How to choose a punch - punch selection criteria for a home or a permanent job

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14 April 2016

When being renovated or built a house, punch - one of the most useful tools.With the introduction of this device, able to withstand considerable loads, work has become easier and more comfortable.The choice of such devices today is enormous - they are offering each instrument manufacturing company.

But how to choose a punch that would quality, convenient and lasts a long time.This question is justified - in fact when you buy have to spend rather big sum - enjoy it too can not be called cheap.To make a selection correctly, it is necessary to know the principle of operation of the gun and its design features.Consider all this in detail to find out what different different models of these devices.

How to choose a punch - punch selection criteria for home


  1. Impact Drill and punch - is not the same
  2. What should I consider when choosing a punch
  3. And yet consumer model or a professional?
  4. properly exploit punch
  5. Video: Select the gun

Impact Drill and punch - is not the same

Some people mistakenly believe that a drill with hammer mechanism works the same way as the punch.But this is not the case - even though such a drill called "drill-hammer", but the principle of action of these two very different power tools.Yes, they both punched holes, but strikes at the same time have a different effect, and different origins.

Drill impact type works as a punch due to the gear wheels of the two, called rattles.At a certain pressure on the drill occurs oscillatory motion of the axis, which allows to make a hole.But this performance may not be high, and strikes are rather weak.Therefore, solid concrete, for example, do not try this drill.

But Hammer is just designed for drilling stone, brick and concrete.Also it can be used to transfer force to the working edge of the peaks of the blade or drill, allowing these tools to work with maximum efficiency.

The punch as the main structural element, the mechanism of the electromechanical or electro-pneumatic type.Through it creates a shock force sufficient for penetration of concrete or stone.This wizard does not require much pressure on the handle of the gun.Some models of the mechanical hammer mechanism is similar to that of the drill, but it is less durable than the electromagnetic or pneumatic mechanism.

The pneumatic system blows
piston mechanism and the pneumatic system blows, usually they are equipped with L-shaped hammers.

Drunk bearing
mechanism of "drunk" bearing, which makes rotating the striker to make strikes, this mechanism equipped with narrow drills.

So, if we compare the mechanical and pneumatic mechanisms, it can be seen that the latter is much easier to work on a hard surface.When using mechanical percussion device have to apply a force three times greater than when using a pneumatic device.Therefore, when deciding how to choose a punch for home, better pay glance in the direction of more modern models, and safely forget about mechanical.

  • See material & gt; & gt; difference punch of the hammer drill - we break it down

What should I consider when choosing a punch

tool that can be: one mode of drilling, with two modes (drilling plus stroke), as well as with three modes (in the previous twomode adds chiselling).Moreover, by weight perforators classified into heavy, medium and light weight.The latter will be no heavier than 4 kilograms, the average "pulled" from 4 to 5 kg, and the heaviest devices of this type can weigh 5-10 kilograms or more.

impact energy

One of the main parameters of the device is the impact energy.For its measurement used joules.Light patterns have the power to strike no more than 1-2 joule and drills "more serious" can strike with a force of 8 to 15 joules.The more impact energy, the greater diameter of the hole can be obtained.When this value is small enough, the device does not work better than a drill impactor.He will not punch a hole and drill it.As a result of its equipment will wear out very quickly, but the performance will not have to dream.

Speaking of the impact energy, be aware that it does not depend on how hard to push the gun handle.But when working with percussion drill, the situation is just the opposite.If an enterprising dealer store tool to attract the attention of talks about the impact of increased energy punch, hear his words with skepticism.Please be aware that the value of this parameter is greater than 10 joules, will lead to rapid failure of your instrument.After all, with such high loads refractory insert it destroyed in a very short period of time.


If you count how many times in one minute, hitting the piston unit of his striker, we get a value called the frequency of strikes.The larger it is, the higher the speed of punching.Perforator performance depends on both the frequency and the energy of the impact.Manufacturing companies that produce the most durable and effective working instruments in their models harmoniously combine these two parameters.So, wondering what to choose punch, better turn their attention on trusted brands, whose products are characterized by excellent quality and remarkable durability.Specifically about the best manufacturing companies, we'll talk a little further.

power puncher

Hammers - less powerful device than an electric drill.This is due to the fact that the drill is much harder than drilling.Therefore, when the shaft perforator does not require such a high speed as in a drill.In devices with different types of ammunition capacity differs.From 400 to 800 watt model type cartridges SDS-Plus.Hammers with SDS-Max cartridges have a capacity ranging from 1 to 1.2 kW.In fact, choosing the instrument on power emphasis should not be - it's not the most important parameter.

Power Punch

Spindle speed

punch shaft speed lower than that of the drill - this has already been mentioned above.Depending on the class of device, the value of this quantity may be from 600 to 1500 rpm.Speed ​​is reduced with the increase in power and performance punch - this is due to its design features.After all, the productive model of optimal diameter of the equipment is large enough.In general, and the rotating shaft of the device only in order to remove dust from the drilling.Little Borax has to spin faster, and more - slowly, otherwise it will wear out too quickly.

models rotary hammers with high rotation speed of the shaft have a considerable weight, which does not facilitate ease of use.In addition, these high-speed devices wear out very quickly spiral grooves in which drilling waste are removed from the workplace.Because of this, the device starts quite very hot, and as a result it can even jam in the hole.

Cartridge type for mounting drills

discussing with friends and acquaintances, a punch better handyman does not always take into account one important parameter.This method of securing the drill, which at the moment there are three.

If you want a small device weighing up to 4 kilograms, to choose the best model with mounting system SDS plus.Openings such a device can make a diameter of less than 3 centimeters.Typically, for domestic purposes it is enough, and these drills are most in demand by buyers.

Professional models, sometimes weighing up to 11 kilograms, equipped with mounting drill type SDS max.These devices are reasonably large in size.However, the openings and they are able to break large sum - up to 5.2 centimeters.

SDS Plus and SDS Max
Two types of mounting left SDS Max, the right SDS Plus.

More recently began to be used another type of attachment - SDS-top.It is quite suitable for producing holes with a diameter of 1.6 to 2.5 centimeters.Such fastening often used in devices manufactured by Bosch.

modes punch

Now a closer look at what different drills with different number of modes.So:

The simplest devices - single mode.They work in the same way as an ordinary drill.If you have to drill the wood and metal surfaces, they should be fine.

have a dual-mode device axis can not only rotate, but oscillate during rotation.

hammer tri-mode as an optional feature has the ability to strike without rotation of the spindle.Such a device is the most versatile, it can just drill, drill and hammer away and just hammer away.The variety of models

hammers suggests that each of them can have various modifications.Thus they may be provided as a single- or two or three modes.Speaking of the latter embodiment, it is more expensive, of course.But such a device really help out if the punch to choose to work as a drilling, well drilling and crushing, then clearly you need to stop at the tri-mode device.

When selecting devices play an important role, and its shape and design.Holding the device in your hand, you must feel that working with him would be convenient.At the same time pay attention to whether there are handles on the sides, which can be removed easily - excellent, if such an option is provided.It will help if the drilling will have to close the corner, for example.He took off his pen - and works with all amenities.

form punch

The form drills are both straight and L-shaped type.The latter engine is positioned vertically, so that the device is more compact.Also, motor cooling is arranged sufficiently efficient.Such devices can work a long time without overheating, and serve a lot.That's just the weight of them quite noticeable.

L - Shaped
L - shaped hammer, the motor is vertical.

long and narrow straight-type drills weigh less, but at the expense of its construction to get through any gap.Engine placed horizontally therein.

Narrow punch
narrow, long hammer, the motor is positioned horizontally.

The punch can be inserted the following functions:

  • Depth stop to help you determine whether the drill has come to the desired mark.
  • gearshift mechanism is useful when you need to move on to drill or drill back.After all, they have to move at different speeds.
  • Reverse rotation shaft rescue when the drill gets stuck in any surface.
  • Soft start and the device that protects against overheating, will help to avoid troubles that promise damage or injury.
  • stabilization speed shaft vibrations load force - a very useful feature.

Additional features

Thinking about how to choose a good puncher, we hope that it will be comfortable and all the add-ons.

1. example, protection against dust does not hurt - it is unlikely someone has to work in a sterile environment.

Protection sweat dust when drilling
device to protect against dust during drilling.

2. not less convenient and anti-vibration system, softens and compensating shaking device for drilling, chipping or drilling.

Vibration damping
system of protection against vibration.

3. Another useful "trick" is a locking button, fixing hammer in operation.

However, each of the advanced features are not cheaper device, so choose only what you really need.It is not necessary, the right to pay for the functions that you later so never and do not use.

Options punch

Let's talk about picking the gun - it is more than full, the smaller devices have to buy later.So, what should be in the case with the instrument:

1. Spare brush to the motor.

2. special ammunition, which is an adapter will use conventional drill bits, not quick-.After perforator drill it is more expensive, and in the absence of such a cartridge would have to spend considerably.

3. Drills - basic set.For domestic purposes it is more than enough, but professional models need a more impressive set.

Manufacturer Manufacturer

now a little talk about how firms choose a punch.The most reliable brands, which are likely to have heard almost every - BOSCH and MAKITA.It was at their side should be fixed his gaze, choosing a professional model of the gun.A house, in addition to these two companies, we can also recommend the following companies and manufacturers WATT, STERN, EINHELL, VT.

And yet consumer model or a professional?

More expensive professional and powerful devices are equipped with multiple functions.They are reliable and durable.Distinguish them easily: usually all manufacturers models for professional use are painted in a different color than the household.And the inscriptions are relevant to them.But the most important difference between them is the time of continuous operation, which for the duration of 7 - 8 hours t. E. The whole day.But why the house heavy and bulky device for the "pro"?Supertask perform, usually not necessary, but for most ordinary maintenance or coat rack shelves is enough model of the middle class.

Let's list the best performance punch that will be used for domestic purposes.With such parameters can be easily and quickly drill holes in concrete with diameters from 1.6 to 2.8 centimeters, and perform other activities.So, a good puncher has the following parameters:

  • power - from 0.5 to 0.9 kilowatts.
  • Shot Power - from 1.2 to 2.2 joules.
  • modes - three (except for drilling and chiselling and drilling).
  • adjustment shaft speed.
  • There should be protection sleeve - it will prevent the device from jamming.
  • Boer must be secured system SDS plus - it does not have to use keys to clamp or unclamp the chuck.

Then see for yourself - hold the tool in your hands, try to make a test hole.If you feel that it will be convenient to work - take.In general, the answer to the question, what better to choose a punch, is obvious.Of course, the one that will be most suitable for your needs.Just keep in mind that performing these tasks, the instrument must be handled carefully.More about this later.

properly exploit punch

These few simple rules help you lovingly selected instrument will last a long time, avoid annoying breakdowns.


  • It is advisable to use only the "native" cartridges, borax and lubricants, which are provided by the manufacturer.
  • maintenance, cleaning and greasing are recommended regularly.Particular attention to the blurring SDS- shank tool for the job.
  • Do not operate the instrument for a long time without stopping.It is necessary to periodically give him time to cool down.
  • when drilling deep holes work to be performed in several stages, each time pulling out the drill and thereby clearing the hole.This will be due to the removal of drilling waste.
  • If you press on the instrument, prematurely worn hammer mechanism.Also, it is fraught with overheating the motor armature.
  • chiseling mode use long - mix it rotational mode, at least by 2 minutes This will cool the unit and give grease evenly distributed in the right places.Thus, the work system of forced lubrication.
  • order not to break up the cartridge, it is necessary to work strictly perpendicular to the axis of the punched holes, straight out of the instrument.It was not clear moments?