Flooded floors - photo and video collection of original solutions

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14 April 2016

Photo flood hit the floor elegant design and impressive three-dimensional image.Particularly impressive is the variety of options.The modern design is characterized by a variety of interesting technologies.Today, anyone can translate the most complex and original design intent, which a few years ago, not every big-name artist could create.

Flooded floors Photos


  1. Design flooded floors
  2. Photo flooded 3D floor
  3. Video: Compilation of 3D floor
  4. inundated floor Flock
  5. Photo flooded floors Glitter
  6. Photos flooded floors divorce
  7. Flooded floors house a selection of photos
  8. Flooded floors for shop or office

Design flooded floors

Typically, flood floors - a monotonous surface of a certain color.Completely change the look of flooded floors special decorative items.Beautiful and original floor filler can be created using the flock, "chips", sequins, glitter.When you create a flood sexes preferred epoxy and polyurethane materials


Decorative elements can be located on the surface of the floor filler uniformly in the form of geometric shapes or patterns of the original.If you use the decorative elements of different colors, saturation, shape, you can create a floor filler, similar to the highly artistic work.

Designs flooded floors:

  • Monochrome - this is the easiest option.
  • inundated floor stains.
  • use when placing the floor several different colors.
  • Art flooded floors on the basis of drawings, photographs.
  • Decorative sequins.
  • Decorative acrylic color "chips", stones, seashells.
  • inundated with highly floors 3D volumetric images.

Flooded floors become increasingly popular due to the strength, excellent decorative properties, durability and affordable price.They are successfully used in the design of living rooms and premises for production purposes.

The apartments, mansions, country houses flooded floors complement and decorate the interior of the living room, nursery, bathrooms.

in warehouse and industrial applications such floors can withstand any load.Flooded floors heat resistant, durable, reliable operation.Thanks to the excellent decorative properties and durability, flooded floors are perfect for areas of mass stay of people.

3D Photo flooded floors

There is a lot of finishing materials for the flooring.But it was flooded floors hit its artistic possibilities.Flooded floors 3D - this is a full part of the interior.Sometimes they do not just decorate and play a dominant role in the design of the apartment.

idea of ​​creating the floor with bright blooming roses, cold arctic ice, the warm sea surf incarnated, thanks to technology flooded floors.Such coatings have good durability and long serve, decorating your apartment.

3D floor alligators 3D floor devils 3D floor seabed 3D floor - Lily 3D sea floor sofa 3D floor - gulf

Video: Compilation of 3D floor

inundated floor Flock

One unusual decorative elements for registration of sex are flokovye mixture.Used flocks of various shapes and sizes.To operate the designer offers a wide color range flocks.You can create beautiful original floor flooded, using flocks of multicolored straws or flakes.Bright and holidays floors are obtained by adding to a mixture of special filler sequins.For home calm, warm interior ideal flocks of pastel tones.Such flood floors create a home atmosphere of comfort and coziness.

Priming floor Flock Priming floor Flock gray Priming floor Flock purple

Photo flooded floors Glitter

adding in the filler blend sequins, flooring can give the effect of volume and depth of the visual image.Such flood floors look very festive and elegant and original.Such decoration makes it possible to disguise minor surface defects and minor irregularities.

Priming the floor blue with sparkles Priming the floor chessboard with sequins Priming the floor with golden glitter

Photos flooded floors divorce

floors divorce - a popular decoration.Using various combinations of colored inks, you can create any abstract paintings.Looks nice with marble flooring or aquarium effect.To create screeds with stains used polymeric materials of two or three colors.

Priming floor stains Priming the floor with brown stains Priming the floor with yellow and green stains

Flooded floors house a selection of photos

Very nice look artistic flooring in living areas.When you create a floor filler is necessary to consider the appointment of the premises.For example, in the bathroom or toilet rooms is recommended to show more imagination, creativity.In these small spaces can be safely create a 3D floor with a complex pattern.But a simple volumetric figure with green grass, seabed, coastal sand perfectly decorate a room.

the kitchen, where a lot of furniture, it is not necessary to create intricate images.It is enough to confine monotone patterns, reminiscent in texture fabric, brick.Such figures can be supplemented by small decorative elements.

Priming the floor in the room Black and white floor filler in the room Priming the floor orange-white

Black blot on a white background The floor of the lily of the valley Imitation of parched earth

Flooded floors for shop or office

creating flood floors, you can realize the most original designer fantasies.Unusual and beautiful floor filler attract customers in a boutique, shop, exhibition center.Creative and stylish design facilities to raise the status of SPA-salon, entertainment center, design studios.

Priming the floor for the office cabinet Priming the floor in the playground Priming the floor in the office

Priming the floor in the office building Solid filler floor office Orange filler floor office

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