How to make a colorful children's sandbox with a parasol

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10 April 2016

Children sandpit with his own hands?Nothing could be easier.I'll tell you how this small source of great joy came next to our house.One Saturday my wife said to me: "We do a sandbox for the kids!" Well, well.Good.

Sandbox for the children with their own hands


  1. Scheme sandbox
  2. Manufacturing sandbox
  3. painting all elements of sandbox

We scoured the internet looking for step by step instructions, but did not find anythingDecent.We decided to act on their own risk, and that's what we've got ...



Simple brightly colored sand pit, in which there are benches for sitting, with holes that they do not accumulate sand, two seats for fixing beachumbrella and, of course, lots and lots of sand.

Bench sandbox with holes


Oh, and two happy children.


8m 9m

scheme of construction and preparation of the sandbox

You also want to make a sandbox for your kids?In fact, it's pretty easy.The process of building the sandbox is a bit like creating beds.We are not carpenters.If you are a s

pecialist in woodworking, you probably will be able to give the best advice on the design concept and the correct choice of materials.I'll show you what we did, having only basic skills in the repair and construction.And accompany my step by step instructions of building a sandbox for the children with their own hands, numerous photos, one look at that would be enough to understand how and what to do.

This is our scheme of construction of the sandbox and some explanation to it:

The circuit construction of the sandbox

1. Sandbox is a rectangle 180 by 210 cm.

2. bottom made of wooden planks that are engaged with each other.

3. from scraps of boards, we in the 4 corners made seating (perfect for moms and dads).

4. In two corners we have placed pieces of PVC pipe to fix the parasol.

5. you can do an additional cover for the sandbox.We are in our area have never had a problem with stray cats, which would use the sandbox as a toilet, but for many people, this question is relevant.


Select your yard suitable for the sandbox location.We preferred the flat ground in a corner of the yard, near the fence.Prepare the site clean from his turf.

Site preparation for the sandbox

Decide on the design and size of the sandbox.Obtain necessary materials.We bought a long 3-meter board (thickness of about 2.5-3 cm).Trim boards were used to create benches.

Cut the pieces of boards needed to build a sandbox frame length.Use a hacksaw or circular saw.Do not forget about safety goggles!

Sawing boards

Manufacturing sandbox

Build a frame of the sandbox.It's not hard ... just collect the pieces of sawn rectangular frame 180 x 210 cm and fasten boards with nails or screws.

Making the frame of the sandbox

Make the bottom of the sandbox.

Note: The bottom is not a mandatory element of the sandbox, but without it, your building may eventually become loose and deformed.Also inside the box may begin to grow weeds.On the other hand, the bottom of the deteriorating rapidly under the influence of atmospheric moisture, so often as the floor gets wet in the rain and dry it completely virtually no chance.After weighing all the "pros" and "cons", we have decided in favor of the installation at the bottom of the sandbox.

To create a bottom bunk, we used - wooden planks, engage with each other.They are more expensive than usual, but to work with them much easier.

We make the bottom of the sandbox

frame and the bottom are ready, you can begin to build the benches!They are not only used for sitting and relaxing, but also give additional strength to the chassis.Take

trim boards and drank fragments, causing the markup on the spot (in the corners of the frame).Do not forget to polish the rough edges and surfaces.

Screwed benches

can drill a few holes in the bottom to allow water to drain rainwater.As far as it is necessary - a moot point.But we think that it will still be useful: at least some of the water trapped in the sand, soak into the ground.

Drill drainage holes in the bottom

Well, then, you worked well.As a result, you should have a structure like the one you see in the picture.

Note: this photograph we have done in the garage, which brought our sandbox is not completed, saving her from the rain.We had planned to cover the wooden surface of the sealant layer, but later, little reflection, decided that this is not necessary.The paint itself is the best way to protect the wooden garden buildings.

Collected sandpit

One final touch ... Fasten the corners short pieces of PVC pipe in which you can then paste the beach umbrella to protect from the scorching sun.It was my wife's idea, and I think it is brilliant.We drilled a hole in the bottom of the sandbox, to place the pipe.It is firmly in the corner between the bench and the rim of the sandbox.If your parasol larger than ours, you need a large-diameter pipes.

Fix the pipe parasol

painting all elements of sandbox

Now go to the really exciting part of the job ... painting.
sandbox I chose the color, which is painted our house - red, yellow and blue.


To start paint the inner walls of the sandbox with white paint.


Before painting the outside of the sandbox, lift her, propping scraps of boards.If you do not, the brush vymazhetsya fast enough in the ground, and the result of your work will look like is not so neat.But do not lift the sandbox when the paint from the inside, as in this case you'll have to stand inside the box!

Paint the benches and sandboxes outer walls with white paint.

Decide how much you want to make colored stripes along the outer perimeter of the box, and calculate the width.

Use masking tape to the border strips appeared neat and tidy.Painting start with the bottom line.Allow to dry the paint for 6-8 hours, then remove the adhesive tape.


a similar way to paint a strip of a second color, and then the third, etc.(upper band, we recommend that you leave white).

Sandbox painted in different colors

And finally, when the paint is dry, pour the sand.To create a good volume you need 20-30 bags.

Fall asleep sand

But no matter how much sand you will not fall asleep, you and your children are guaranteed a lot of fun ... especially when it gets wet to the ideal for building sand castles consistency.


Enjoy!Rejoice, looking at their happy children and realizing that you have done this a sandbox with their hands!

Ready sandpit

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