The combination of wallpaper in the interior - the original methods and techniques

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13 April 2016

combination of wallpaper in the interior space, allows for originality and dynamism.It must be said that if earlier the combination of wallpaper in the interior has been a wonder, now that no one is surprised.And most designers tend to use a combination of wallpaper to create a unique interior.

The combination of wallpaper in the interior


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This trend has not gone unnoticed and wallpaper manufacturer, so they are trying to create such wallpaper, which are on the canvas several combined together drawings.

Whatever it was, but people are still interested in a combination of different wallpapers in the interior.Therefore, it is proposed to consider the combination of methods that exist at the moment.

rules and tasks combining

If a person begins to think about the fact, whether it be glued wallpaper

in the same room, or combine different colors and wallpaper with different patterns, most modern designers tend to use the second option.The fact is that if used in such a method of decorating rooms, it thus can not only create various decorative effects in the room, but also in terms of the visual area change of the dimensions and spaces.And also try to zone it.Often unable to even hide the flaws of the room and highlight its advantages.

How to allocate advantages and disadvantages to remove?

If you select using a wallpaper pattern or color different from the pattern (colors) of the basic wallpaper, a certain place in the room, it will thus make it the "principal" place that will linger look.Moreover - in this method, when people look lingers on any one place, it is possible to divert their attention from the possible shortcomings of the room.For example, by chipping the plaster on the walls or ceiling.Here runs the rule that the brighter the image will be "distracting" wallpaper, the less chance for people to notice the shortcomings of the room.

Isolation projection
Isolation and focus on the ledge of the wall.
Photo -

Zoning premises

Sometimes it is necessary to make in one room area with different roles.Way of organizing such zones may be a few, but in most cases you can use wallpaper with various patterns or colors.It should not be afraid to experiment to get enough of unusual combinations.In this respect, it will depend on how necessary to select a particular zone.And also, whether used indoors partitions, or plan to use only visual zoning.

For example, children can be visually divided into two parts if the paste over it, 50x50 wallpaper blue and pink and put a partition.Or, in the center of the kitchen table just take and combine wallpaper with one some color tone and wallpaper with a pattern on the wall.

Zoning areas with the help of wallpaper
room divided into two parts with the help of wallpaper.

Wall with accents

This wall can be called one of the simplest methods of combining wallpaper.Usually only one room has a wall, although sometimes it may happen that it is necessary to emphasize two adjacent or opposite walls.And surprised that such a wall will have a fundamental difference from the other walls, however.It, alternatively, can vary the saturation of colors, patterns, etc.But in any case echo element in such a method can be considered generic group.

Wall with accents
Private Dedicated wall wallpaper. Photo -

Focus point

Focus point on accent wall is characterized in that it is not in the wall, and is located in any one part of the wall.Ieusing wallpaper to another shade can carve out a zone where there is a fireplace, an antique sideboard, hanging paintings, worth a bed, etc.

Focus point
Part of the wall, the bed allocated wallpaper.

techniques combining wallpaper

In the process of selecting combinations of wallpaper must be remembered about some similar elements, which can be the same style pattern or ornament, a similar pattern geometry, shades of the same color, etc.

Monochrome wallpaper of the same color with different shades

This method is suitable for those who love the monotony in the interior.This approach involves pasting one or more walls wallpapered with saturated colors.Quite often there is a combination of blue, beige, gray colors and shades.

Monochrome wallpaper of the same color but in different shades
Monochrome wallpaper in different shades combined both among themselves and with patterned wallpaper.

We combine patterned wallpaper with solid

If and "itching" to paste over the walls of large panels, it will be much better if the other walls in the room are papered with colored wallpaper.The same method is applied in the presence of a wallpaper pattern with a large color or pattern of geometric shapes.

The combination of patterned wallpaper and plain
patterned wallpaper combined with monophonic.

combination of wallpaper with different patterns

long tradition was to use a combination of wallpaper with vertical stripes and wallpaper with a floral pattern.However, they must be properly combined with the wallpaper for similar colors.This floral ornament can be perfectly combined with patterns of "wood" theme.Cubes, strips and various geometrical shapes are combined with good figures, abstractions.However, this method is considered to be dangerous, so it should be used with extreme caution and try to carefully select patterns.

Combination with different patterns of wallpaper
combination of wallpaper with different patterns and different colors.

combination of wallpaper with different colors

It must be remembered that neutral colors should be combined with more active.Although, if you create a bright interior and youth, then you can experiment with the vengeance of contrasting colors.Using this technique will be very suitable for the separation space into zones.

The combination of different colors wallpaper
combination of white wallpaper with pictures and wallpaper stripes.

methods combining wallpaper

Vertical stripes

In this case, it is necessary to buy the wallpaper with the same texture and wide.But the color must be different.The strips of wallpaper paste should be 1 or 2. In this context, commonly used method of applying wallpaper to close to each other tones (monochrome) or the use of wallpaper with different colors (contrast).

Option 1 provides that the horizontal striping will create a very interesting play of light and shadow on the wall.Option 2 means that the wall will not only create background for the room, but its primary focus, which will create the overall mood in the room.

can try and stick these wallpapers, which have a different pattern.For example, the alternating use of wallpaper flowered and striped.However, this solution is not suitable for all interiors, but only for those that are decorated in a retro style.

sheets of wallpaper can be joined together in different ways.You can use the traditional method of Butt - lapped, or try to attach zigzag or wave.Although, to be honest, "wavy" docked - a job only for experienced and novice it can not cope.

Vertical stripes
Wallpapers of different colors forming a vertical line.
Photo -

Horizontal division

papered wall wallpaper horizontally becomes trendy.And this technique is used in the design of almost all buildings, regardless of their style.Often it performed a combination of panels of wood or cork wallpaper and subsequent painting.However, recently division walls used in the horizontal direction, and only by using wallpaper.And here it is possible to use a combination as contrasting wallpaper and similar to each other on the shades.Not bad also be used with the different texture of wallpaper.This is when, for example, the lower part of the walls glued vinyl wallpaper plaster, while the upper part - the textile.

In this method of zoning or separation should not forget that the joints must necessarily emphasize special borders.As such a border is quite suitable as a paper edging and slats of wood or PVC skirting boards for ceilings, etc.In any case, everything will depend on what type of wallpaper has a thickness.If it is the same, the approach and the border of the paper.If it is different, you should try other kinds.For the border of the paper is in this plan is bad to hide the joints.

But here there are questions regarding proper separation wall horizontally, and the height of the docking wallpaper?The answers depend on many factors, which include the height of the ceiling.On average, half of the lower horizontal should have a height not more than 1 m. Although it is true only if the room has a low ceiling.With high ceilings, this division should take place between the wallpaper above.Maximum - 1.5-2 meters above the floor.

It is important to remember that the distance at which the wallpaper will be joined must be measured from the floor, but not from the ceiling.Otherwise, it may be very noticeable uneven wallpaper seam with respect to the floor.And it's ugly.

The horizontal division of the room with the help of wallpaper
Wallpapers combined in a horizontal direction.
Photo -

wallpaper inserts of different sizes can

originally painted wall paint or wallpaper paste on them, and only at the end of the primary stick trim inserts cut from the wallpaper, which have a greater thickness.If desired, or for beauty, such insertion is recommended to decorate the moldings.To make out the walls in such a way it would be appropriate for the space, the interior of which is decorated in a classic style, Rococo and Baroque.It is desirable that such inserts were figured.They can be obtained simply by cutting out of the wallpaper that has a large-sized ornament.

You can also try to paste over the room walls different wallpaper that will dramatically highlight the areas in the room.For example, the wall behind the TV so it is recommended to paste over wallpaper that will contrast sharply wallpaper on the other walls.Although you can not even devote an entire wall, and a certain part of it.

With such a combination of different colors of wallpaper, patterns and colors can be zoned any room.In addition, each member of the family "get" a zone where it will be comfortable.However, it is necessary to know how to arrange the furniture.

Inserts Wallpaper
inserts framed by moldings and wallpaper located on the painted walls.

Combining using flaps

To perform such a combination, you must pick up these wallpapers, which will be very well combined with each other.Then the wallpaper should be cut to the desired length and stick the butt or overlap, randomly or orderly - as anyone who wishes.These pieces can even be pasted on the wall, like a checkerboard, or as otherwise as fantasy suggests.

Combining flaps
Combining using scraps of wallpaper.

Select niches and ledges

If the room has a niche or protruding parts, at first glance this may seem like a drawback, but in fact it is not.And you can not even try to hide or disguise these places - still nothing.But make them stand out of the total space of the room is possible.But to do that they will have wallpapered contrasting colors.

Isolation of niches and ledges
projection selected wallpaper.

Useful tips

1. In choosing wallpaper for a combination, it is desirable that the failure to carry a piece of wallpaper, which is necessary to pick up a pair.Although it is best to compare sheeted rolls suitable colors.The only way to understand whether this wallpaper combined with each other or not.

2. For vertical combination should be used only to wallpaper the same thickness, sincedifferent thickness wallpaper will then be visible in a well visible seams.

3. Do not forget at the same time try to "kill 2 birds with one stone."Iecombine wallpapers and at the same time visually correct the shortcomings of the room.The room would appear higher if combined wallpaper paste or in the form of different bands.At too high spaces can apply horizontal division and thereby visually slightly reduce its height.

Video: Varieties wallpaper patterns

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