Which mattress is better to choose - especially to be considered

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12 April 2016

Which mattress is better to choose to best suit the individual characteristics of all of your body, your habits and your lifestyle.In order to enable you to choose the right mattress for yourself or your loved ones, first of all, you need to clearly define - for what purpose it will be used.

Which is better to choose the mattress


  1. orthopedic properties of the mattress
  2. The rigidity and elasticity of the mattress
  3. spring block of the mattress
  4. Fillers mattress
  5. Mattress cover
  6. Dimensions mattress
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Buy the product only for the reason that he has reasonable price - wrong.Mattress - it is a product, the purchase of which is necessary to consider several factors - the size, hardness, weight, condition of the spinal column and other features.Most likely, you have now emerged adequate question - what is considered the best mattress?In this article we will try to answer all the important questions.

properties Orthopedic mattress

We all know that the best mattresses - it is orthopedic.However, only a few of us correctly understand what the mattress.So that you could take advantage of the mattress and comfort that promises you a manufacturer, you must correctly pick it up.Only the correct selection of a mattress to suit your individual characteristics can make it truly orthopedic.

Orthopedic mattress - this is primarily a mattress that can take the contours of your body and keep the spine straight.For comparison - if you lie on the floor, your spine will not be straight.Save the correct position of the back can be used only if the mattress could bend to every curve of your body.

And between that, even today, have to work hard to buy including non-mattress.The fact that the effect of an orthopedic mattress became so popular that it is now no longer possible to find such products that would let ordinary mattresses.

So, if we care about their health, want to keep your body in good shape for years to come, you need to buy a mattress in the first place.At the same time it should choose wisely.The first thing to consider - the mattress does not have much to cave in under the body, what influence factors such as the rigidity and elasticity of the mattress.

The rigidity and elasticity of the mattress

each of mattresses characterized by its hardness, which, in practice, each of us a sense of identity, its own way.However, still there are general guidelines to consider when choosing a mattress with orthopedic effect.

For example, if the mattress is designed for kids, the backbone of which is still in its formative stage, for them it is recommended to buy a hard mattress.At the same time for an elderly person need to buy a soft mattress.

Hard mattresses are good and those who prefer to sleep on your back or stomach.It should buy and the adults who have the habit of stooping.If a person has a problem with the spine, especially in the lumbar region, to sleep on a hard mattress, it is not recommended.

By hardness is divided into a soft mattress hardness, high hardness and hard.Rigid orthopedic mattress option allows you to distribute the load of the body in the hips and shoulders.It is in these places during the holidays and distributed the bulk of our body.Thus this distribution in body weight affects the quality of sleep and gives a feeling of discomfort.While too soft mattress contributes to deflection of the spine, causing the body's muscles and ligaments are severely strained.

those who prefer sleeping on your side, it is advisable to buy an orthopedic mattress with semi-rigid or soft degrees of hardness.The soft mattress is especially recommended for those of us who have a problem with the vertebrae in the lumbar his department.

any degree of elasticity of the mattress depends on its foundation.The base of the mattress consists of a spring or springless blocks.Buying a mattress, pay special attention to its base.The degree of stiffness of the spring mattress is usually determined by the number of springs and the density of the filler.We must remember, the denser filler and more springs, the harder the mattress.

Springless filler mattresses are made of latex can be considered soft.Springless mattress, which serves as a filler coconut coir are referring to the hard mattress.These mattresses are primarily intended for obese people.It is worth noting that the property coconut filler reduces the effect of the orthopedic mattress.The best option if the mattress will filler content coir and latex.

The rigidity and elasticity of the mattress
Zhetskost mattress should ensure that all Kotur your body.

spring block of the mattress

dependent spring units

This basis for mattresses practice is not the first year.Until recently, they were considered the most common and popular.This block is called in other words block Bonnel.It consists of a spring connected between Saboya.Thanks to this block mattresses have sufficient rigidity and elasticity.

However, it has also a number of disadvantages.Typically, the density of blocks Bonnell springs per square meter of springs 100-200.Accordingly, the greater the number of springs per square meter, the more resilient and appropriately considered and useful mattress.Quality mattresses are considered to be those in which the density of springs per square meter is more than 200. But this can not be achieved in the mattress with dependent springs.

Another shortcoming of the mattress with dependent springs - is its property forced by the weight of the body.Over time, these mattresses more reminiscent of a hammock than a mattress.Accordingly, this mattress will have to bring his master more harm than good.The original feature of the orthopedic mattress is not very high, but the price is democratic.

Dependent spring block
incision block dependent spring (Bonel).

independent spring block

mattresses with independent spring blocks, most likely the best option of those that are available to consumers a wide range.Mattress with independent spring block is made up of more than 256 independent springs per 1 square meter.Moreover, there are such mattresses, where the number of independent springs per square meter is 1000 spring.

Springs in such mattresses are bochonkoobraznuyu or cylindrical in shape, and each of them planted in a separate closed bag.They are unrelated, as it occurs in the mattress Bonnell block, allowing the body on the mattress has the ability to more evenly distribute the load.

The independent spring block
Cut the block of independent springs.

advantage of mattresses with independent spring blocks

If a spring mattress with dependent springs will sleep two people, one of them will constantly feel some discomfort.For example, if during sleep one turn, then it will be another time to shake on the sea waves.Why is this happening quite easy to guess.If under two sleeping people is the mattress with independent springs, the same effect will be observed.In addition, this type of mattress will last 20% longer than the mattress with dependent springs.

Besides mattresses with independent springs can relieve back pain and are recommended primarily for those of us who have problems with the spine.

Springless mattresses

As the name implies - is a part of the mattress is no spring.A base material which serves as a filler, the mattress gives the necessary flexibility and elasticity.Generally, excipients such mattresses is latex or coconut coir.In some cases, these two materials are joined.Natural latex is sufficiently soft material, whereas coconut coir - hard.Combining these two materials, manufacturers can achieve the highest quality level of rigidity.


mattress spring mattress, except springs, is also a filler.They may be natural and artificial.Typically, natural filler is more expensive, while it is much longer and is able to give a unique state of comfort.Among the natural fillers are the horsehair lateksirovannaya Coir, memolateks and latex.

Many consumers are suspicious of artificial fillers mattress.But they, too, can not be underestimated.Artificial filler capable of making high-quality low-end models, which are much in demand and which consumers respond well.In addition, an artificial filler is considered hypoallergenic, and has unique antibacterial properties.Among artificial fillers: Hollkon, Memorix, Orto-foam.

Mattress cover

mattress covers are removable and non-removable.Fixed covers are made by a special technique that allows the material to fit snugly.It does not allow him twisted and fidget.Removable covers, contradicting their merits are not so easy to take off and put the mattress back.In addition, these cases can not be washed at home.

highest quality upholstery mattress padding and cotton is considered of sheepskin.We know that the natural material can accumulate in itself all the dust.That is why those who suffer allergic reactions to prefer mattresses, interior of which is made from synthetic fabrics or if the upholstery fabric on the original, it should always be treated with special anti-allergic materials.This may be rubberized cotton, which eliminates the accumulation of dust.

Dimensions mattress

Usually mattresses are single, 1.5-bedroom and a double.Mattress height can vary from 5 to 24 cm. The most optimal height of the mattress at least 15 cm. This height is already able to provide proper cushioning.

Choosing a mattress store, be sure to consult with the consultant shop and ask him a few questions.If you came for a spring mattress, you need to clarify a question about the size, thickness and the number of springs.Also find out what filler chosen model, which is made from the mattress cover.When you specify all of these questions, you can feel free to be solved for the purchase.We strongly hope that you were able to give a complete answer to the question - which of the mattresses better?

Video: How to choose the right mattress

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