Pistachio color in the interior, and its combination with other colors in different rooms

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13 April 2016

Pistachio combines a group of light-green hues, reminiscent of the color of unripe pistachio.He was very fond of both professional and novice designers, because it gives the room a special freshness and energy.How to use the pistachio color in the interior, with some colors and materials can be combined to take a closer look.

Pistachio color in the interior of the kitchen, living room or bedroom, and a combination with other colors


  1. What colors combined pistachio
  2. Pistachio color and natural materials
  3. Pistachio color in the kitchen
  4. Pistachio color in the bedroom
  5. Pistachio color in the living room
  6. What does not match the color of pistachio
  7. Video: Examples of interiors in pistachio color

An important feature of this color is that it is fairly straightforward and predictable.He has very little shade, so it almost does not change under the influence of light or various accessories.If you decide to arrange a room in the pistachio tone, do not be afraid that he will cut his eyes on a

light background, or seem too dark, combined with black.

Another advantage over other pistachio colors - its compatibility with a majority of shades.It can be combined with both classical and more rare colors.

What colors combined pistachio

It is best to combine it with classic light shades: beige, cream, white.The combination of pistachio-colored interior with white fills the room with ease, lightness and makes it much more spacious.Moreover, the focus can be made as one group and another.

If the room is low ceilings, make it visually more spacious, you can use a pistachio background and vertical white accents.They give the room a special freshness and harmony.Dilute the colors you can use the richer parts - coral, orange, cream.This decision will be particularly spectacular bathroom.

Equally popular combination - with pink clover.This option is versatile and suitable for the living room, and child, and for the bedroom and bathroom.

successfully complement the juicy hue room, decorated in soft pink, yellow or peach tones.Interesting combination of colors can be created with turquoise and blue elements.Equally advantageous look coupled with a touch of olive and coffee with milk.

Good looks, he not only with the pastel, but with a deep, rich tones.For example, it can be combined with purple, burgundy, emerald, blue sapphire, sea green, brown, black, chocolate.Such a combination of fusion perfectly suited for the living room.

Pistachio color and natural materials

consider what goes pistachio color in the interior.An important feature of this color is its harmony of many natural materials.For example, it looks great in combination with straw, bamboo, wood and stone accessories or interior.Therefore, if your bedroom furniture is made of natural wood, you can be sure that the pistachio fits perfectly.

Pistachio color in the kitchen

Use this shade can be in a variety of areas, ranging from the cozy bedroom and ending with a small hallway.His vigor, vitality and brightness will be particularly relevant in the kitchen.From the color palette between the yellow and green, it soothes, but at the same time improves the appetite and mood.He Suitable for any kitchen - large or small, high or low, narrow or wide.

The walls in the kitchen pistachio color
walls in the kitchen pistachio blossom. Photo - denoxa.com

pistachio increasingly used in the interior of the kitchen for general background.And bright and dark furniture looks at the background of a very stylish and beautiful.Perfectly suited red, maroon, yellow, purple, green facades.

Run this tone can be even the floor.Such a design course is quite original and quite practical.Suitable pistachio and accessories.

Buy bright curtains, potholders and utensils - and you can create a good mood and profitably transform the interior.

Working kitchen area decorated in pistachio color
kitchen apron decorated in pistachio color. Photo - sheknows.com

Pistachio color in the bedroom

Despite its brightness, pistachio color looks great in the interior of the bedroom.Fresh accents successfully complement the airy, delicate interior color creme brulee.And the issue is in shades of pistachio walls - and you'll start a new day with invigorating, fresh colors.To remove excessive brightness, you can add elements to the interior painted in soft shades - warm pink, caramel and peach.

The walls of the bedroom in pistachio color
bedroom walls decorated in pistachio color. Photo - bonasty.com

Alternatively, it is possible to confine small accessories in pistachio tone - pillows, linens, decorations.

Accessories bedrooms in pistachio color
Accessories bedrooms in pistachio color. Photo - makeablind.com

Pistachio color in the living room

If the window of the room facing north, and traditional cream or beige shades already tired, pistachio color in the living room will help freshen up the room and make it lighter.

Completely draw up living in a bright tone is quite rare, it is usually used in accessories and details, combined with other colors.This allows you to refresh the interior and give it a special expressiveness.Using a small bright accents, such as lampshades or pillows, you make room atmosphere more energetic and cheerful.

Sofa pistachio colors in interior room
pistachio-colored sofa in an interior room. Photo - decoholic.org

If you like bright colors, you can safely perform in bright colors walls of the room.A good supplement will be small sofa cushions of the same color.

The walls of the living room colors pistachio
pistachio-colored walls of the living room. Photo - interiorclip.com

What does not match the color of pistachio

This color can be attributed to a number of summer colors that vary brightness and lightness.It does not conflict with muted autumn colors, but in the classical interior light dark things look too provocative and create a sense of dissonance.The only option - to use a dark elements that are not located above the floor.For example, use dark flooring, but the lamp is dark in the interior unnecessary.

Pistachio can be as basic as well as the background color for a more saturated colors.He brings to any room a feeling of joy, freshness and vigor, making the atmosphere more light and air.

Video: Examples of interiors in pistachio color

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