How to connect a light switch

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09 April 2016

In this article you will learn how to properly install a light switch.Switches are used to control electric lighting sources in residential and commercial premises.In most cases, switches are mounted on the wall.Location, the height at which they are installed, the form switches vary from country to country.Switches come in various types: single or mnogoklavishnye for installation indoors or outdoors, etc.Installation and connection of the switch - simple task, provided you understand the basic principles of electrical networks and comply with safety regulations for electrical work.

How to connect series switch light


  1. Preparations
  2. Wire the light switch

In this article, we will step by step show you how to install the switch.To do this you will need:


  • voltage indicator;
  • pliers;
  • screwdriver;
  • knife;
  • level;
  • protective gloves and goggles.


  • before starting work, disconnect the power supply in your home;
  • before touching wires, use the voltage in
    dicator on each wire to make sure that the power is turned off;
  • if you have doubts, if you do not want to risk, it is better to hire a professional electrician.


The first thing you need to do - to turn off the power.Some people believe that it is enough just to turn off the circuit on which it is installed the switch, but we strongly recommend that you completely disconnect your apartment.

using voltage indicator on each wire, make sure that it is safe to touch them.It is better to check out a few times before you start work.

Power outage

next step of the project - cleaning Escutcheon (mounting box) from the paint, small fragments of drywall dust and dirt.This operation is very important, especially when it comes to the newly renovated room or apartment in a new building.But even if you are replacing an old switch is better to assess the state Escutcheon to make sure that the new switch can be installed and aligned properly.

Cleaning Escutcheon dust and putty
Escutcheon Preparing to install the switch.

Once you have bought a new switch, you have to dismantle it with a screwdriver or a hand, depending on its type and manufacturer.Without this operation can not do, because you will connect wiring to the inside of the switch.It is necessary to remove the button and switch box.

Demolition breaker
Disassembled switch.

Now you have to connect the wiring.Using pliers, cut the excess length of the wires - they should protrude from the wall by about 15 cm. This length should be sufficient to connect without difficulty switch.Do not leave the wire is too long, otherwise they will be difficult to place within the Escutcheon.

Cutting wires
Cutting wires.

cut the wire to length, you can proceed to the next step.Using pliers clean about 2 cm of the cable insulation.Stripping length greater danger, since the exposed wires in the operation may accidentally come into contact, causing a short circuit.

Using pliers Give the end of each wire T-shape (or C-shape for some breakers with lateral screw).

Tip: The easiest and most effective way to clean up lead - use a special tool for removal of insulation.

Stripping wires
stripping wires.

Wire the light switch

You probably noticed that the wires are colored differently: brown wire - this phase, yellow-green - grounding.(Standard color coding insulation differs from country to country.) Each of these cables must be connected to a specific port.

How to connect the switch?There are slight differences in connecting single and series switch.Important to remember: opens the must phase, phase wire is attached to the connector labeled L (usually at the bottom of the switch).

Connect the wires to the switch
Connecting wires to the switch.

Once you place the end of each wire into its connector, secure them with screws, using a screwdriver for this purpose.Make sure the wires are securely fastened, otherwise the switch will not work properly.

Connecting wires to the switch.

Once again, ensure the correct wiring and reliability of their attachment.The figure below you can see how to connect a series switch light.

Connected switch with two buttons
How to connect the switch with two keys.

After completion of wiring, you must bend them to "hide" in the box.Make sure that there is enough space left to accommodate the switch.If there is no problem, you can switch to fix the box with screws.Do not rush to tighten the screws tight, you should first check how well aligned the switch.

Placing the switch in the socket
Placing the switch in the box.

To align the switch, use levels, laser or alcohol.The figure below you can see the technique of the operation.
If you notice a horizontal deflection, loosen the screws and adjust the position of the switch.

Align switch
alignment switch.

Do not forget to secure the final switch screws.Just do not overdo it, otherwise you run the risk of cross threading screws or damage to the switch.

Mount switch
mount switch.

next step - fixing in place the framework and key switch.To do this, you will not need the tools enough fingers.A small depression, and shot in the beginning of the new elements are in place.

This operation is probably the easiest.In addition, it portends the imminent shutdown.

Install button switch.

Left turn on the power at the electrical panel.Turn on the light with a new, just set the switch to make sure that your work was not in vain, and everything is functioning as it should.The light came on?So now you know how to connect a light switch.

installed switch.

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