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09 April 2016

This article is about how to install the outlet.In the market there is a huge variety of electrical outlets;they differ in shape, size and type of connection.In Europe, the most commonly used standard socket CEE 7/4 (type F), and in North America common socket type NEMA 5-15 with holes in which two parallel pins for grounding.However, there is a universal classification of electrical outlets: a grounded and ungrounded.In this step by step guide will show you how to set up a European standard outlet.

How to connect or install a socket


  1. Preparations
  2. Wiring and installation sockets


  • screwdriver;
  • pliers;
  • knife;
  • voltage indicator;
  • level;
  • protective goggles and gloves.


  • before starting work, disconnect the power supply in the apartment;
  • before touching any of the wires with voltage tester, make sure it is not energized;
  • if you do not want to risk, consult a professional electrician.


If you want to install the outlet

in the apartment should start with the power off.Some people believe that it is enough just to disconnect the circuit on which it is mounted outlet, but we strongly recommend that you turn off the power to all the circuits in your home.When it comes to electricity, it is better to show excessive than the lack of vigilance.

using voltage indicator on each wire, make sure that it is possible without risk to health and life to touch them.

Loss of power
power failure.

now need to clean podrozetnik from paint residue, fillers, other construction debris and dust.This operation is particularly important when it comes to installation in new outlets.

However, even if you are replacing an old outlet are requested to ensure normal Escutcheon to the installation and alignment of the device did not have problems.

Preparation Escutcheon
Site Preparation outlet.

On the image below you can see a typical European standard socket with earth.These sockets have a high degree of security.They are installed in all new homes in Germany and in most EU countries.

earthing-pin (standard socket CEE 7/4).

Once you have bought a new outlet, it will have to make out with a screwdriver.This is necessary because you will connect wiring to the inside of the socket.Use a screwdriver to unscrew the screws that hold the plastic cover of the socket.

Dismantling outlet
Removing the cover outlet.

As a result of this operation, you should get two parts - the actual outlet itself and its cover.Socket we need at later stages, the cover you can put off for a while to the side.

Tip: Leave the fastening screws into the holes in the lid so they are not lost.

Dismantled socket
device outlet.

Wiring and installation sockets

It is time to start the connection sockets.Using pliers, cut the wires so that they protrude from the wall of no more than 15 cm. This length should be enough, without much difficulty to connect the wires to the socket.Do not leave too long ends of the wires since they may not fit in the Enclosures and you then have to return to this stage and repeat all subsequent operations.

Cutting wires
Cutting wires.

After trimming the ends of the wires clean them from isolation to 1.5-2 cm. For this you need the pliers or knife.

Tip: The easiest way to clean up the ends of the wires - use a special tool for removal of insulation.

Using pliers, give the wire ends L-shape (or C-shape, depending on the locking system) as shown in the figure.

Wiring outlet.

You probably noticed that the wire insulation is colored differently: brown wire - phase, blue - neutral and yellow-green - grounding.Color-coded wires in different countries may vary.Each of the wires must be connected to its own terminal.

How to connect the socket

grounding wire is connected to the jack in the middle of the socket, usually in the bottom thereof.Location connect the "zero" wires may be different depending on the brand and type of outlet.Usually, it does not matter to connect it to the left or right of the socket.Phase conductor is connected with the opposite side of the "neutral".Once you put the wire ends into the slot assigned to them, fix them using screws.

Connect the brown wire
Connect brown wire phase.

After connecting sockets need to bend the wire so that they are well placed in the Escutcheon.Make sure that there is enough space for placement and mounting of the socket.If all goes well, you can secure the socket to Enclosures.Do not rush to tighten the mounting screws - first be sure that the outlet is well aligned.

Fixing sockets in podrazetnike
Securing outlets in Enclosures.

To align the socket, you need a laser level.If you do not have a laser level, you can use alcohol, but it is a little complicate the process, especially for beginners.

The spirit level, ensure that the upper bound is parallel to the horizon.If necessary, Correct the location of the outlet.Then firmly fasten the socket screws in the Escutcheon.

Alignment outlet
Alignment outlet using a laser level.

next step that needs to be done - using a screwdriver to fix the plastic cover of the breaker.Fortunately, this operation is relatively simple and requires no more than a few minutes.

Installation of a cover
Installing the cover outlet.

Be careful not to tighten the screws too tight, otherwise the cover may crack.Make sure the lid fits tightly to the wall.

Once you have completed the installation outlet, turn on the power at the electrical panel.With a tester, make sure there is voltage between the "phase" and "zero" and between "phase" and "earth".

Mounting screws
Screw mounting socket cover.

Turn any household appliance power outlet.We make sure that it works?So now you know how to install the outlet.

Translation source: http://www.howtospecialist.com

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