Interior design in the style of high-tech - the basic principles , features and application depending on the room

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12 April 2016

word hi-tech has come to our usage of the English language, which means "high technology" (literally - high technology).In principle, one can not say that is interested in this style of most of our fellow citizens.However, originality, dynamism and freshness of thought he did not take away.Therefore, the interior in the style of hi-tech will always look modern and avant-garde.It is perfect creative people to keep pace with the times.

But when you make an apartment in this style, it is important not to overreact, combining incongruous.And even laughed at wits and obzovut lovingly trimmed interior room in the style of "hi-so".Therefore, you should probably better to learn what's different this direction from other styles, and in what areas it is possible to use, and what - is not recommended.

Interior design in the style of hi-tech


  1. Look into the past - the history of design in the style of hi-tech
  2. Basic principles of high-tech style
  3. Entrance - expanding small space
  4. Bathroom - convenienceand brevity
  5. Living - the dominance of modern technology
  6. bedroom - high-tech use only partially
  7. Children - hi-tech appreciate teenagers
  8. Kitchen - hi-tech fits perfectly
  9. Office + high-tech - a great combination
  10. Video: tech.Interior details

Look into the past - the history of design in the style of hi-tech

the first time on such a direction as the high-tech, talking architects in the late seventies of the last century.This style originated as a product of modernism of the late period.Ten years after the appearance of it has spread everywhere, went into fashion.Echoing pop art and illustrations of science fiction, high-tech has become a real challenge to established traditions, looks very lively and original.

Classics of the genre is the Centre Pompidou in Paris (1977).In France, it recklessly criticized, saying that he was terribly spoils the historic center of the capital.But as time passed, the building caught on, and now the French are proud to show it as one of the sights of Paris, along with the older symbols of the French capital.

Architects of England fell in hi-tech and vengeance tried to actively promote it.However, the architecture of this trend has not caught on.Buildings built in this style can be all over the world literally count on one hand.But in the late eighties of the last century high-tech style began to be used for interior decoration.His popularity increased from year to year, and it peaked in the mid-nineties.However, today this dynamic and colorful style has not lost its relevance.

Basic principles of high-tech style

For the interior in the style of high-tech characterized by the following features:

1. lines differ in clarity, rigor and simplicity.However, angles and flat planes are not as simple as they seem: they pose a convenient hidden drawers and shelves, built-in cabinets and appliances.This is called "sophisticated simplicity".

Camouflaged lockers
At first glance, you will not say that these cabinets can be opened

2. use metal, glass, concrete and plastic parts.Such materials are also called industrial, unlike natural - wood and stone.Recent either do not apply or camouflage coloration under the metal, for example.


3. Brick and Concrete decided to leave "as is", no masking, can sometimes be a layer of plaster, but without the frills and flowers or imitation bricks or blocks.Fine wallpaper, gilding and other decorations are not allowed.

The walls of the blocks
room whose walls made of blocks imitation

4. The rooms are often present sliding doors and partitions.They are made of metal with frosted glass or plastic inserts.However, sometimes they are made of wood, not decorate anything.

Sliding doors
sliding doors with frosted glass separating the room into zones.

5. high-tech distinguishes an abundance of built-in fixtures.They reinforce the walls and ceiling.Sometimes using recessed lighting and floor. backlight feature and furniture, which are usually made of metal with a chrome-plated or made of glass.The color of built-in furniture repeats the color of the walls and lamps have an avant-garde look.

Fixtures in the interior
lamps located on the ceiling, and the elder side wall, which is due to the shape, the room resembles a spaceship.

6. main colors of this style - white, black, gray, metallic.Decorate the house of paintings and sculptures in the spirit of the avant-garde.Often used for decoration of black and white photographs and prints.

Wall decoration of photos
living room wall is decorated with black and white photos, and the furniture has an unusual shape.

7. in high-tech style is a great place given to various super modern technology.Here it is present everywhere.Technique of the latest models has become one of the design elements are not only being used for its intended purpose, but also decorating the house.This style is not made to hide the various communication and tubular structures, so here they are put on display.

TV panel
large TV panels are one of the main elements of this style.

premises using high-tech design, spacious and comfortable look.However, if we use this style in its purest form, get a little coldish interior.Therefore, the design of the apartment is worth a little "pokoldovat" to mix different styles, and alleviate some of the dryness of hi-tech.Next, let's look at what areas would be relevant to this style.

Entrance - expanding small space

This room is small in size.Since the high-tech is characterized by simplicity, functionality and dynamism, here it would have fit.After all, if we arrange the hall fanciful decorative elements, it is completely lost, and it will seem tiny and cramped.Simple and clean lines of the style "high-tech" - on the contrary, just what you need in the hallway.

Hallway in high-tech style
Simple, clean, bright entrance hall, with no frills.The first thing that is striking is the presence of the various elements of household appliances.

Bathroom - convenience and brevity

The bathroom is also a place not so much, and I want to put a lot of things.So the style of hi-tech rescue here.And the shiny surfaces of chrome and glass in the bathroom look great.Not only that - no metal and glass elements in this room do not come out.

Bathroom tech
Straight lines, lots of light, glass and glossy surfaces.To

bathroom looked stylish and modern, purchase rectangular or square sink, metal or glass.Plain tile, large mixers bright colors, huge mirrors complement the interior.

Bathroom sink with a rectangular
Large rectangular sink, unusual cranes and a huge mirror.

main color of the room should be a gray, metallic or silver.Yellow, blue and red details enliven the situation.These may be stand toothbrushes or shelves, for example.

Living - the dominance of modern technology

If the room is small, high-tech will serve excellent service, making it visually more.Although in the vast living room-like style will look like a winner.We often combine the room with kitchen area - that's handy stylish and comfortable glass or plastic partition.

Making a living in this style requires modern technology - it is necessary to keep the brand.Unfortunately, we have to part with a favorite old TV or speakers from the last century - a "retro" definitely does not fit into the interior.

long nap on carpets and bright colors do not mix with hi-tech style.But look good smooth or glossy flooring, plain wallpaper or painted walls and ceiling.

Living in the style of high-tech
living room, where the main purpose is given a large television panels and unusual piece of furniture having a glossy surface.

bedroom - high-tech use only partially

room where we sleep, to be cozy and comfortable.Therefore, completely in the style of "high tech" is not a bedroom trim - will be too strict.But some of its "chips" can be used, and not without success.

example, looks great bed, bedside and devoid equipped built-in lighting.Complement the interior gray or ivory, as well as wallpaper without pattern.A pair of avant-garde fixtures - and the bedroom will become a modern and original.

But do not get carried away too glass, metal and plastic.To be sure to add comfort textile decorations - then sleep in the room would be nice.

Bedroom with built-in backlight bed
bedroom, whose main elements are bed with integrated lighting and a wardrobe with a glossy surface.

Children - hi-tech teens appreciate

Rooms toddlers parents rarely make out in such avant-garde style.Little girls and boys are more suitable cartoon characters and teddy bears on the wallpaper, soft pink and blue colors, soft fabrics.Therefore, the design of the interior in the style of high-tech rooms for newborns almost never occur.

Kids grow, becoming restless teenagers who like everything new and original.The individual elements of style "high-tech" in the room will allow the student to compose great working area, as well as a place to rest.Especially if the son or daughter like this style, it is possible to arrange the room according to his or her tastes.

Dynamic children
simple, bright and dynamic room that will be enjoyed by some teenagers.

Exterior view of the working area of ​​the same room.

Kitchen - the high-tech perfect fit

It was in the kitchen, glittering array of modern units, this style can be used to the full.Yes, here is where to turn designer, placing numerous built-in cupboards and appliances.In this room is constantly hard at work, and the "high technology" fit in here just perfect.

Video: Exclusive kitchen hi-tech

tiles in this case, the gain for the apron monotonous.Although it would be better to make an apron frosted glass or metal.Lots of lighting, illuminating the work plane and cabinets, simple furnishings unadorned, strict facades - that's what a modern kitchen in high-tech style, brilliant and dynamic.

Kitchen in the style of hi-tech
Spacious kitchen with lots of light.

Video: Kitchen in the style of hi - tech

Office + high-tech - a great combination

The premises for all features of this concise, functional and bright style capable to open completely.Instead of a boring room with dull treasury series of jobs you can get a brilliant example of style and functionality.It will not be ashamed to invite anyone VIP- customer and he will be satisfied.And in the office of the CEO, and a large working area and in the waiting room walls of glass and metal combined with modern technology and built-in bright lights will look just fine.

Interior Design Office
Hi-Tech created just for the office - clean lines and simple shapes, pleasing appearance and yet nothing distracts from the work.

Office room

Taking into account all these factors, it can be concluded that the design of hi-tech it is possible to apply not only office buildings, but also in residential areas.Of course, not everyone liked it.Who would think that the apartment in this style is too similar to the office, then, it is not necessary to persuade him.Everyone is free to choose what you like.But those who love freedom and independence, lives vividly and dynamically, while appreciating the functionality and laconic, high-tech style to please and may even fancy.

looking at these photos, you can be sure that a room decorated in this style, very cozy, and at the same time very unusual.Their basic elements can be combined with other styles, creating a beautiful and cozy interiors.And you can be sure that this will not be the original apartments at anybody.

Video: Hi-tech.Interior details

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