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12 April 2016

Beige.It is not a bright and vivid colors.In fact, in the beige color is often overlooked, and it does not get enough scores.This neutral hue, usually used as the main color of the "default" for the interior, such as the color of the walls, carpets, cabinets and tile.And for good reason - the beige interior combined with almost everything.Yes, you are bound to meet a beige color in one of your homes at some point in your life.How to increase the effect of the use of colors and hues?

If you are a beginner, start to perceive beige color, as a valuable quality.In the end, the warm color is a marvelous addition to these deep colors, such as blue-gray color.Not to mention the fact that in its very tone has something saturated, allowing him to take a good place in our interior.Today we present a selection of photographic examples of interiors that pay homage to beige in all its beauty.In the process of getting acquainted with them, we will give some tips to enabl

e you to get the most from the use of this color in its interior.

The idea of ​​using a beige interior


  1. Beige color in modern interiors
  2. combination of beige, green and blue
  3. combination of beige and purple
  4. Bright beige

Beigecolor in modern interiors

Beige is often found in traditional places, but have you noticed ever that this color can perfectly be used in modern interiors?The more risky design decision you want to take, the better the result, as shown by our first interiors.Pay attention to the unique details that fill this room from the animal sculptures to bright pendant lamp ...

Modern dining room
modern dining room in beige color.

Instead of viewing beige color, as "safe", resorted to in cases when you can not choose a color for your room, consider it in the light of what it fits best - a great way to accentuate the modern space!In the end, beige color of the walls in the interior does not distract, it adds a deeper shade to the interior, and thus preserves the color palette and allows you to draw attention to other elements (such as the amazing modern architecture).Here we see a bright and airy space that offers Studio Rossington Architecture.

Modern interior
Modern beige interior.

in modern bedroom shown in the next photo, beige palette serves as the perfect backdrop for a collection of books that look more alive to the background color of the walls.The color of the wall does not interfere with play rainbow of colors covers of books.Notice also how clearly highlighted in orange.

Modern bedroom
modern beige bedroom.

following are interesting shades of beige in the interior of a modern staircase.Note the abundance of warm colors, including the shade of vanilla tile floor, large mirror framed in rich brown color, and chair of the golden tree.

Beige staircase.

What better beige?Only a few shades of beige!Curtains, chairs, walls and carpet combine in the following interior, where there are the traditional and contemporary.The interior is complemented modern painting, adding color, and at the same time reinforcing the neutral tones of the space of the room.

The layers of color
layers of beige.

Again, the living room, which used design solutions "beige on beige."The neutral palette focuses both on clear lines of furniture and bright color spots on bookshelves.

Beige living.

beige color and is popular for modern outdoor decoration, it can be clearly seen in the following photo.Please note that the house itself, gravel and paved paths - everything is shades of beige.Also evaluate how the golden lights on the outside of the house to help cover all the space, casting a warm shade of beige elements.

Outdoor decoration
beige color as the outer decoration.

combination of beige, green and blue

Perhaps this is due to the fact that the colors are reminiscent of natural elements such as sand, grass and sky.Or maybe it's because green and blue colors stand out in the dim but rich background.But whatever the reason, beige, blue and green are often combined in various configurations to enhance the interior style.We'll start with two colors: green and beige.Below is a photograph of a beige kitchen with green emphasis on food and drink.

Beige and green on the kitchen
beige and green colors in the kitchen.

When connected beige, blue and green, the result is stunning.This can be seen in the photograph below a living room.Yellow-green foliage gives way to emerald green vases, from which attention shifts to green-blue cushions of the room created by the studio Positive Space Staging + Design Inc.

Blue and green in the living room
blue and green colors in beige living room.

beige interior is in harmony with the blue, giving, as you can see below in the photo living room, an unusual feeling.Notice how bright vase serves as a central point of the interior, with decorative elements having different shapes.And they all have glowing shades of blue!It emphasizes color is beige room - takes very little to create a strong impression.

Isolation of blue in the living room
highlighted in blue in beige living room.

Blue pillow isolated and the next picture of the room, decorated in warm colors.Our view very strongly attracted to the picture in blue and cream colors, hanging in the dining room for arch.

Blue cushions in the living room
Bright blue color in beige living room.

combination of beige and purple

Undoubtedly, what goes beige interior, is purple.One of the most interesting combinations is a combination of beige and purple hues.There is something natural and dramatic colors in this pair!And something universal!Below we can see a traditional interior design from the designer Eric Schmidt (Eric Schmidt).

Living in violet tones
living room in beige and violet colors.

fact, beige and purple tones work well in modern interiors, such as children's rooms.Purple Bear is a point of drawing attention to the next photo.Pay attention to how the other pillow purple hue, lying on the sofa, add color dimension.When it comes to the combination of beige and purple violet hues variation leads to a striking, bright results.

Shades of beige and purple colors in the modern nursery.

When the purple color is shifted toward the red, the result of enhanced brightness, as seen in the following photo.And once again, we increase the depth and interest to change the hue of purple.Pillows and glassware, with different shades are combined in perfect design.

Purple in the living room
Shades of purple beige living room.

Bright beige

Still, in beige color is something there ... especially if you combine it with bright shades of red!This not only highlights the vibrant colors on a beige background.The red color can add more dramatic than these cool colors, such as pure white.Here we can see the coral threads on both sides of the mirror in a black frame.It's hard not to pay attention to the red-orange color, especially because it echoes the vibrant colors blankets, lying on the chair ...

Living room
beige and red colors in a bright living room.

The following pictures can be considered as a blend of red with green elements in beige interior.

Red spots in the living room
Bright red spots in beige living room.

Finally, we show the children's showing a whole rainbow of colors, including high doses of orange.In fact, the color orange is a natural complement beige.The brighter the color is selected, the brighter the whole composition will look like (and often higher).

Isolation orange
Children's room with orange printing.

Well, now that you will paint the room of your house in a beige color?Or maybe you already did that?Let us know what other colors you use to get the most out of a beige shade.


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