Color in the interior - create a unique comfort in the room

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15 April 2016

color in the interior plays an important role, it colors the room make it cozy and forced to stay in it longer.Due to the color of the favorable visual environment, the creation of which must be approached carefully and creatively.A good combination of colors in the interior can improve mood and health, as well as to create a unique style.

Color in the interior


  1. Warm and cool colors - like color add warmth
  2. Color interior design based on the location of the premises
  3. as color correct the shortcomings premises
  4. combination of colors ininterior
  5. Video: Color in the interior and the psychology of color
  6. Video: accent color in the interior
  7. Gallery different color options Interior

competent selection and good color combination can conceal certain shortcomings premises, andalso emphasize their dignity.

With the help of color can visually change the dimensions of the room.With the right selection it is possible to narrow or expand the

walls and raise or lower the ceiling of the room.In addition, color can affect the emotional state.

Before you decide on the choice of color for a particular room, you need to think about the general concept of the room and the apartment or house in general.Thus it is necessary to take into account not only the color of the walls, ceiling and floor, but also the colors of curtains, upholstered furniture and interior doors.

necessary to study the advantages and disadvantages of your premises.Then, decide emphasized or hidden using the colors defined objects.The color of the various elements of the interior will depend on factors such as natural lighting of rooms, proportions of the room, change the color of artificial light, the emotional impact of color on the person.

Warm and cool colors - like color add warmth

All colors can be divided into warm and cold.The main warm colors are red, yellow, orange, as well as all sorts of shades.In addition to the warm colors are such as apricot, yellow, cream, coffee, green.Iterer rooms decorated in warm colors, the windows of which do not go on the sunny side is lighter and produces a feeling of warmth.

Table basic warm colors

name color view color
Yellow Yellow
Orange Orange
Red Red
Cream Creamy
Fawn Yellows
Apricot Apricot color
Coffee Coffee color
Green Green color

To cool colors include: blue, blue, lilac, violetlight gray and silver, as well as their different shades.These colors can be used in rooms with plenty of natural light.

Table basic cool colors

name color view color
Blue Blue colour
Blue The blue color
Lilac Purple Colour
Purple Purple
Light gray Light gray
Silver Silver color

Color interior design, depending on the location of the premises

choosing interior color is necessary to consider the location and room lighting.Despite the fact that the room is located on the sunny side, natural light it may be insufficient because of the small window opening, vegetation or other buildings.The main rule is that it must be remembered - the darker the lighting in the room, the brighter colors of the interior should be.

So dimly lit rooms it is best to finish in a light pink or light yellow tone, but not white.The fact is that the surfaces painted in white in low light conditions appear gray.And that slightly spoils the appearance of the interior.

interior spaces are well covered should be made in the colder colors.This will calm a little sunshine and make all the surfaces in the room are not so bleak.It is not always in areas with good lighting, use vibrant colors.It all depends on where you live geographically.If you live in central Russia, where the number of cloudy days is more than sun, the room should be done by lighter colors.

as color correct the shortcomings premises

Proper use of colors and modern materials allows to correct various shortcomings premises.Thus it is possible to visually raise or lower the ceiling, extend or narrow down the walls, nice to beat the different niches and ledges.

Warm colors and shades to visually increase the room.In addition to visually change the size of the room, you can change the saturation of these colors.If the color saturation of a large room visually will seem smaller.Conversely if the room is painted in a cold, for example blue tone, it will seem more spacious.

As for finishing materials, the room whose walls are decorated with a fine pattern, such as wallpaper with a fine pattern abstraktsionnym will seem more spacious.When using the decorative materials to the larger picture, the room will look smaller visually.

If the room is necessary to visually increase the height of the ceiling, the finishing materials applied to the walls to the ceiling.In some cases, this ceiling or part of it or paint trim in color of the walls.Vertical lines drawn on the wall just increase the height of the ceiling, but they will visually reduce the size of the room.

visual deficiencies long narrow room can correct coloring the long walls in bright cool colors, and block walls the same color but more intense or even warm rich colors.

How to color correct the shortcomings premises

combination of colors in the interior.

Painting various elements of the room varies depending on the combination of colors in the interior.For example the combination of blue and yellow give the purple, and red - green.The interior of any room is the mass of objects whose colors are interacting with each other.Your task is to ensure that all items placed in the room in harmony with each other.A very important element of any room is the furniture and the color and type of wood should be combined with the color of the walls.

Table combination color of the walls with the color of the furniture and the type of wood

color furniture wood type Wall color
Yellowish Birch Texture of birch Maple Texture of maple Grey,
Ochre Oak Texture of oak Dark green, olive
reddish brown
Mahogany Red tree yellow, gray
Brown Walnut Texture of walnut Beige,

Video: Color in the interior color Psychology and

Video: accent color in the interior

Gallery different color variants of interior decoration.

Olive color in the interior. 1 sxc hu-200

The red color in the interior. White color in the interior. A room in a light green color.

Room a dark red color. The combination of pale yellow with white trim openings. A room in a white color.

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