Which washing machine to choose: a guide to action

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12 April 2016

Most families no longer a question of cost, or not to buy a washing machine.Today it is not a luxury but an urgent need for building the thing - particularly where there are small children.However, having come to the store for this useful device can be slightly taken aback by the diversity of absolutely no idea how to choose a washing machine and how they differ from each other.We understand.

What brand is better to choose a washing machine


  1. What types of washing machines
  2. choose a model for the type of load and design
  3. Overall characteristics of washing machines that need to be taken into account
  4. How to determine how much of the drumpreferably
  5. How do you assess the efficiency of the washing machine
  6. How to Decide whether to drying
  7. Safety washing machine
  8. mechanical switch or sensor electronic control
  9. On mode, the program and how much they should be
  10. Select tank cars:plastic or metal
  11. a pleasant and convenient addition
  12. familiar with the basic manufacturers o
    f washing machines
  13. 7 steps when choosing a washing machine
  14. Video: How to choose a washing machine

What types of washing machines

sale possiblemeet three types of washing machines - automatic, semi-automatic and devices that work with the help of ultrasound.As the most popular are automatic models, it is about them, and we describe in more detail.Naturally, we will give an idea about the other two types.

automatic washing machine

machine-gun controlled by software and know how much.The simplest model for a given erase their algorithm, and more "advanced" can measure the amount of water, adjust the temperature with the spin speed, pour the required dose of the powder.The operating mechanism have mainly drum - it is a bit more complicated than the activator (which tell a little further) and less resistant to damage.But with a drum machine very carefully refers to the laundry, and also saves the powder and water.

Automatic washing machines
Automatic washing machines - a vertical and front-loading.


In semiautomatic no additional controls, except for the timer.The mechanism of their activator type.Simply put, there is a certain capacity, equipped with a motor, the shaft of which planted a special drive or blades.They twist the laundry in the machine, mixing it.The foams thus produced very little, so the device may sleep powder hand washing.Activator cars stood in almost every Soviet apartment - because automatic models at the time were available to few.Today, here and there we were similar units, and sometimes even sell for pennies on the ads.

However, now the producers (mostly Russian) producing devices activator type.Surely everyone has heard of the "Baby", "Fee" or "Lilies."There are brand UNIT, Saturn, Wellton.These machines are good because they are lightweight.Wanted - I picked up and moved to the desired location (for example, "Baby" in the wash just fixed on the edge of the bath).They do not require a permanent connection to the water supply and sewerage, so they are bought by those who frequently relocate.

Bella in different semi-automatic model can be downloaded from 1.5 to 7 kg selecting the washing program they are not available, speed is small enough not to wash with cold water (warm machine it will not).Pour the waste water is not too convenient - you need to send the drain hose into the toilet or bath.So this option is best suited for the cottages, but not for apartments.

Activator washing machines
activator Modern washing machines.

Wash ultrasound - is it possible?

These small appliances manufacturers initially positioned as massagers.And then they are slightly modified and became known as ultrasonic washing machine.Should not deceive ourselves - the use of similar devices is equivalent to a conventional soak the laundry, and no more.Take a good powder, pour in the water and soak the dirty things a couple of hours - the effect is the same.But we in fact need a full wash, so we will continue to talk about the machine-gun.

Ultrasonic Washer
ultrasonic washing machine.

choose a model for the type of load and design

These device parameters are divided into machines and dryers (laundry is put into the tank top) and front-loading (the laundry is loaded through a hatch on the front panel).

Front loading - admire a washing

These machines are easy to use and not very "picky".They and buy, and cheaper to fix than the vertical model, since they are simpler in design.Luke with a transparent little window allows you to observe how cool wash clothes.There were times when it is very scattered citizens rescued, put together with trousers or jacket driving license, passport or a "nest egg" hidden from his wife.When he saw in the window of the hatch, there is something extraneous cleared, you can turn off your device and save your values.

hatch tightness surrounded by a special sealing ring (cuff).Sometimes the arguments of opponents of machines of this type argued that the cuff quickly fails.But with careful handling it is not.If the seal breaks often, it's probably indicates carelessness owners.Now the construction of the drum, which is mounted on one axle (and not two as in vertical machines).It does not make the front device less robust and reliable.Moreover, it is easier to maintain and repair, if necessary.

This machine is good for those who are important to use in the apartment every centimeter.After all, its top may well be in the bathroom or hallway used as a bedside table, and the kitchen - to become part of the working surface.With the vertical "stiralka" this will not work - it is not suitable for the role tables.According to the instructions, it should be the top cover a little to slightly open for ventilation, or inside the drum can settle fungus.

dryers - convenient laundry laying

Structurally, these devices are more complicated than the previous ones, so their cost is higher.In the drum, which rests on two axles, bearings, respectively, two times greater than that of the front model.However, two-axis design is not only a significant advantage but also creates additional complexity.In particular, observe the alignment is not so simple.For bivalve drum must balance to balance its two halves.Alas - the perfect balancing is possible not all manufacturers, and sometimes the machine because of this much trembling and shaking at work.

Another bad point worth mentioning - sometimes drum flaps working machine can suddenly swing open themselves.In some cases, this may result in damage, and very serious - will require a long costly repairs.But in the vertical model is built to load additional portions of the laundry during washing, without changing anything in the program.Or you can get extra things.Another advantage of - more compact dimensions than the front vehicles.

M legged buyers, not knowing how to choose a washing machine, believe unconfirmed facts.For example, the legend that the drums have vertical devices stronger, better and more reliable than the front.Not at all - it's just a clever marketing ploy.The reliability of the drum is in no way does not depend on the type of load.

Compare all the advantages and disadvantages of the two types of downloads:

Wheel model



  • + Affordable price (lower than the vertical machines).
  • + Large assortment of various makes and models.
  • + You can see the whole process of washing and spinning.
  • + large drum.
  • + Ease of accommodation - such models can be easily incorporated under the countertop or under the sink.Freestanding machine is often used as a bedside table.


  • - To download linen have to bend or squat.
  • - To open the hatch must be provided space.

Vertical models



  • + small width allows them to fit into a small bathroom, hallway or kitchen.
  • + Capacity is large enough.
  • + Linen through the top cover to download and get very comfortable.
  • + during washing, you can add forgotten items, as well as something to take out.


  • - High price (significantly higher than that of the front cars).
  • - Inability to use the plane as a top shelf.
  • - width and height of all models are the same - no change.

Overall characteristics of washing machines that need to be considered

Choose the size of the washing machine will depend on the premises and places where it will be installed, as well as the maximum permissible load of the washing machine.

dimensions front-loading models

Such washing machines are usually height (85 - 90 cm) and a width (60 cm).There are several models of washing machines with a compact size that allows you to install them under the sink, or any other hard to reach places.But usually the maximum possible loading of trucks is 3 - 3.5 kg.not more laundry.Depending on the size of washing machines are divided into: full-size, narrow, ultra slim and compact.

Classification of washing machines with front-loading, depending on their size:



Height: 85 - 90 cm.

Depth: 60 cm.

Width: 60 cm.

Download: 5 - 7 kg.



Height: 85 - 90 cm.

Depth: 35 - 40 cm.

Width: 60 cm.

Download: 3,5 - 52 kg.

Ultra narrow


Height: 85 - 90 cm.

Depth: 32 - 35 cm.

Width: 60 cm.

Download: 3,5 -4 kg.



Height: 68 - 70 cm.

Depth: 43 - 45 cm.

Width: 47 - 50 cm.

Download: 3 kg.

Dimensions models with vertical load

Almost all washing machines and dryers have no differences in width (40 - 45 cm), depth (60 cm) and height (85 cm).So you need to choose a specific model according to your taste and planned loading.As to the basic functions, then the automatic machines are usually identical.And about the maximum single load should be remembered that the larger the value, the more things can perestirat machine per wash.

How to determine how much of the drum preferably

When the main you have already decided for myself, that is. E. Have decided on the type of load and the location of the machine, it is necessary to study the characteristics of your favorite model by comparing them.Let's start with such an important parameter as the capacity of the drum, which is an average of 3 to 7 kg.If you have a family of 3 or 4 people, then get ready for the fact that for one wash accumulate somewhere 5 kg of laundry.Because of such considerations and should make their choice.

Important: in the passport machine typically contains downloads per cotton.But the weight of cotton, wool and synthetic products differs significantly.So, instead of five cotton T-shirt can be washed only one woolen sweater.It is taken into account, considering the instruction tablets with an average weight of products (meaning cotton).

There is another nuance that many feel quite small.This is the minimum weight that is loaded into the drum.Usually it is a kilo and a half, and the neglect of these data is not necessary.After all, they determine how much your machine will last.You can certainly throw a shirt or a pair of socks, but this will lead to non-uniform loading of the drum.The machine starts to shiver and shake, and for its mechanism is very harmful.So today most of the models equipped with a system that does not produce spin when the machine is not completely loaded and evenly.All this is done to prevent premature wear and tear.

When thinking in terms of cost, the machine with a large drum to acquire more profitable.However, not always for it there is enough space, so you have to compromise, searching for something pokompaktnee.A small device is perfectly located even in a small apartment, but most are unlikely to wash her master.We'll have to erase some parties, spending more and powder, and water and electricity.The larger unit, the wash cheaper.


How do you assess the efficiency of the washing machine

All washing machines are classified into three main grounds - wash, spin and energy saving.All washing machines comparison parameters are standardized and evaluated according to the accepted scale which act as the first seven letters of the alphabet from A to G. Each washing machine is equipped with a special liner, which reflects its laundry classes, spinning, power consumption and other characteristics.An example of this, and decoding of the liner is shown below:

The efficiency of the machine

Decoding ratings:

  • A - five points;
  • B - four-plus;
  • C - four points;
  • D - four and a minus (medium or fine);
  • E - three points;
  • F - two points;
  • G - Unit.

Explanation of code:

  1. Type;
  2. Manufacturers;
  3. model;
  4. efficiency class;
  5. consumption kW / h .;
  6. Energy efficiency class;
  7. Squeezing efficiency class;
  8. highest possible speed of rotation of the drum when spinning, vol. / Min;
  9. Rated loading drum laundry (kg.);
  10. consumption of water for the wash cycle (l.);
  11. Noise level washing (dB.);
  12. Noise level spinning (dB.).

Energy class washing machines

Now electricity consumption.Common European standards provide for seven classes of devices, marking them with Latin letters from A (the highest class and economical) to G (the lowest grade).Rates are determined by the flow of electricity per hour in the wash one kg of cotton items.As has been clear, and - the best option.However, it was only until 2013, when there were more cost-effective devices and two new sub-classes, A + and A ++.Each letter corresponds to a specific energy consumption:

Energy class consumption (kWh / kg)
A ++ 0.15
A + 0.17
A 0,17 - 0,19
B 0,19 - 0,23
C 0,23 - 0,27
D 0,27 - 0,31
E 0,31 - 0,35
F 0,35 - 0,39
G 0,39

washing efficiency

quality washing machine of the future can be determined by reading the Latin and marking with the same letters - from A to G. The closer to the beginning of the alphabet this letter is, the cleaner and gently wash will have chosenyour machine.The best result, of course, for devices with class A.

select the desired spin class

After washing and rinsing the laundry need to squeeze.It was not clear moments?