How to make a doghouse with his own hands

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12 April 2016

This article is a step by step instructions of building doghouse.This is quite an interesting project because it provides an excellent opportunity to practice using various methods of woodworking, and also its result is not only useful, but also very pretty thing.We'll show you how to make a doghouse with his hands, will tell you what materials and tools required to do the job.It is not necessary to strictly follow these instructions.Armed with the knowledge acquired, you can build a booth that the form and size of which will better suit your needs and tastes.Of course, you can simply buy a ready-made kennel unassembled, but doing it yourself, you, first, save a considerable amount of money and, secondly, will get great pleasure from the process itself.

Create a doghouse with his own hands


  1. Preparations
  2. carcass doghouse
  3. Boarding frame


Determine the required size booth is difficult, we recommendyou from the beginning to study this issue carefully.You

must ensure that your dog will have enough room to turn around freely there and sit down.If you make a mistake with the size, booth may be too small or too large for your pet.

Note that pressed boards (in particular OSB - approx. are often treated with toxic substances that can harm the animal.This aspect is important, so the choice of materials for the manufacture of the frame and the walls should be closely acquainted with the technical characteristics of materials, to avoid any problems.

To make a doghouse, you will need:


  • bars section 5 × 5 and 5 × 10 cm;
  • nails / screws 5 cm long and 10 cm;
  • plywood thickness 12 mm and 18 mm;
  • ruberoid roofing tiles.


  • protective gloves, goggles;
  • circular saw;
  • hammer;
  • hacksaw;
  • spirit level;
  • pencil.


  • remember the adage "Measure twice ...";
  • to obtain a rigid structure, fasten the side walls with the floor, hammering nails at an angle;
  • our instructions in the accompanying drawings All dimensions are in inches, for the conversion for you in the usual units must use the formula: 1 inch = 2.5 cm.

carcass doghouse

So how do you make a doghouse?Get started by creating a foundation.You need to cut off a 3 bar (5 × 10 cm) length of 110 cm and 2 bar (5 × 10 cm) in length of 90 cm. Connect them as shown in the figure, making using joinery gon that all the angles are straight, and seal 10 cmscrews (two on each junction).

Tip: Before screwing screws drilled pilot holes to avoid splitting wood.

Framework floor booth
carcass floor booth.

Next you have to saw a rectangular piece of 18 mm plywood size 90h120 see - the sex of the booth.Attach it to the frame 5 cm nails or screws every 25 cm.

Tip: Pull back from the edge, at least 1 cm, otherwise the wood may split.

Fixing floor booth
Fixing floor booth.

using the 5 × 5 cm rods, build the frame of the side walls.If you want a rigid structure, set on either side of the central rack.Once you collect frames of the side walls, you must attach them to the bottom of a few 10 cm screws.Before mounting, make sure the vertical walls, for this you will need a spirit level.

Installation sidewalls
mounting frame side walls.

It is the turn of carcasses of front and rear walls.For their production, you will need 5x5 cm. Bars.Fix the frames made of 10 cm. Screws.As you can see in the picture, the front and rear wall are different.In the frame of the front wall you should place two additional stands.The distance between them - is the width of the entrance to the booth.Make sure that your dog can easily pass between them.

Setting the frame front and rear walls
Installation frame the front and rear walls.

Now you have to build the roof of the booth.For reasons of efficiency, simplicity of construction and aesthetic appeal, we recommend that you create a roof with a slope of 45º.

Cut the bars of the required dimensions for rafters and ridge.Fix the rafters at booth 10 cm frame with screws, after checking they are parallel to each other on each slope.The ends of the rafters, cut at an angle of 45º.

The roof of the booth
Create a skeleton for the roof of the booth.

fabricate a roof frame is easy enough.To do this, simply follow our instructions and drank rafters size.Remember that all the figures dimensions are in inches (1 inch = 2.5 cm).The rafters must be made grooves, so they will be better adjacent to the walls.

drank the first pair of rafters, make sure that they are well into place.If not, make the necessary adjustments, and after that, using a first pair as a template, fabricate the remaining rafters.

The roof elements
necessary elements of the roof.

Boarding frame

to manufacture the booth wall using 12 mm plywood.This process is quite simple and clear: you should measure the frame walls and a hacksaw to saw the plywood pieces of appropriate sizes.

On the front wall be sure to make an entrance.Just draw an outline entry and pre-drilling a hole, cut on along this line using a jigsaw.

Fixing the wall
Manufacturing and fixing the walls of plywood.

along the rafters finishing nails nail decoration surrounding rim.As you can see in the figure, the roof structure should protrude at least 5 cm beyond the front and rear walls.

Tip: The value of the projection of the roof may differ from our recommended.It all depends on your needs and aesthetic preferences.

Finishing the roof
Decorative finishing the roof.

In the next step you have had two 12 mm sheet of plywood and attach them to the roof frame 5 cm screws or nails every 25 cm along the "ridge" and rafters.Before fitting the roofing sheets carefully align them.

Plywood roof sheathing
plywood roof sheathing.

Cover roof shingles booth.Begin to fix it to the bottom row.Using chalk, draw on the plywood roof slopes several horizontal lines that will serve you a benchmark when laying shingles.To fix the shingles nails, use a suitable size.

Do not forget that the shingles must extend to not less than 2.5 cm in all directions, in order to properly protect the wooden structure of the rainwater.Do not forget to protect from water and the roof ridge

Ready-made dog house with his own hands.

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