What is the best washing machine - with front or top loader

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11 April 2016

spacious rooms appliance stores are placed a lot of washing machines.They have a different design and functionality, and each of them looks modern and aesthetically pleasing, promising to be faithful assistant for washing.And we have to break his head over the choice of deciding, for example, a washing machine which is better - the front or top loading.Do not test a model in action, it's hard to know which one will be more convenient to use, with the ideal to wash linen and saving electricity.Well, look at service less often desirable.Well, let's see what is the difference between the CM with different types of load and what better to choose.

What is the best washing machine with front or top loader


  1. Design and structural differences of washing machines with vertical and front-loading
  2. dimensions and space required
  3. How are hatches models with different types of load
  4. Which carmore practical and easier to use
  5. Which unit longer asks repair
  6. About beauty and ergonomics
  7. sum up and make final selection
  8. Video: How to choose a washing machine

Design and structural differences of washing machines with vertical andFront-loading

Any automatic washing machine can be either the front or vertical.The latter is characterized by the fact that things are put on top of the washing.For this tilted upper lid, and the laundry loaded into a special hatch, is available in the drum.During washing the hole must be closed.

Washing Machine Vertical load

type Front loading washing machines involves dirty things (and unloading of wash) through a special hatch.It is located on the front surface of the washing machine.

Washing machine with front loading

and professionals, and end users do not find dramatic differences as these two types of washing machines.That is the main mission, and those and other devices operate in good faith.So it is too early to draw conclusions - first compare the advantages and disadvantages of different types of washing machines.

dimensions and space required

Wheel models are more versatile, as they can produce different dimensions.But we should remember that the pull-out and loading things in front of them is necessary to provide free space.Conventionally, these machines are divided into four size.



Height: 85 - 90 cm.

Depth: 60 cm.

Width: 60 cm.

Download: 5- 7 kg.



Height: 85 - 90 cm.

Depth: 35 - 40 cm.

Width: 60 cm.

Download: 3,5 - 52 kg.

Ultra narrow


Height: 85 - 90 cm.

Depth: 32 - 35 cm.

Width: 60 cm.

Download: 3,5 -4 kg.



Height: 68 - 70 cm.

Depth: 43 - 45 cm.

Width: 47 - 50 cm.

Download: 3 kg.

Vertical washing machines are no different variety of sizes.Their height - from 80 to 85 cm, depth - 60 cm, and width - 40 cm. As you can see, they are somewhat narrower than the front device type.And the good news is that they do not need additional space when loading the laundry and opened the hatch.It is placed on top of the laundry - enough to lift the top panel or open the lid of the drum.So in a small apartment so the machine can be a godsend - in fact it even somewhere in a corner, you can squeeze tightly pridvinuv to the wall.

The hatch patterns are different with different types of load

Immediately, we note that neither the form nor the design of the drum for the most part do not have a significant impact on the quality of the wash and spin.However, making the comparison of washing machines with front and top-loading, you can determine which model is the best fit for your home or apartment.

Luc machines frontal type

They hatch (with a diameter of 23 to 33 cm) plastic or metal closed a door with glass window.During washing special lock firmly fix it in the closed position.And only when the program is completed, the door can be opened (automatic lock is unlocked).For convenience, the machine is set to the size of the hatch - in a big hole and put the easier to get the laundry.It is also important, as the door can be opened widely - from simple models of the angle of opening may be only 90 or 120 degrees, while the more "advanced" - 180 degrees.

Luc washing machine

rubber seal, called cuff hatch tight to him around the perimeter.Gaps and lack of high-quality material does not allow a single drop of water to leak out.It argued that the rubber sleeve can fast break, but this is not so.Destroy it, of course, possible, but it usually happens at extremely careless handling device.

Cuff of the hatch
Rubber sleeve for sealing the hatch.

Luc machines vertical type

Washing machines, top loading, may be structurally different from each other.The most common pattern drum positioned horizontally.On the sides it has two symmetrical shaft on which it is mounted.A particular demand is such a structure at the European (especially French) consumers.And the Russians also often buy just such a model.Loading and unloading in them takes place in two steps: first open the outer hatch, and then - drum.

on the drum flaps are provided with a simple mechanical lock type.That's just not always after washing, these folds are in front of the hatch - often guilty of this simple model.Manually rotate the drum until the desired point - a small pleasure, and the developers have considered it.More expensive models are equipped with the new "parking system of the drum."This means that after stopping the drum doors will always be converted to the opening of the hatch.

Lock wings
Castle drum flaps.

Outdoor drum
Open drum flaps washing machines and dryers.

Less common in our country, "American" model of high volume, allow you to download 8 - 10 kg of dry laundry.They are in the drum, which is vertical, no hatch, but in the middle is a special activator.There are models of "Asian" type, too, did not stick with us.They, too, the drum is not horizontal, but vertical, but the volume of its small.Often, these devices are equipped with a generator of air bubbles, helping to erase cleaner.Anyway, so the manufacturers claim.

Activator washing machine
washing machine agitator type with vertical load.

very convenient fact that machines with vertical load, at any time you can pause the wash to add things.And the water at the same time never pour out onto the floor - because the lid opens upwards.This option is useful thrifty housewives who can first put more dirty things, and then - at least blurred.So it will take less time, and powder, and electricity.

Which car is more practical and easier to use

devices have front buttons and sensor elements are located on the front panel - the same place and the hatch.Many models have a liquid crystal display.On the left side on the same panel mounted dispenser having three compartments.One of them is filled with powder, the other filled with liquid detergent, and a third can be added conditioner or a conditioner.The dispenser is easy to be pulled out, so the problems with its purification is not available.

upper horizontal plane at the machines of this type are not equipped with any buttons or sensors.Therefore, it is possible to use as a shelf, put in the necessary household items.If such a device is placed in a kitchen, it is usually mounted under the table top.So the hostess obtained additional working plane.Therefore, in the front room kitchen models can meet more frequently than vertical.

Use of the washing machine as a shelf

have vertical SM controls can be arranged in different ways.In some they are all brought to the top panel, cover, while others are located on the side panel.The dispenser is typically located in the same spot - the lid.The drawback of such machines is that the lid must be free to access.Therefore, neither of these machines serve as a shelf can not, under any countertop they can not build.However, there are other options for inserting them into furniture - with the top panel.

Which unit longer asks repair

And what better reliability washing machine - vertical or front?For some reason, many believe that a front-loading device may fail and break down more often than a vertical type machine.Mol drum, which is attached to only one shaft, longer vibrates.Accordingly, the bearing of the shaft carries a large load, so quickly wear out.All this is not true - if the machine is qualitatively collected, it will not vibrate excessively and its details do not need to be replaced for a long time.In any case, laboratory tests have given it such results.

About beauty and ergonomics

According to both specialists and the vast majority of customers, the design of the front of washing machines is diverse and interesting, and they look very advantageous.A washing process as seen through a transparent window hatch draws and draws.In addition, many people forgetful contemplation washing also bring benefits.They had time uglyadet in the maelstrom of whirling linen left in your pocket a passport, a stack of bills or rights that may be time to remove.

sum up and make final selection

Step # 1.


Before you go to the store oblyubovyvayut machine model, decide where it is you will have to stand.Perhaps you want to embed it into the furniture - then it is necessary to make accurate measurements.However, for a standalone unit also should outline the necessary space.

Also note the following nuances:

  • Do you plan to use the machine as a shelf or work plane;
  • whether to lay a new batch of laundry in the wash;
  • needed if the inspection hatch, allowing the details to see the washing process.

Small apartments often do not allow them to place in the front car.Designated opening doors is not enough, and in width, it does not fit.In this case, the choice of models with vertically loaded the laundry can be a good way out.

If we are talking about the built-in appliances, then, as already mentioned, the best fit model with front-loading.

Step # 2.


now is devoted to the issue of security.There are leading vertical units.However, leadership is rather theoretical.It is based on the fact that water from such a machine can not accidentally spill way.But the presence of the hatch on the front of the front devices - risk zone.After all, there is a possibility (as shown, insignificant), he depressurized, and the water splashed on the floor.A breakdown of this unit when it is imperative to await the arrival of the master - you can not open the door himself.If the machine will break with vertical load, you can safely open the lid and get things.

Step # 3.


Next - the price.In front of models, it is significantly lower.Design their diverse and dimensions there for every taste.Therefore, among the Russians, they are more in demand, occupying up to 85% of the market.European and African countries, too, tend to buy them, but the Americans more than the taste vertical loading.In Australia and Asia both types of machines sold about the same.However, no matter the quality of washing, vertical or front washing machine will be chosen by you.And those and others cope with their case "perfectly well".After all, these technologies have now reached considerable heights.

Video: How to choose a washing machine

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