drill chuck is also important.

It can be keyless or key.Patron of the latter type can be let go only with a special key.But he keeps guaranteed, so powerful devices used just such a cartridge.He stands and percussion drill - because there is high load.It's not very convenient - the key is sometimes lost, and you have to tie it, and the crown gear-mechanism may cause injury to hands.Convenient quick clamping cartridges do not require additional tools and use them very easily.They also have their drawbacks: they break down faster than the key, and are not so long.

also important that parameter, the higher the value of the diameter of the cartridge fit.For a minimum of restrictions is not present - the chuck jaws may converge to zero if necessary, although it is usually less than 1.5 mm is not necessary to compress them.The maximum value of this parameter can be 16, 13 or 10 millimeters.In a powerful drill chuck is placed with a diameter of 16mm, medium models are equipped with a cartridge 13, and most have a small diameter cartridges for light drills.

Keyless chuck
keyless chuck type.

Klyuchnoy cartridge
example klyuchnogo cartridge.

switch shaft speed - a useful thing.

especially if you have to drill holes or screws are screwed.It is best to drill at high speed, and tighten the bolts or screws - low.More than eight speeds at the drill does not happen.

electronic shifter

electronic shifter allows them to adjust smoothly.To do this, use a rheostat or thyristor.The button start the drill is very sensitive to pressure.If you push harder, the speed increases weaker - is reduced.To adjust the speed to the speed of rotation of the body has a special switch.

In some expensive models it is possible to stabilize the rotational speed under load.It uses the power reserve of the motor.This function allows adjustment to the drill to work with specific materials and eliminates its jamming in case of overload due to more solid structure.

Soft start

a soft start, which is equipped with many powerful drill shaft accelerates from slow to high revolutions.There will not be jerks at start, overload the power supply and the error when drilling.

Commit button

convenient feature - when the "Start" button can be locked.This is very good - a hand holding the instrument, do not have to strain all the time.And, you can turn the machine to drill to drill, if secure it to the rack.

Little things are important too

determine which drill choose for their own use, it is necessary not only to read its characteristics.We must also hold the tool, making sure that it perfectly fits the hand, and will work with him as comfortably as possible.Look how the handle at the drill, whether it is convenient for you to keep.For someone who likes to handle thicker, and someone - thinner.Corrugated and non-slip pads like everybody - they are safer.

Having tried the unit on weight, determine whether it is not difficult to keep.Sometimes it is very comfortable to work with a drill, in which the pistol grip is slightly displaced forward.

Drill shifted handle
example drills shifted handle.

And popereklyuchayte touch and all the knobs and buttons.They should not be tight - smooth ride is much nicer and more convenient.Another check to see whether there is a gap at the spindle.

If the drill can be fixed permanently in a special rack for drill - that's a plus.Typically, the diameter of the seat for fastening on a stand having a size of 4.3 cm in diameter.

Stand for drills
rack mounting drills.

Acquisition devices - an important point

we reflect on how to choose the drill be sure to compare what is in the case of different models from which choice is made.Except for the drill - different manufacturers bundle their products in different ways.If there is a spare cartridge, the depth of a metal drill - worth buying this model.After buying all this alone is very expensive, especially if it is high-quality branded products.It is better to pay for the whole kit - you get substantial savings.

Video: What drill choose

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