How to drill ceramic tile - select the tool and drill all the rules

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12 April 2016

When the walls in the bathroom and toilet tiles brand new shine, pleasure to look at them.But the repair is not finished yet - and you need to hang shelves and a mirror to fix.But not everyone knows how to drill ceramic tiles correctly to prevent accidental chipping.Alas - fragile ceramics hurt very easily, and then a beautiful renovation will go down the drain.In order not to wrestle with where to take the place of the spoiled tile, it is necessary to know how to work with it.Read about it on.

How to drill ceramic tile - select the tool and drill


  1. Basic principles of drilling tiles
  2. How to drill small holes for dowels
  3. Video: How and what to drill ceramic tile
  4. How to make a large opening for the outletor pipes
  5. Video: Making a large hole in the tile

Basic principles of drilling tiles

first step is to select the drill.It should not be any shock or high, as the tile should be treated with caution.So, for making holes in the tile suitable for the fol

lowing instruments:

  • Electric drill included in the minimum speed;
  • screwdriver-type battery with a maximum speed of not more than 800-1000 rpm;
  • low-speed electric screwdriver, working from the network.

and drill for tile must take special.They do not like the tool for drilling wood, concrete and metal surfaces.Principle drilling a tile - friction via abrasion.Diamond drill or pobeditovoe has either arrow-shaped, or the shape of a crown.And tiles can be drilled so-called "Ballerina" - a special device with adjustable diameter.

When necessary tool prepared, you can begin to work.

In this case it is necessary to consider some points:

1. We can not allow any overheating of the drill or the most tiles.Otherwise, the top layer of tiles will cracks that could split the tile.To cool the working surface, it is sufficient periodically watered with water.

2. Try to develop an optimal force pressure on the drill.It should be neither too weak nor too strong.In the first case, the hole can not be drilled, and the second tile can break.

3. reverse mode when an operation such as tile drilling, is unacceptable.The drill should rotate slowly and clockwise only.Otherwise, the material will crack.

4. If the hole is supposed to be drilled in the seam between the tiles, take extra care when drilling.Hole center should be located in the middle of the seam.When drilling have seamed side by side, then, as a rule, the drill bit slides into the seam.On the edge of the tiles have no protective layer, and a piece of it breaks off.

Some advise stake the knock down any tool or glaze tiles in place drilling, do not recommend doing it.This advice from the Soviet literature.With modern drills this procedure is absolutely not necessary, because it is very easy to break the tile and replace with a new very difficult.

How to drill small holes for dowels

to hang a small shelf in the bathroom or kitchen, often have to make a hole in the wall tiles glued.To keep a tight shelf, it is necessary to make quite a deep hole, and penetrating into the wall.There are then inserted plug, made of nylon, which is threaded screw.

usually used for this purpose electric drill and then the hole puncher finalized.The rotational speed of the drill must be low.

How to choose a drill for tile

1. is best revealed itself when drilling tiles with diamond-coated tools.It is quite expensive and not everyone can afford.And it makes no sense to buy it to two or three holes to do.But from a professional who has to drill tile frequently, usually in the arsenal there are several such drills of different diameters.In this case, they pay for themselves quickly.

2. spear drills with pobeditovym tip designed specifically for drilling ceramic tiles and reduce the risk of split tiles.Due to the special sharpening it is shaped boom that eliminates slippage at the beginning of work.Due to the acute angle of the cutting edge area of ​​the contacting surfaces is reduced.Because of this, you can work with a drill with less effort - hence the cracks in the tiles are unlikely to appear.

Spear drill
spear drill above with pobeditovym tip below Diamond Products.

3. If absolutely nothing at hand, take the drill bit for concrete made of cemented carbide.It must be sharpened or very well, or have a dusting of pobedita.Just remember - to work such a tool should be very cautious, because it is not designed for tile and has a completely different configuration.

Drills for the concrete
drill and drill on concrete.

Drill tiles duly

Before you start drilling tile, marker, stand out well on its front surface, make a mark in the right places.Keep in mind that the drill bit, as long as it has not yet penetrated into the tile, usually tries to subtly slip on its smooth surface.To avoid this, stick in place a piece of drilling plaster or paper tape.

Glued paper tape

In the beginning, when the surface of the tile to be drilled, the speed of the drill set to the minimum.Once the drill enough deepen in the tile, you can add revolutions.However, much zealous when it is not necessary - must work slowly and carefully.Remember that Impact drill or punch mode shall be assessed strictly prohibited.Otherwise you'll pick up the pieces sad tiles.

If mounting dowels to be drilled and the part of the wall, working in two stages.First drill through the tile suitable tool.Then turn off the drill to drill to replace the one that is more suited to the concrete surface.There is already an impact mode and drill or punch does not hurt - otherwise solid concrete does not penetrate.

Video: How and what to drill ceramic tile

How to make a large opening for the outlet pipe or

When changing the mixer, put the electrical outlet or a new pipe is fed, it is necessary to make accurate large hole of appropriate diameter.However, many are wondering how a drill to drill ceramic tile?There are two options:

  • crown of hard metal.
  • circular-type drill Ballerina.

it better crown or Ballerina

1. There are special cutters, diamond-coated crown is worth it is expensive and does not always make sense to buy it.During operation of this instrument do not forget to moisten it with water.Turnover drills do not do high - crowns are afraid of overheating.

Crowns Diamond Products
Species crowns with diamond coating.

2. However, for one-time work can be applied and a cheaper option.This crown, which has the teeth of pobedita.Its disadvantage is that, after 20 holes crown can be safely disposed of - its resource is exhausted.The diameters of the crowns are up to 15 centimeters, which is enough even for a sewer hole.But to work with the teeth of the crown should be very carefully without making any sudden movements, and the edge of the hole will still be gouged and uneven.

Crown for the concrete
pobeditovymi crown with teeth for drilling in bud.

3. Ballerina - a drill in the form of a spear or a cylinder, which is attached to the rear of the bracket.It, in turn, there is another type of drill spear.By moving his arm can vary the diameter of the resulting hole.It is better if the average center drill will not be cylindrical - is a bad option, and Allen.Ballerina is worth inexpensive, no more than 300 rubles, so it could buy every handyman.

But so looks the very Ballerina

Drill tiles duly

Before drilling tile is marked, and the place of drilling if necessary glued a piece of paper adhesive tape or adhesive.Besides, it was easier to start, you can cut a stencil of fiberboard or plywood, then pressing it firmly against the tile to begin drilling.If you want to drill the tile which has not yet adhered to the wall, it is necessary to put on a flat surface.Drilling starts at the small speeds not much pressing the snap.Samu crown should try to keep the tiles parallel to the drill when it is drowned in the tile even beginning to bite into the tiles around the entire circumference.Sharp movements from side to side are not allowed.

Start drilling
Start drilling crown and diamond-coated.

If you have to work a diamond crown, you can quickly make a hole, working at high speeds.Only the heating at this, alas, can not be avoided.And it is fraught with burn marks (combustion) of diamond grains in the coating, which impairs the quality of the instrument.Therefore, if you want to work quickly - always a place near the water to wet the instrument.Or, you can drill a dry, but at low speeds.

However, if the crown is not a diamond coating, it is better to use the "wet" method of drilling.This is especially true tile coated glass glaze.And for such an ordinary tile is preferable - and thus the drill lasts longer and does not form dust.Furthermore, when moistened with water opening the tool can be made much faster.

Moisten with water
After a few zasverlilit moistened with water.

Continue drilling
continue drilling, periodically wetting the surface of the tiles with water.

Hole ready
Once the hole is ready you will be here such washer.

If you have to work Ballerina first expose her desired diameter.The distance between the central and lateral drills shall be two times smaller than the desired diameter of the hole.Then, in the intended place drill at low revs.Tile hold firmly to the flying shards of drilling products, no one hurt.Safety goggles - a necessary precaution.Drill keep straight, do not tilt it.It will not hurt a tripod to secure it.

So, how to drill tiles correctly, you are now informed.As you can see, it is not particularly difficult is.The main thing - do not take the time to work carefully and gently, using a special tool.And water supplies for the wetting.

Video: Making a large hole in the tile

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