How to Make Insulated Booths for dogs with their own hands

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11 April 2016

in this article are, in fact, a detailed step by step guide, you will learn about how to make a booth for the dog with his hands.And not just a booth, and weatherization.The insulating material placed between double-layer wall booths, will help protect your dog from the cold, not only in winter but also from the sun in the hot summer.Use for this purpose polystyrene sheets 7-8 cm thick or rigid insulation foam.If you want to reduce costs, can reduce the thickness of the insulating material up to 4 cm.

How to make a booth for the dog with his hands


  1. Preparations
  2. Making the base and walls of the booth
  3. Making the roof and canopy


Before beginning construction, you should determine the size of the booth.The dog should be able to easily turn around inside.Before taking a final decision, examine various design options and select the one that you prefer.Buy high-quality materials, if you want the result of your work meet the highest professional level


Before the start of the project description will give you some useful tips.Combine design elements on both ends before you fasten them with screws.Before screwing screws drilled pilot holes in the lumber, it will help prevent splitting of wood.Make sure the vertical booth walls and the floor and the upper beam are perpendicular to them.If you live in cold regions, use an insulating material thickness 7.5-9 mm, otherwise the thickness of 3-4 cm will be enough.

for construction booth, you will need:


  • bars section of 5 × 10 cm - bearing structural elements, roof;
  • 18 mm plywood - flooring, cladding, roofing;
  • 5 × 5 cm bars - bearing elements of the canopy;
  • nails / screws 5 cm and 8 cm;
  • ruberoid roofing tiles.


  • protective gloves, goggles;
  • circular saw;
  • saw for performing beveled 45 ° cuts;
  • hammer;
  • spirit level;
  • roulette;
  • pencil.


  • before taking up the cutting / sawing materials, ensure the correctness of the measurements taken;
  • as insulation, use sheet polystyrene, mineral wool and not;
  • all sizes in the drawings are in inches;to convert to centimeters must use the formula: 1 inch = 2.5 cm.

Making the base and walls of the booth

first phase of the project is to create a base of the booth.Make a frame of 10 cm × 5 bars, as shown in Fig.Fix the bars 8 cm screws, pre-drilled pilot holes.Use a carpenter's square to make sure that the corners of the base have turned out really straight.

Attach to the frame 18 mm plywood, which will serve as the floor booth, and secure it with 5 cm nails / screws every 15 cm along the bars of the frame.The edges of the plywood should not protrude beyond the frame.

Production base of the booth
Manufacturing base booth.

floor is ready, it is the turn of erection of walls.We recommend that you make a frame of 5 × 10 cm bars.Work comfortably on a flat surface.Secure the frame with the base of the walls between booths and a 8 cm screws.Do not forget to check them vertically with a spirit level.

Installation of walls
installation batten for the walls.

next stage of the project - the outer covering of walls with plywood booths.Cut sheets of the desired size using a circular saw with a thin blade.Do not forget to make a doorway, for this you need a jigsaw.Secure the plywood sheets to the frame 5 cm nails every 20 cm along the bars of the frame.

Siding crates.

Now we have to fix the sheets of insulating material.From my own experience, we recommend you use polystyrene sheet thickness of 7-8 cm, and not mineral wool (glass wool).Regardless of what insulating material do you prefer, make sure there are no gaps between the wooden bars and insulation in the insulation would not be effective.Using a hacksaw, adjust, if necessary, the size of the polystyrene sheets.

Fastening of insulation material
Fastening insulating material.

After placing the heater you need to sheathe the walls of the booth from the inside.Cut sheets of plywood desired size using a circular saw or a cutting machine, taking care not to damage the edge.Install the plywood into place and secure it with screws 5 cm.It is important to all work on the interior trim finish at this stage, because in the future you almost lose access here.

Lining the walls
Lining the walls.

Making the roof and canopy

next step - installing the rafters on doghouse.For their manufacture, use 5 × 10 cm rods whose ends must be cut down at an angle of 45º.Make sure that all rafters turned completely equal.Pairwise align the upper ends of the rafters and fasten them 8 cm nails or screws.Place the connected trusses pairs at the same distance from each other, as shown in Fig.

Installation of rafters
Installing roof trusses.

After the roof frame is ready, it is necessary to sheathe sheets of plywood, attaching them to the rafters 5 cm nails every 15 cm.

Tip: second sheet of plywood should be a little more since it has to cover the first section of the paper.

Roof Sheathing
roof sheathing.

If you want to improve the appearance of doghouse, you may want to consider the construction of a canopy at the entrance.Get started with the manufacture of the floor frame of 5 × 5 cm bars.By bringing them together, make sure all angles are right angles and diagonals are equal.

floored using boards 2.5h10 see. Zazenkuyte head screws securing them to get a neat appearance.

The base of the canopy
Manufacturing base overhang.

Now you need to build a canopy frame.Set the rack of 5 × 5 cm bars, secure them in place by screws.Then, build a skeleton - how to do it, is shown.Make sure that all the elements of design are well aligned and secured.

Building a shed
frame construction for walls overhang.

Cover the roof of the booth and canopy roofing material, securing it with staples, and then roofing tiles.Lay the tiles start at the bottom of the roof.If you want to add trims, you must do so before laying shingles.

Tip: Draw a chalk line that will serve as a guide for laying shingles.

Roofing shingles.

almost completed construction of the booth, left to take care of small strokes.Fill all cracks and holes with putty for wood and then with silicone sealant.After drying, the mass of sand the surface with sandpaper grit 120.

Tip: Cover the wooden surface with several layers of paint to protect them from damage under the influence of atmospheric moisture.Make sure that the nail heads and screws are recessed deep enough, otherwise the dog may get hurt.

work completed.Now, thanks to our instructions on how to make the booth for the dog, you can be proud of the result of the work of their hands, and your pet will be sincerely grateful.

Ready booth
Ready booth.

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