How to build an octagonal gazebo

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13 April 2016

This step by step guide is intended for those who have decided to make their own hands open octagonal wooden gazebo.If you have a large garden and want to personally participate in its design, we recommend you consider building a gazebo.The octagonal gazebo can transform the look of your suburban area.This is a great place for solitude or a family lunch on a hot summer day.Just imagine yourself in the gazebo reading a book and watch the kids that having fun in the garden.

The octagonal gazebo - drawing materials how to build with their own hands


  1. preparations necessary materials and tools
  2. Installation of wooden racks
  3. Paul and decorative fence gazebo
  4. roof gazebo
  5. Video: Project octagonal gazebo

preparations necessary materials and tools

Building a pergola - a simple project, but on the condition that you have some skills of wood, use the right tools and materials, and you have a clear plan of work.Our step by step guide will help you cope with this task.

Proper positioning outdoor gazebo - a very import

ant aspect and you must pay him the most attention, otherwise you will not be able to fully take advantage of your building.In addition, we recommend that you make sure that you started the construction does not violate any law.

Construction gazebo - a great opportunity to not only improve the look of your garden, but also improve their skills in carpentry.Carefully plan from the beginning, starting with the size of the gazebo and ending with the necessary materials.As in the case of any other project related to woodworking, you have to be very precise in the measurements, otherwise either you spend the extra money because the rejected due to your carelessness timber, or the appearance of your buildings to be too far from ideal.

very important to choose the right materials for the job, or your outdoor gazebo very soon will become worthless under the influence of rain and snow.We recommend using mahogany, cedar or lumber treated with an antifungal impregnation under pressure, as they are intended for outdoor use.Make sure you buy fasteners made of stainless steel, as usual screws and nails can cause on the adjacent surfaces of rusty spots.

To build an octagonal gazebo you will need the following:

Materials: Tools:
A - Foundation: tubular formwork, concrete; circular saw;
B - Racks: bars of 10 × 10 cm length 270 cm; Drill and drill bits;
C - Laghi floor: bars 5 × 15 cm; hammer, level, carpenter's pencil, tape measure;
D - Flooring: board width of 10 cm; drill for digging holes under the posts;
E - Rafters: bars 5 × 10 cm; ladder;
F - Roof material: 20mm plywood, shingles; protective gloves, goggles.
G - rails for fencing and frieze: bars 5 × 10 cm;
H - Balusters: bars of 5 × 5 cm.
I - Fixing: nails or screws in length from 5 to 10 cm.


  • Before working mark contour of the future tense using arbor with pegs on the ropes.
  • Use adjustable anchors for fastening struts.
  • When installing racks use levels that enable simultaneous control of two directions.
  • Use only screws and fasteners made of stainless steel.


two days.

Drawing octagonal gazebo
Drawing 8-sided gazebo.

First of all, you must determine the location of the gazebo.To visualize the plan for the area, we recommend using pegs and rope stretched over them.Make it really is easier than you might think at first.

Imagine an octagon as a square with cut corners.Use the rule "3-4-5" (according to the theorem that all probably remember from the school, the hypotenuse of a right triangle with legs of 3 m and 4 m must be equal to 5 m (32 + 42 = 52)), to make surethat all the corners of the square lines.Do not forget to make sure that the diagonals are equal pieces.

Installation of wooden racks

Suitable for gazebos can be considered different types of foundation, starting with a concrete slab and finishing runners of timber.The first option is ideal for permanent, fundamental structures, the second is recommended if you want to move with the times its construction.Wooden beams are placed on concrete supports, as shown.

The foundation of the gazebo
Foundation gazebo.

recommend that you dig a pit depth of not less than 60 cm (at least 7-15 cm below the frost line), cover and tamp 7 cm layer of gravel and set the tubular shuttering.Then should prepare a small amount of concrete and fill their forms, do not forget to set the adjustable anchor.Use a ruler and spirit level to ensure the evenness of the foundation.

Mounting rack
strut on a concrete foundation.

Before attaching the racks align them vertically, using a spirit level for this, and lock in both directions until the concrete hardens.It is important to secure the rack properly, otherwise the gazebo is not very reliable.

Vertical Alignment
Vertical alignment and fastening wooden racks.

to all racks were on the same level, use of attachment adjustable anchor - is the best solution to this problem.

Arrangement racks
Layout racks octagonal gazebo.

Paul and decorative fence gazebo

Make gazebo floor is not difficult if you use the right plan.First you have to put a floor joists 5 × 15 cm, as shown in the figure.Use metal clamps lag in position.If you do not have a suitable fixture, just hammer nails at an angle, pre-drill pilot holes.

Tip: Set in the center of the arbor concrete support capable of supporting the weight of the floor.Using level will ensure perfectly horizontal floor.

Installation of floor beams
Installation lag sex.

Basic lag overlap enough to hold the deck, so we encourage you to make the sill, and in the middle of the main beams to fix the cross, as shown in the figure.

Tip: drilled pilot holes in the structural members before fastening the screws to avoid splitting the wood.For the connection between a perpendicular bars use metal staples.


now will lay a floor frame boards.Each end of the floorboard mount two nails / screws.Remember that the joint boards should occur exactly at the middle of the supporting beam, as shown in the figure.

Tip: Boards should first ryadya edging wooden gazebo stands.Leave a gap between the wooden boards of 2-3 mm to the floor gazebos not accumulate water.

Fastening of floor boards
Securing floorboards.

Once you have laid the floor, get the creation of the frieze.This decorative element is not mandatory, but we strongly advise you not to give up on him, if you want your gazebo acquired a unique appearance.

Tip: When designing the frieze you should take into account the design of the lower fences and elements of the surrounding buildings, such as your home.

Create frieze gazebo
Create frieze gazebo.

for the lower and upper guide frieze use wooden blocks of 5 × 10 cm, and for balusters - 2.5 × 2.5 cm. The thoroughness of the job ensures that all the elements fit perfectly into place and will have a neat appearance.

To fix balusters you need to drive nails through the lower and upper rails.You can drive nails at an angle and balusters, but in this case do not forget at the end of putty to fill the holes in wood.

Freese gazebo
Freese gazebo.

to do the job quickly and efficiently, we recommend that you collect the frieze on the land (of course, after the accurate measurement), and then set it into place, securing it with the top and bottom rail on the rack.

design frieze can be very diverse (permissible variation in shape, size, etc.), you should choose the one that best suits your needs and tastes.

Freese gazebo
General view of the frieze of the gazebo.

roof gazebo

Make blanks rafters of 5 × 10 cm bars, the ends of which are tapered at an angle of about 25 °.Place the rafters in pairs - on the opposite stands about the center of the arbor.Fixing is carried out through the rafters 10 cm screws.

Drawings roof gazebo
Plans octagonal gazebo roof.

To fix the rafters in the center, at the point of convergence, you need a short octagonal bar, which can be easily done from the usual bar of square section 10 × 10 cm. As you can see in the picture, the rafter must extend beyond the gazebo at 1525 cm.

Roof rafters
roof rafters.

roof frame is ready and now you can begin to trim its 20 mm plywood.To cut pieces of the required size, use a good circular saw (use a blade with a fine-toothed).Secure the plywood to the rafters 5 cm screws every 15 cm.

instead of plywood for the roof lining, you can use the board.If you choose this option, you can not be laid on top of the tiles - just cover the surface structure that prevents rotting wood.

Sheathing roof
Sheathing rafters.

Once this step is completed, you should cover the plywood shingles.To begin this work should be on the underside of the roof after the installation of drip.Attach tile roofing nails, retreating 2-3 cm from the edge.

Pay special attention to installation of the ridge pattern as poorly done work in this case lead to the fact that rainwater eventually hurt the base and the rafter system.

Roofing soft tile
Roofing tiles.

roof is ready, it is the turn of the lower fence.As top decorative frieze, railing can be given a variety of shapes and sizes.It is necessary to consider this question in advance that the outcome of your work you will not disappoint.

You must first install the lower guide, using for this purpose the bars 5 × 10 cm. In order to secure them in position, you can either screw at an angle of 10 cm self-tapping screws, or use the metal corner brackets.

Lower rail fences
lower guide fence gazebo.

similar cases and top rail.Set it to 70-80 cm above the bottom, however, the height of the fence depends entirely on your needs and tastes.

Tip: When installing the rails, always use a spirit level, otherwise the fence gazebo will have a sloppy appearance.

The upper guide fence gazebo
upper guide fence gazebo.

to manufacture bars balusters use 5 × 5 cm. Positioning should be every 5-10 cm. Of course, they should be distributed evenly (the distance between the balusters were similar, use an insert of cropping bar).

Fencing gazebo
fence gazebo.

Instead square bars can be used as a wide balusters and rails, but it should be remembered that the design of lower guard must comply with the decorative design of the upper frieze, otherwise the gazebo will miss grace.

If you want to guard your pergola look aesthetically pleasing, do not hammer nails into the upper ends of the balusters through the railing - this place is better to use the hidden connections, for example, shkantami (pegs).

Ready gazebo
Ready gazebo.

Upon completion of the construction works do not forget to fill in all the extra holes in wood putty.Allow the composition to dry and then sand the wood surface.

Tip: To protect against rot arbor cover all the wooden surface with several layers of stains.

Be careful not to forget about common sense, it will allow you to avoid costly mistakes.Do your best, and then you can be proud of your own custom octagonal gazebo.

Video: Project octagonal gazebo

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