How to build a wooden pergola with their hands

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13 April 2016

In this article, which is a step by step guide, we will talk about how to make a pergola with their hands.If you want to create in the courtyard of his house an excellent recreational area, with the view of transforming the site and increasing the number of the value of your property, this project - the perfect option for you.Do you want the result of your work you will not disappoint?Just follow our instructions.

The construction of pergolas with their hands - guide


  1. Building classical pergola
  2. construction of pergolas, benches

should just mention that in some cases, for the erection of any structure requires a special permitconstruction, so we encourage you to familiarize yourself beforehand with the applicable building codes and regulations.If permission is obtained or is not required to, engage in the development plan, based on your needs, tastes and budget.If the design does not forget that all the buildings on the site should be made in the same style.

Buy lumber for use outdoors, and hence has a high resistance to weathering (mahogany, cedar or wood treated with an under pressure).Of course, they should not have deformations, cracking, chipping, or other visible defects.Do not skimp on quality materials, and then your creation will be for many years to please the eyes of others.Be careful and work with great caution, if you want to avoid costly mistakes and get a result of high professional quality.

As a frame for climbing plants, pergola can be almost any shape and size.In this article we will look at two projects - a classic square pergola bowline type and pergola-bench

Building classical pergola

To build a pergola, you will need the following:

Materials: Tools:
cement, sand, gravel; drill for digging holes under the posts;
tubular casing; circular saw, jigsaw;
adjustable anchors (4 pieces); drill, wood;
Stands 10 × 10 or 15x15 cm in length 240-270 cm (4 pieces); hammer, spirit level, carpenter's pencil, tape measure;
support bar 5 × 15 cm in length 360-375 cm (4 pieces); ladder;
Crossbeams 5 × 15 cm in length 360-375 cm; protective gloves, goggles.
rungs 5 ​​× 10 cm length 325 cm;
175 mm screws to secure the support beams;
150 mm self-tapping screws for mounting the cross beams;
75 mm self-tapping screws for fastening the crossbar.


  • Before the start of construction work on the construction of contour mark the ground using a rope stretched over the pegs.
  • drilled pilot holes in the wooden elements before screwing screws.

Start with symbols on a selected location contours of the future pergola.To do this you need only a few pegs on which you will pull the rope.

Tip: Measure the diagonal of the square, they must be equal.Also, do not be superfluous to ensure that all angles are right angles, using his rule "3-4-5" (32 + 42 = 52).If necessary, make adjustments.

Plan area
planning on the ground.

determine the exact location of the corners of your future construction, dig holes in the ground with a diameter of 35-40 cm and depth of 90 cm (at least 15 cm below the frost line), pour 10 cm layer of gravel and tamp thoroughly.

Place in the excavated pit timbering, making sure that all the forms are on the same level (use a ruler and spirit level).Mix a small amount of concrete and fill out the form.

Alignment concrete pillars height
Alignment concrete supports.

Do not forget to set in concrete before he grabbed adjustable anchors.Allow the concrete to harden for at least 48 hours, and then can proceed to the installation of wooden pillars.

as racks use beams of 10 × 10 or 15 × 15 cm. With the help of a spirit level, ensure perfect vertical stacking racks and fix them in two ways.Securely attach the rack to the anchors using the capercaillie - screws with square or hex head for the tree.

Align racks
Fixing the rack.

If you do not want to use the metal anchors, you can attach directly to the bars in the concrete.These racks are more stringent, but they can rot in the ground due to the high humidity.Using adjustable anchors not only eliminates contact rails with the earth and, therefore, reduces the risk of decay, but also facilitates the process of alignment.

Methods of fastening of a rack
methods of fastening struts on a concrete base.

The scheme of installation of wooden racks
scheme of installation of wooden racks.

Now you can install the support beams.As the supporting beams, we recommend using a 5 × 15 or 5 × 20 cm board, however, their size depends on your needs and tastes.As you can see in the figure, the beam must be on both sides of the perimeter of the construction of 25-40 cm.

Installation of support beams
installation support beams.

Before fix the support beams, you should align them horizontally with a spirit level and secure in this position with clamps.Then drill some through holes through the beams and the rack, insert the bolts and tighten the nuts.

Tip: If you want your pergola was not like any other in the area, complete your decorative ends of the beams, for example, giving them a circular shape using a jigsaw for this.

Mounting beams
mount beams.

Continue your project by setting the crossbars.To do this, you need the board 5 × 15 cm. Choose them carefully, make sure that they are perfectly straight and is in excellent condition.

the distance between the bars depends on the amount of light entering into the pergola.We placed them at a distance of 30 cm from each other, you also need to focus on their tastes and needs.

Fixing crossbeams
Set crossbars.

For mounting cross beams at both ends of each of them you have to make two cuts and drill pilot holes as shown in the figure.Now you only have to fix the beam 15 cm screws.Take the time to carefully align the beam before attaching or your building will not look neat.

Mounting beams
Fixing crossbeams.

Installing shadow elements should not cause any difficulties if you use the proper work plan.Just pay more attention to the choice of materials and dimensions.Do not forget about elementary common sense, if you want to get high quality results at a reasonable price.

Tip: To recess turned out neat, make cuts in the board, causing pre-layout, then remove the wood between the saw cuts with a chisel.

The recesses in the transverse beams
recesses in the crossbeam.

Cross members in their seats until the end of the work there are very few - set perpendicular to the beam 5 × 10 cm. These rungs have a dual purpose: on the one hand, they give your pergola spectacular view, on the other - keep the cross beams at the same distancefrom each other and increase the rigidity.

We advise you to place the bar every 60-90 cm, but you can adjust the recommended distance according to your needs.Drill pilot holes and secure the bar in position by screws.

Fixing the crossbar
fixing crossbar.

As you can see in the figure, the bar for their reliable fastening is also necessary to make the recess.Use a tape measure to distribute the crossbar - asymmetry is evident and beautify the look of your pergola.

Ready pergola
Ready pergola.

After construction fill all holes, cracks and crevices of wood filler and sand the surface with sandpaper medium grain.Apply several layers of varnish to protect the wood from decay and water damage.

Tip: Put a table under a canopy and a few chairs, and with friends and family members have fun, hiding in the shade on a hot day.

construction of pergolas, benches

to build a small pergola with their hands, you need the following:

Materials: Tools:
A - Racks: bars 5 × 10 cm length 180 cm(4 pieces); handsaw, jigsaw;
B - Seat frame: bars 5 × 10 cm length of 162.5 cm (2 pieces) and a length of 46 cm (3 pieces); Drill and drill bits;
C - Back: bars 5 × 10 cm length of 162.5 cm (2 pieces), bars 2.5 × 10 cm and a length of 27.5 cm (13 pieces); Cretaceous cord, tape measure, spirit level, carpenter's pencil;
D - Rafters: board 5 × 20 cm, length 180 cm (2 pieces), the bars 5 × 5 cm length 84 cm (9 pieces); ladder;
E - Sitting: 2 tablets × 10 cm length of 162.5 cm (6 pieces); protective gloves, goggles.
F - Grille: bars of 5 × 5 cm length 135 cm (4 pieces), length 41 cm (4 pieces), grill 135h34 see.


  • Oncompletion of major construction works fill holes from screws and hats all the cracks with putty for wood and sand the wood surface.
  • Apply several layers of stain all wooden design elements.

The plan to build a pergola
plan to build a pergola.

first stage of work - installation of racks.At the top of the bars designed for this, we recommend that you make a small notch.Later, inside these cuts you will have to place the rafters.

dimensions and design of the racks.

next step is to attach the seat frame supports made of bars of 5 × 10 cm. Doing frame, do not forget to make sure all the corners are straight.To attach the frame to the studs, drill pilot holes and screw the screws 6 cm.Use a spirit level to have no doubt that the vertical pillar and seat frame is perfectly horizontal.

Seat frame
seat frame.

Now you have to join the back of the rear uprights.We encourage you to 5 × 10 cm bars make horizontal guides, which will serve as the basis for vertical mounting rails.

Tip: Drill blind holes in the ends of the guides and fix them on the posts with galvanized screws.Use waterproof glue, if you want to strengthen the place of articulation.

The back seat

Now that the bottom of the rack is securely fastened together seat frame and rear back, they need to connect the top and bottom.For the manufacture of curved longitudinal bars you need the board 5 × 20 cm. Pencil mark the cut line, as shown in the figure and saw out using a jigsaw piece.Sand the cut edges with sandpaper medium grain and fix the beam in the recesses on the racks.

Supporting rafters.

your next action - attachment to the seat frame pre-drilled wooden planks 2x10 cm and 3 cm using galvanized screws.Plates should be distributed evenly, leaving between 5 mm gaps to improve water drainage.

Mounted seat pergolas.

Availability grids on the sides of your pergola will generate from glancing at her people a feeling that the building is made by hands of a professional.In fact, it's easy.You need to make the frame of 5 × 5 cm bars and secure it with screws to the rack.Within this frame, set the finished wooden grille and secure it using finishing nails.

Flower grid on the side walls.

If you want to improve the appearance of pergolas and increase the degree of shading, we recommend that you place on the "roof" construction of small bars, securing them to the rafters using screws.

The upper crate
Installation top of the pergolas, benches.

main construction works are completed, it is necessary to add a few strokes.Fill all cracks and holes from the screws on wood filler and let it dry for several hours.Sand the wooden surfaces with sandpaper fine grain.

Tip: Apply to all the elements of design several layers of stain or paint, if you want to protect the wood from rotting and improve the pergola.

Ready pergola-bench
Ready pergola-bench.

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