Size washing machine - you need to know before buying

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11 April 2016

happens often and that vending in-store model of the washing machine does not fit in a small bathroom or hallway.Alas - you have to look for something more compact, is now focusing mainly on the size.Although the size of washing machines and have some standards, but still they are quite varied.Furthermore washing machine so that machines often have to choose it in size but not in performance.About how do you find the one that surely will go down in the allotted space for her house will be discussed in this article.

What you should know about the size of washing machines before they buy


  1. Front and vertical models: the basic differences in the dimensions
  2. Choosing a washing machine size: specific recommendations
  3. Video: How to choose a washing machine

Front and vertical models: the basic differences in the dimensions

Washer has a shape close to the box, so its size is characterized by three values: width, height and depth.Most take into account the width and height even though sometimes

also plays a significant role.For example, setting the machine in the kitchen, it is often inserted beneath the work plane.This is important every centimeter of height even have to remove the cover from the machine so that it fit well in the built-in furniture.And still have the option of placing the unit under the sink in the bathroom - in this case, the standard height of a washing machine (85-90 cm) is clearly not fit.We need to take a lower compact model.

So first decide where you will put your future car.Will it be a kitchen, bathroom, hall, or perhaps even a built-in wardrobe.Fitting is often a clue what size and what type is better to choose a washing machine (vertical or front).Now, let's talk more about how different size models of the two types.

machines with front loading - most running

These units are quite familiar, classic look.It is a kind of a snow-white tables with a round transparent hatch on the facade.Mistress recently gained possession of this miracle of technology, for the first time can not tear myself away from the contemplation of the washing process.The sight of them is simply mesmerizing.However, the inspection hatch - also quite handy thing that saved from the water a lot of valuable documents and bills.The drum is a CM can accommodate up to 5 kg (sometimes up to 7 or 10 kg) of laundry.And the size of washing machines with front-loading is fairly impressive.Next - this detail.

height of almost all models of the standard - 85 cm. The width is most often 60 cm, but for small apartments available options and narrower (35 - 40 cm).Those who want to hide the car under the sink, manufacturers also went toward releasing lower (compact) model.However, linen and they fit less - from 3 to 5 kg, not more than that.So, choosing a car, consider whether it will all your stuff for one wash.

All washing machines front types can be divided into:



Height: 85 - 90 cm.

Depth: 60 cm.

Width: 60 cm.

Download: 5 - 7 kg.



Height: 85 - 90 cm.

Depth: 35 - 40 cm.

Width: 60 cm.

Download: 3,5 - 52 kg.

Ultra narrow


Height: 85 - 90 cm.

Depth: 32 - 35 cm.

Width: 60 cm.

Download: 3,5 -4 kg.



Height: 68 - 70 cm.

Depth: 43 - 45 cm.

Width: 47 - 50 cm.

Download: 3 kg.

Front type machines require sufficient space in front of the hatch.If it is too small, the problems with laying the pulling out the dirty and clean laundry.Therefore, place the frontal device so that you can freely approach him and open the hatch.

Luc washing machine

machines and dryers - compact and versatile installation

Luke glass round "eye" in these models are not available, so watch the spinning of laundry you do not have.But the thing to load and unload - a pleasure.One need only to press a key, the lock and open the hatch located on top of the drum.Tilted to load items is not necessary, unlike the front vehicles.And even if the unit and the function «Drum Up» is present, when stopping the drum doors are positioned accurately opposite to the upper lid.It is very convenient - so do not have a drum dokruchivat hands.

The vertical dimensions of the washing machine

of the vertical washing machines selected owners of small apartments.Their compactness tempted these devices: small (40 cm) width of the washing machine combined with 85-90 cm height and 60 cm depth.


As you can see, they are less wide than the front model, but in the latter there are options with a small depth (35 cm or less).But when a vertical load does not require any additional centimeter of space on the front side - because the lid opens upwards.Therefore, the wall machine can be placed by any party which you are comfortable.So accommodation options for free-standing vertical model more than a front for the model type.

Deciding to buy a machine, you are, of course, compare different models on the number of programs, functions, and all sorts of "goodies."Not the least role in the choice and dimensions liked playing devices.Especially for those who live in a small "Khrushchev", for example.WC does not always give an opportunity to put it in a full-size front SM.But the size of washing machines and dryers (in particular, their small width) quite allow them to enter a small room.Especially considering the fact that this unit even in the corner you can slide.

Choosing a washing machine size: specific recommendations

The vast majority of models sold for domestic use have standard size (as defined above).If your plans to open his own laundry, take a look at the larger units - are on the market and such.After all, they can at one time to put much more of linen, which is significantly more economical in terms of consumption of water, electricity and powder.

But we are talking today about the devices for home use.When choosing them you need to correlate the size of washing machines with free space in the apartment.The more this space is, the more installation options.Naturally, plays a role and functionality of the unit - a sufficient number of programs and operating modes.A classic place for installing the machine is a bathroom.Indeed, it is more convenient to all: and water nearby, and draining into the sewer.

Tom, who at home has never stood a machine to come to a conclusion quite difficult.And when the space in the apartment very little choice at times becomes quite difficult.

few tips:


Tip # 1.

Start small - carefully measure tape space.It is necessary to take into account a small margin - at least a few centimeters.

Tip # 2.

Now, take a tape measure and make measurements of doorways through which will carry a package.This door entrance, and room, and interior doors.If you see that is not enough width slightly, then remove the time schools.Many rescued this simple trick.



Tip # 3.

The kitchen and bathroom need to check to prevent any water pipes to make the machine.Or, perhaps, the pipe will not install the device in a place chosen by "stealing" a few centimeters, which is something not enough, unfortunately.

Sometimes it happens that the device is already bought and squeeze it in the right place can not in any way.For example, the height of the washing machine does not allow to place it under the pipe, the width or it does not fit.Then you can go one of two ways:

  • Look for another place for installation.Not climbing machine in the bathroom - try to put it in the kitchen or in the hallway.The first option is more convenient in terms of communication.The corridor also have to pull the pipe - and water and sewer.
  • It may also happen that the machine space in the apartment is no longer available.Or perhaps you consider all the other options are unsuitable for installation.Then one way out - go there, where the unit is purchased.You may pick up a compact model to replace it.If not, then ask for a refund.

Video: How to choose a washing machine

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