How to make a barbecue made of bricks with their hands

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10 April 2016

How to make a barbecue made of bricks with their hands?With some skill, and having the right tools on hand, you can easily cope with this task!We present you with another project to build a brick barbecue.At this time - with a campfire bowl and smokehouse on the right side (location grill - about 110 cm long and 75 cm deep; smokehouse - 75 cm in depth, 70 in width and 75 in height).

We advise you to follow our example and take up instruments.It will help you in this matter, in which you will learn about how to make a barbecue made of bricks with their hands, and diagrams, drawings and photos that accompany it, will make the presentation easier to understand.You will no doubt enjoy and build a roasting pan and cook her food.

How to make a barbecue with his own hands


  1. Step 1: Fill a concrete pad - a good reason for a new barbecue!
  2. Step 2: Fill the concrete pad
  3. Step 3: The next day, after pouring
  4. Step 4: The first row of masonry
  5. Step 5: The second row
  6. Step 6: The third row of masonry
  7. Step 7: The fourth series
  8. Step8: Construction smokehouse
  9. Step 9: Facing firebrick
  10. Step 10: The jumper above the door leading to the camp fire bowl
  11. Step 11: Facing the red brick
  12. Step 12: The more bricks!
  13. Step 13: Concrete roof smokehouse
  14. Step 14: Completion finishing
  15. Step 15: And how do without steel?hmm?
  16. Step 16: Car jacks and steel drum ... Why not!
  17. Step 17: Grill grates
  18. Step 18: Smokehouse
  19. Step 19: The flap
  20. Step 20: Testing
  21. Step 21: Master BBQ

Step 1: Fill a concrete pad - a good reason for buildingNew BBQ!

Gathered pour concrete platform to build a patio, I thought, why not at the same time build a new brick barbecue.I went to work and found a few pieces of rebar at the site of the planned construction of a brazier.


Step 2: Fill the concrete pad

Despite the fact that several times I checked and rechecked the correct location of the valve, I'm still a little nervous.However, it's too late!


Step 3: The next day, after pouring concrete

not yet grasped.I can only look from the outside.I would like once again to make sure that the gain made in the right place.


Step 4: The first row of masonry

I put the first row of 10 cm concrete blocks, trying to place them exactly vertically as well as horizontally (to the extent, of course, possible).


Step 5: The second row

When the second row of masonry was almost finished, my son decided to contribute to the project.We came up with a form of support for the bricks, which will be useful for us to create a bridge.I realize our ideas, making a narrow, long box made of plywood.Subsequently, we have placed there the vertical pieces of reinforcement and poured concrete form, making sure there are no air bubbles inside.


Step 6: The third row of masonry

Jumper was in order.It was the beginning of the third row of masonry.

Note: All locations of valves on each second row of masonry I am now filled masonry mortar.


Step 7: The fourth series

Stacking fourth row, I'm still trying to make sure that the walls were smooth in all three directions.


Step 8: Construction smokehouse

next two stacked rows of blocks formed a wall smokehouse.There is still space on the ground passing reinforcement in every second row were filled with masonry mortar.When refractory bricks are stacked, you will need to make one-piece partition in the form of horizontal block.


Step 9: Facing firebrick

I bought refractory bricks of standard size, and used it to create the floor campfire bowl.Acquired at the same firebrick 3cm went on lining its walls.

Note: for laying refractory bricks I used a mixture of 36 kg of previously prepared grout and 1.4 kg of refractory clay.

same time, I attended to the opening question of creating a system of smokehouse.Establish a strong core in diameter of 1.3 cm, the end of which protrudes from the front wall.Then welded to the core steel plate that will serve as a smoke damper.


Step 10: The jumper above the door leading to the camp fire bowl

I re handy form of plywood between the walls which I squeezed refractory bricks and fixed fittings, and laid on the bottom of the wire mesh.Filled with concrete cement, I waited for the dry and ready partition.Plain and simple!


Step 11: Facing the red brick

I have a good mood - now managed on the cheap to buy a good party red brick.


Step 12: The more bricks!

I keep my coat red brick building.


Step 13: Concrete roof smokehouse

made 5 cm concrete slab with a hole for the flue.For it I have used reinforcement wire mesh and 13mm rebar.The technology already tested by me when creating bridges: wooden box together a depth of 5 cm, fastened inside a wire mesh and rebar, making sure that they are located in the center of the box, then knead 68 kg of concrete and the resulting solution was poured into the mold.After leveling the surface of the solution, I closed the form of a piece of plastic and left to harden for 3 days.

Together with his son and his friend, we have established the overlap in place, not forgetting to give it a slight slope to drain rain water.


Step 14: Completion finishing

stacked for some amount of red brick.Finishing almost finished.



Step 15: And how do without steel?hmm?Visit

construction Shops and proved vain.They had everything I wanted and more.

doors grill and smokehouse required size, I cut myself.The top cover to the grill and hood chimney made my request of the craftsmen workshop.
My friend who lives in the neighborhood, there were some excellent 20 cm tiles suitable color me.Why not use them for the final finishing top of the smokehouse?Get amazing surface on which you can put, for example, a plate.I bought a pen for doors and welded hinges.

Spring handle stainless steel will not rust, and warm.Bullet hinges The hinges are sufficiently strong and keep a clean appearance.Flap smokehouse allows you to adjust the air flow

shag15-1-m shag15-2-m

Step 16: Car jacks and steel drum ... Why not!

Two parallelogram car jack and a steel tank with a capacity of 250 liters ... to create a barbecue will fit all.They are inexpensive, easy to find and they do not need much modification.

for greater stability to the upper and lower parts of the jacks are welded thin metal plates.The metal container, sawn to the desired size, mounted on jacks - it will be a brazier.

I can raise and lower my roasting pan as needed.Really useful!


shag16-1-m shag16-2-m

Step 17: Grill grates

square tube (1.9 cm), metal grille and 3 mm steel rod handles for small - and that's all that I needed for the manufacture of the grill.
I decided to do a two-tier grill grate and moves right and left.I'll be able to choose at what level, and how over the fire to cook.If we are to build a barbecue, so something to cook there anything you want (up to a hotdog without ignition of the fire).
I found on the Internet a fairly detailed description of how to construct a gas burner ( had to pay another visit to the studio ...


shag17-1-m shag17-2-m

Step 18: Smokehouse

welded grilles for several smokehouse and placed them at different levels.
Springs for handles on the doors and smokehouse grill borrowed from the seat of self-propelled lawn mower (lawn mower is now therefore idle in the barn - it is able to cut the grass, but do it is not as convenient as before).Springs I needed to handle work properly.Thanks to them, the latch of the curved metal plates keep the door tightly closed, it can not but rejoice to complete this phase of the installation of beautiful large and easily readable temperature sensor.


shag18-1-m shag18-2-m

Step 19: The flap

contained herein photos and drawings illustrate the damper device.
exhaust valve (valve) - is nothing more than a sheet of steel changes its position when you turn the knob to which it is attached, thereby regulating the flow of heat.



Step 20: Testing

I did not light a fire too.Just test the smokehouse.I make sure that dries slowly.Good keeps the temperature heats up quickly.During testing, it became clear that the gas burner requires a little modernization.


shag20-1-m shag21-2-m

Step 21: Master BBQ

How cool was in the summer to prepare meals in the open air!I'm more bloated
beef bacon, pork shoulder blades and ribs, and countless chickens!All kinds of snacks - from pepper stuffed with bacon and shrimp, fried to grilled vegetables, fruits, corn, potatoes!All turns out just fine!
I have two good indyushonka (the weight of one of them has already exceeded 7 kg), which I'm going to smoke in the New Year.However, the holiday is still too soon, and I want to try it now!

smoke rushes through the damper in the smokehouse.Control allows you to control the temperature of the air intake

shag21-1-m shag21-2-m shag21-3-m shag21-4-m

Now you know how to make a barbecue with his own hands, and thus be able to get no less pleasure from the work and its results.

Photos and text by solelord, power transfer

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