What is the best vacuum cleaner - with a bag or bagless dust

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10 April 2016

When we watch TV ads where a miracle cleaner cleans in an instant the whole apartment, you want to buy the same.We all know about the vacuum cleaners equipped with dust bag.But more and more you can find advertisements bagless vacuum cleaners.The commercials are praised all their advantages, but nothing is said about the shortcomings.Likewise arrive in stores and sellers of household appliances - they are encouraged to list the strengths of models of vacuum cleaners and their cons of trying to hush up.Even the hostess, not always happy with the way it runs the vacuum cleaner, in a conversation with a neighbor a little disingenuous, saying that it is the best model.In this article we will try to identify and understand what is best vacuum cleaner - with a bag or without a dust bag.

What is the best vacuum cleaner with a bag or bagless dust


  1. What are dust collectors and how they differ
  2. Compare the most important characteristics of all three types of dust collectors
  3. Video: How to choose a vacuum cleaner

What aredust collectors and how they differ

vacuums on this parameter can be divided into three types.Each of them has its own leaders, filtering just perfectly, so that no dust remains.However, in all types available and outsiders who do not cope with their task.We talk about this later, but to find out what different from each other are three main types of vacuum cleaners.

dust collector bag in the form of dust - a classic in modern processing

About 50 years ago, was invented by the classical model of vacuum cleaner.Over time, she improved, becoming more comfortable and ergonomic.Developers equip new units of quality filters, quiet engines and a variety of additional functions.They worked on the design - a model of the store today, shine with originality and variety.

Many modern vacuum cleaners have a built-in advanced features.They can wash the windows, clean the surface with steam, do wet cleaning with detergent.There are those who beat and combed carpet with a long nap.Naturally, the positive changes were made, and dust collectors and filtration systems.

Vacuum cleaner with dust bag
vacuum cleaner dust bag.

dust collector collects dust in a container - the so-called "cyclone¬Ľ

¬ęCyclone" producers dubbed vacuum cleaners having a transparent container for dust collection.This tank really formed a perfect storm - air jet with dust and debris vzmetayutsya strong vortex.During this dust storm pressed tightly against the container walls and bottom.And as soon as the vacuum cleaner is turned off, all the debris falls into the bottom of the container.

to improve the system engineers of the British company Dyson, vacuum cleaners are equipped with several degrees of purification.First - a cylindrical tube, which creates a vortex flow of intake air.As a result, all large debris remains on the walls of the pipe.The second filter is a cone, which also creates a vortex that removes fine dust.And that's not all - the third HEPA filter cleans the exhaust air from the vacuum cleaner.

Calculating the Chinese decided to save money by simplifying the English cyclone model.Their engineers are hard at work, trying to reduce the cost of a vacuum cleaner with no bag.After all, the demand for such units has steadily increased - more and more consumers did not want to mess with removable dust bag, preferring a neat plastic container.And the dust to find its model of vacuum is sometimes not possible.

But in Europe, manufacturers have long gravitated to classics, lingering with the release of the cyclone vacuum cleaners.This was due to some disadvantages inherent in such devices.And the consumers in these countries believe that practical and hygienic use classic vacuum cleaners.A problem with the purchase of the right dust bag they do not have.However, European manufacturers have begun to release container models.However, for the most part they sell them in the market of developing countries.

Containers for the collection of dust
cyclone vacuum cleaner and a dust collecting container.

At the beginning of the production of such models, vacuum cleaner cyclone wanted to have every woman.It seemed a miracle of modern technology, and people do not see in it shortcomings.If you ask at any time, a vacuum cleaner is better - with a bag or container, always choose the second option.Has such a device meant to be "advanced" and fashionable, to keep up with the times.Luxury novelty immediately increases self-esteem of its owner - he was proud that owns the device, made on the newest technologies.

Several years passed, and it turned out that these models have disadvantages too, has plenty.Perhaps even more than the pros.And they are too noisy, and the air is shockingly clean and filters that are behind the cyclone, they need to be cleaned constantly.And with all of these cleansing the filters constantly had to swallow the dust.Cyclone model gradually went out of fashion, and the euphoria of possessing technical novelty has disappeared, replaced by disappointment.The owners gradually get rid of these vacuum cleaners, sending them into the eternal link to the cottage or the barn.Disadvantages finalize the design did not work, and the model is gradually losing ground.

dust collector in the form of aqua-filter

There are models of vacuum cleaners in which the dust container is filled with water.He called aqua filter.With the passage of dirty air through a tank large dust particles sink in water, and fine and light resurfacing.When cleaning is completed, it is enough to pour dirty water, then rinse the tank and dry it.

first unit, cleaning the air quality with the help of a water tank, had an industrial scale.They are used in hospitals, laboratories, food enterprises - where required purity and sterility.These devices were large and heavy, pricey and had a rather complex structure.Multiple nozzles spray water to form a slurry of fine trapping dust particles from the air passing through it.The remaining dust absorbs water whirlpool coming next stage of cleaning.

Revised and reduce the cost of such a unit and came home vacuum cleaner with aqua-filter.Of course, he was not able to clean the air of sterility, but it was a very reasonable price and small size.Unfortunately - and this model has many disadvantages.Especially a lot of complaints from consumers produce cheap vacuum cleaners of this type.The longer the owner enjoys such a unit, the more disappointed in it.Therefore, buyers are now somewhat lost interest in the unit, use a water filter.


Compare the most important characteristics of all three types of dust collectors

simplicity and practicality

# 1. classic model with a bag. For such a vacuum cleaner to care easier.The design had a familiar and simple - any handyman easy to understand.It does not need to work and after any wash or clean or dry.Included wall socket - and use on health.

Except for supplies (in particular for dust collectors) sometimes have to run to the shops.Many models are available, and each requires its own consumables.And on the rare model and not find dust bags.

# 2. Model container. cyclone vacuum cleaner, if you believe the advertising, is an innovative and modern product.Fans of new products, trying to decide which one to choose a vacuum cleaner - with a bag or container, stop at last.But there is this type of vacuum cleaners have a number of drawbacks associated with its operation.As a rule, this power unit is not regulated.After all, the air vortexes are designed for a certain rate of air flow.If you reduce it by turning the power regulator, the cyclones are displaced or are not formed.So manufacturers have removed the controller.However, the rate of air flow could suddenly drop for another reason.

It often occurs suddenly and unpredictably.For example, the hose is bent or brush sucks curtain, rug slippers.Weak or destroyed by the cyclone stops to clean the air.Not only - collected dust comes out of the back of the container, clogging and additional protective filters.As a result, gradually begins to slightly pull the vacuum cleaner the air, the engine heats up, noise and wear out quickly.And if a dust gets large and solid particles, they rattle and scratching the container.Its walls become cloudy, and difficult to see what is happening inside.No filter can not see or control the amount of trash.

Container after work
container after use.

container, after cleaning, you need to get out of the appliance and pour out the accumulated junk.

Manufacturers (though not all) have decided to take care of the buyers, they know that users cyclone vacuum cleaner, sooner or later be faced with all their flaws in their devices made it possible to select a dust collector.They can be used as a container with a vortex treatment and can be a classic bag.This option proved to taste many consumers.

# 3. model with aqua filter.Advertising these vacuum cleaners impressive.She was so convincing that I feel like running to the store for such "advanced" device.However, no harm will know that the rapids, rugs and other obstacles aqua cleaners do not like.A very "gentle" and they plan attacks on the furniture and jerking the hose.That's because with all these jolt the water in the tank sloshing, splashing and leaks.

If you want to clean renovated apartment with a lot of debris, the water will also leak.After all, its level will rise too much.Therefore it is necessary to monitor the amount of water in the tank.And for every 10 square meters have two to five times to refill or change the water - it is necessary that the filters are not clogged.When cleaning do at work, in a hotel or office, it is very inconvenient.After the tap water may be positioned far enough.So in reality it is not so beautiful as advertised.

And if the water tank accidentally fall detergents or cleaning agents or even trouble.Manufacturers prohibit this, as the water begins to foam, and form a leak from a spray apparatus onto the floor.So you need to take care of a special additive, extinguishing foam.It is added to the container with water.By the way, this additive is about the same as and interchangeable bags for classical model.

When cleaning is complete, the fun begins.All filter elements and other items that come into contact with dirty water, rinse well have.Sometimes this process is delayed for a long time, and the time it takes even more than cleaning.Especially if the room that we remove, is modest in size.After washing the items to be dried, and then leave the vacuum cleaner and dismantled (so he began to smell unpleasant).So we have to look for a special place to put these parts - it takes a lot.And before each cleaning also need to collect aggregate spending a lot of time.

Vacuums with aquafiltering

large vacuum cleaner with aqua-filter is not very convenient to use.They are heavy and bulky, that they were not every woman will cope.Cleaning of this device is similar to training in the gym.And between furniture such a whopper is not able to maneuver, and at high altitude housing is also frequently overturned, which is quite depressing owner cleaner.Therefore, devices with aqua-filter mainly used only for general cleanups - that is where they are most effective.And so a quick tidy up the apartment during the week, people are buying another small vacuum cleaner and cheaper classic "sack" design.

Manufacturers models with aqua filters also just feel that it is necessary to readjust.Realizing that their devices have drawbacks, able to scare off the buyer, they are embedded in a number of models of the possibility of the filter bag.The owner of such a vacuum cleaner is free to choose what method to use when cleaning it, "wet" with aqua-filter or the classic "dry" using a bag.If you are interested in the question of what is best vacuum cleaner - with aqua filter or cyclone, the matching of the above information, you can make your choice.

The tank with dirty water
reservoir aqua-filter waste water.

Which vacuum cleaner removes

# 1. classic model with a bag. Among the units available on the market can always find one that will satisfy your "bar purity."It depends on the quality of the quality of cleaning of filters, as well as from their number.The collection bags are selling very different:

Paper bags with one or two layers.

Paper bags

synthetic one, two or three layers of the layers.

Synthetic bags

putting right the dust, you can achieve the desired result.If disposable bags are temporarily absent on sale, use reusable cloth bag, being part of a vacuum cleaner.

When the dust bag is clogged, the quality of cleaning drops sharply as the air is sucked weaker.But if you use synthetic sandwich bags, the suction force of the air does not change.Therefore, such a dust collector to use cheaper than paper - it is one and a half or two times longer.

# 2. Model container. vortex formed in the reservoir, copes with the heavy dust particles, removing them from the air.Moreover, the suction force is not reduced even when the container is full of waste.However, this is only an ideal - provided the filters facing the engine and after him, are not blocked.In real life, the filters very quickly clogged with dust.

strength of the vortex can not cope with long and light particles.This, for example, scraps of thread, hair, fluff and feathers.When cleaning of the debris and additional protective filters quickly become clogged.They can be represented kapron net, HEPA filters, flat foam filters, and "glasses", "bulbs" and "bunching" of synthetic material.

# 3. model with aqua filter. This vacuum cleaner removes fine dust, which is able to soak or dissolve in water.

However, there is a category of garbage that does not get wet.For example, goose and duck feathers, pieces of wool fat, waste plastics, polymers, water-repellent fabric.By removing all these scraps, shavings and pieces, the vacuum cleaner is spending a lot of energy, which leads to rapid clogging of filters and reduce the suction power.And the quality of filtration also drops sharply.

Ecological and hygienic use

# 1. classic model with a bag. disposable bag, exchangeable once in a half or two months, use a very hygienic.But to change the cloth dust bag, shaking it and breathing dust, it is not fun.Yes, and it is not very useful for health, especially for allergy sufferers.

buy this bag at times turns into a lottery.After all, they make a lot of manufacturers, and not all of them in good faith.Bad breaks the dust quickly, misses a lot of dust, torn when wet or elevated pressure.It is easy to cut with something sharp, and sometimes it starts to smell bad because multiply inside bacteria.Therefore, buying new bags should get round cheaper models unmarked.

Disposable paper bag

# 2. Model container. Everyone having a vacuum cleaner at least once, but felt a slight shock on his body.This "surprise" of static electricity that can accumulate.This model container lead on this indicator.Plastic items quickly charged with electricity from the vortex, walking in the tank.And if you touch the body of the unit, you can not really get a pleasant feeling of shock.

As mentioned above at the time of using such a vacuum cleaner is a lot of things that impede the formation of vortices.This is the time on and off the device, able to destroy a large pile of trash vortex formation, kinking the hose to the suction brush bed mats or curtains.It was not clear moments?