How to lay laminate step by step guide

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22 April 2016

Due to the unique performance and excellent external data, laminate became incredibly popular in the market floor coverings.In this article, we show how to lay laminate stacking read the rules and tools that should be available.

his stack in apartments and private homes and in public areas.Among the indisputable advantages of the flooring should be noted simple styling.With the process without much difficulty to handle even an inexperienced master.

How to lay laminate


  1. Preparing floor surface
  2. laying substrate and waterproofing
  3. main rules laying laminate
  4. Video: How to put a laminate with the lock "click"
  5. rules layinglaminate near ledges, pipes and doors
  6. Video: How to lay laminate flooring: errors and regulations

Preparing floor surface

main requirement when laying laminate is perfectly flat floor surface.Irregularities lead to the fact that the distribution of loads on the laminated coating is uneven.It is fraught with the release b

uild castles and dispersion panels.The result will be clearly visible seams interpanel when the situation is almost impossible to save.

# 1. If you have an old wood floor in the horizontal necessary to make sure the surface.For this purpose, the normal level of construction.Admitted drops 2-3 mm.Dina plane approximately 2 meters.If irregularities above the permissible limits, line the floor sander.

In addition, check the strength of the floor.If the board sag under the weight of the human body, they are replaced or strengthened.

# 2.If laminate plank on the concrete foundation, check it horizontally similar to the wooden floor.When the differences exceed the permissible limits, the basis is considered unsuitable for laying laminate.In this case, on top of an old uneven screed pour a new one - with beacons.Its thickness should not exceed 20 the highest points of the old base.Excellent help rectify the situation equalizer floors.

Checking the floor on uneven
To check the floor, you can use both long and Proville level, up to the light is very good to see all variations. Photo -

laying substrate and waterproofing

# 1. Before laying the laminate surface is coated with a layer of waterproofing.For these purposes often use polyethylene, but it is possible to use film-proof materials.The film web is spread over the entire floor surface, with an overlap at the wall of 20 cm. Between the blades overlap to provide 15 cm. Webs joined with adhesive tape, and lay it on top of the substrate.

grow waterproofing film. Photo -

# 2. The substrate used polyethylene foam.Its styling is made similarly to the film.Cloths spread a substrate overlap, then glued together.When using polystyrene, sheets stacked "vrazbezhku" and glued joints with duct tape.Cloths spread a cork backing, placing right next to each other, and are connected with adhesive tape.

Grow and gluing joints substrate
Bonding joints substrate. Photo -

main rules laying laminate

# 1. By laying laminate technology, basic materials requires adaptation to the conditions of the room in which it will be put.It is enough to leave it for a few days in the new conditions, he will get used to the humidity, temperature and acquire relying shape and size.

Tools required for installation

# 2. to the process of laying passed quickly, in advance of preparing all the necessary tools.


  • pencil;
  • jigsaw or a saw;
  • roulette;
  • hammer;
  • wooden plank length of 15-20 cm. To adjust panels.

Using the jigsaw can greatly facilitate the process of cutting.Manual method of cutting out the laminate is quite time consuming and unproductive.

Technology laying

# 3. After creating a solid foundation to the substrate to begin immediate installation of the laminate.Begin to work from any angle that is most comfortable.However, to continue laying should strictly from left to right.The only requirement is taken into account - is the direction of light.Installation of the panels produced along the rays of light and shadow on the panel joints are almost invisible.

The direction of the light
directional pad to be along the light rays. Photo -

# 4. Laminate has the ability to expand, a narrowing of differences in the case of humidity or changes in operating conditions of the room.To avoid swelling the surface when laying the material provide a gap between the laminate and the wall of about 8-10 mm.The gap is inserted into specially provided for this purpose pegs.

The gap between the laminate and the wall
To set the gap, you can use special spacers. Photo -

very important before laying to calculate the number of rows of the laminate.If the last row will have a width of less than 5 cm are cut first and last rows so that their width is the same.

# 5. Laying the first row of panels produce a spike to the wall.And to ensure a snug fit the pre-cut studs using a jigsaw.At the edge of the first row along its length adjusted spacer pegs thickness - 8-10 mm.The ends of the panels in the first row of snap-lock connection on the narrow side.In this tenon panel once brought in the previous slot slightly inclined and the panel is pressed against the floor.

Cutting of the spike jigsaw
Cutting of the stud using a jigsaw. Photo -

  • How and what to cut laminate - tool selection and nuances sawing laminate flooring

# 6. When laying the second row of panels should provide bias of 25-30 cm. To do this, cut off part of the panel, put it against the wall a narrow cut, take the whole panel and attach it to the one that has been laid.

Laying the second series with an offset
laying the second row with an offset. Photo -

# 7. Laying subsequent series is analogous to the first row.Once recruited to the end of the second row, it move close to the first, and longitudinal locks interconnected.Final fixing is carried out by means of the bar and the hammer.

# 8. hard to fix the last panel in the row using the clamp.In order to avoid distortions and projections on the number of joints of all panels fit together very tightly.

Fixing the last plank using clamps
latest in a series of the bar, located on the wall fix using milk and clamps. Photo -

Laminate with locks "lock" and "click" and especially their placement

# 9. laminate panels for several versions of interlocks.Consider these locks as a "click" and "Loc."In reality, both are varieties of "tongue."The difference lies in the principle of a laminate panel.

Panels "click" lock initially joined at an angle, and then pressed to the floor and finish off with a hammer through the bar. Panels "lock" the lock is placed horizontally, and then finally adjusted by a bar and a hammer.

Locks laminate - Lok and Click
Locks laminate left - "click" on the right - "lock". Photo -

Video: How to put a laminate with the lock "click"

rules laying laminate near the protrusions, pipes and doors

# 1. the presence of indoor riser heating, laminate can be put around the pipe.To this end, the panel applied to the pipe, and note the point of contact.Next, measure the distance from the center of the pipe to the wall and show it to the panel.At the intersection of lines drilled hole, increasing the diameter of the pipe by 2-3 mm.A small part of the panel is cut, and most - fit and fixed.

cut a piece from the end coat with adhesive composition, refineries tube and is applied to most of the panel.To cover up the resulting gap, you can use a special plug.

# 2. Where the laminate is in contact with the box door opening, it is placed flush with the door frame.It is recommended to cut out a small section of the rack from the bottom of the door frame.And the height of the cut should not be more or less than the thickness of the laminate.Then the panel is trimmed so that it is fully or partially overlaps the threshold and fell under the box.

Finally, it is fixed with a clamp.For a perfect appearance and lack of threshold drops advisable to use specially provided for the fixing member for the thresholds.

Laying such as laminate flooring is quick and easy.Subject to the above recommendations and regulations can be guaranteed to ensure its durability and reliability.A wide choice of colors and designs on the market, will delight all who need a unique floor for a small cost.

Video: How to lay laminate flooring: errors and regulations

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