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14 April 2016

Kitchen - an important place in any apartment.It is a place where not only prepared breakfasts, lunches, dinners, but also a place for receiving guests with cozy feast.Kitchen chandelier - the heart of the kitchen, which can make it unique and fashion from it you can "make a start", planning a kitchen design, because it can become a "highlight", a unique element of decorating the interior of this room. creative and unusual kitchen give the original chandelier with an interesting and attractive design.The interior of the kitchen beautiful chandelier can successfully play a major role.Consider a few of these options.

Chandeliers in the interior of the kitchen - a selection of photos


  1. Chandeliers for the kitchen, depending on the design style cuisine
  2. Chandeliers and lighting fixtures for the working area cuisine - photo selection
  3. Recessed Kitchen -photo ideas and solutions
  4. Chandeliers and lighting fixtures for the kitchen dining area - a selection of ph

Chandeliers for the kitchen, depending on the design style cuisine

lighting fixtures for the kitchen must integrate harmoniously with the style in which it is made.Kitchen furniture is the guide that will help in the selection of chandeliers.It is often chosen for the kitchen classics.Crystal chandelier or chandeliers made of glass (clear or colored) - a good decision, it would be appropriate to look, attracting the attention, giving the classical style even more refinement.For such a light device it is difficult to take care of (his only flaw), but its charm is worth it.


hrustalnaya-lustra-na-kuhne2m hrustalnaya-lustra-na-kuhne3m hrustalnaya-lustra-na-kuhne4m hrustalnaya-lustra-na-kuhne5m hrustalnaya-lustra-na-kuhne7m hrustalnaya-lustra-na-kuhne8m hrustalnaya-lustra-na-kuhne9m hrustalnaya-lustra-na-kuhne6m

chandelier for the kitchen, made in the style of Provence, or Italian style, should feature a unique and unusual design.Forged model, the form of light bulbs which resembles a candle chandelier, with a surface silver or bronze, which artificially make the aged - perfectly fit into the interior of this style.

The chandelier in the kitchen in the style of Provence

lustra-provans2m lustra-provans3m lustra-provans4m lustra-provans5m

Kitchen chandelier made from a variety of modern materials, any, even bizarre, approach to contemporary styles such as high-tech or modern.

Lamps and chandeliers in the kitchen in the style of high-tech and modern

hitech-lustra2m hitech-lustra3m hitech-lustra4m hitech-lustra5m hitech-lustra6m hitech-lustra7m hitech-lustra8m hitech-lustra9m

It is generally accepted rules that can guide the choice of the product, but, nevertheless, designers offer more often in the design of your home to show imagination, notlistening to the fashion trends.

Thus it is not necessary to match the light unit design space.Eclecticism - very popular for today, which allows for a single room to mix several styles.For example, a chandelier of crystal can be hung not only in the room, reflecting classic, but it can decorate a minimalist style, the kitchen will not lose the charm.Play on contrasts - an option using which you will not be disappointed.

Chandelier in the kitchen - eclectic

eclectica2m eclectica3m eclectica4m eclectica5m eclectica6m eclectica7m eclectica8m eclectica9m

Chandeliers and lighting fixtures for the kitchen work area - a selection of photos

Particular attention should be paid to the working area of ​​the kitchen, where a bright light.Form can be different ways.It can be local or lighting fixtures, built-in hood.Special lamps, built-in shelves under the wall cabinets - perfect illumination of the working surface.It is compact and elongated lamps and spotlights, which are built into furniture, and halogen lamps.All these types of lighting must possess the following qualities: functionality, ease of care, they should not be afraid of steam spray oil, water.

Illumination of working area cuisine

rabzona2m rabzona3m rabzona4m rabzona5m

recessed kitchen - photo ideas and solutions

in cabinets with glass doors are often recessed luminaires, which are additional lighting in the kitchen.Lighted lamps cute little shelf, reflecting the charm and beauty of being in them or crystal crockery, create a sense of comfort and relaxation, giving an unusual view of the kitchen.

Fixtures built-in wardrobes

svetilniki-v-shkafu2m svetilniki-v-shkafu3m svetilniki-v-shkafu4m svetilniki-v-shkafu5m

Chandeliers and lighting fixtures for the kitchen dining area - a selection of photos

to create a pleasant atmosphere in the dining area, it is important to choose a lamp that will fit into the interior and thus make pleasant meal at the kitchen table.Above the table, which is free, it is better to arrange a single lamp with height adjustment, it can be lowered or raised depending on your desires.

looks good and a group of lamps on the grounds of long, stylish and beautiful.Sconces or floor lamp can be placed next to a table against the wall, a great solution to create a home environment will be a table lamp with shade.

Chandeliers in the dining area

obedennaya-zona2m obedennaya-zona3m obedennaya-zona4m obedennaya-zona5m obedennaya-zona6m hitech-lustra7m obedennaya-zona7m obedennaya-zona8m

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