Types of sofas and mechanisms of their transformation

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12 April 2016

cozy house is difficult to imagine without the couch.This furniture gives us warmth and a sense of rhythm, the sofa is one of the main places in each family.We are accustomed to rest, play with the kids, talking with family and friends, watching television and reading and, of course, sleep.To choose the right model, you should know what are the types of sofas.

Types of sofas design and transformation mechanisms


  1. Types of sofas on the type of transformation
  2. Types of sofas on design features
  3. types of sofas intended
  4. sofas in size and the number of seats
  5. Video:How to choose a sofa

classify all models of sofas you can:

  • the type of transformation;
  • on design features;
  • to destination;
  • size and the number of seats.

Types of sofas on the type of transformation

Sofa book

This is the most common design of the sofa, it is possible to sit and sleep, even if the sofa complicated.That it should be expanded to lift the seat and heard a click mechanism - to lower.

Fold the sofa you can book if lift the seat until it clicks, and then return it to the lower position.On the downside of this design of the sofa is the fact that having collected the sofa, it is necessary to move up to the wall, as between his back and the wall is an empty seat.And for the unfolding of his need to push back, or sofa is not decomposed.

Video: The mechanism of transformation "book" or "Sofa book»

Sofa click-klyak

This type of sofa is an improved model of the sofa-book.They called it the sound that occurs when unfolded the sofa.This model, in contrast to the sofa books, has 3 positions: sitting, half-sitting, and lying down.However, some design sofas click-klyak have side parts that can easily be transformed into the headrests or armrests.He even Unfolded not take up much space, so it is ideal for small apartments.

Video: The mechanism of transformation "Click klyak"

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Sofa "accordion»

This type of sofa is very popular and in demand due to the simplicity and compactness of the mechanism of transformation of the sofa.The sleeping area of ​​this model has three parts, one of them - the seat, and the rest are folded as a backrest.To expand the sofa with the mechanism of "accordion" need to push forward in the seat and the same plane with him to lay back double.For a folding sofa do not need push, it is perfect for small areas.

Video: The mechanism of transformation "Accordion"

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Sofa type dolphin

This design of the sofa is very simple and consists of two parts.This sofa looks great in large rooms, and to fit in small rooms (eg kitchen).That it should be expanded to push to the end of a special unit, located under the seat.And then up and over from a second push of the bed.

Video: The mechanism of transformation "clamshell Dolphin"

Sofa evroknizhka

has a simple system of transformation, expanded bed may even elderly people and children.Such furniture will last much longer than other types of pull-out sofa.Sofa has large drawers for clothes and has a broad and perfectly smooth surface berth.To expand the evroknizhka seat, pull over, and on the lower back of the vacant space.Such furniture can be supplied as a wall, and in the middle of the room.

Video: The mechanism of transformation "evroknizhka"

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withdrawable couch

mechanism of transformation of sofas has 3 parts.Its further in the folded state is located in the back, and when unfolded becomes the place of the head.To expand the roll-out sofa should pull the seat and pulling it all part of the sofa, the resulting align the plane with the help of a back flip or auxiliary pads.Once such a structure known as a sofa with the mechanism of "Telescope", as it unfolds, as the telescope (all the parts are put forward from the inside).

Video: The mechanism of transformation "Telescope"

Sofa type cougar

There are different types of pull-out sofa, but this compares favorably with the original design, simple and convenient folding principle.The front of the sofa is easily lifted and gently brought forward, and then takes the stand.In the vacated space raise the other half of the bed.Due to the special synchronization of the system and high reliability of such furniture which is used daily.Sofa, equipped with this breakout, and compact enough to easily fit in even small areas.

Video: The mechanism of transformation "Puma"

Sofa type pantograph

This design has all the advantages of the sofa "evroknizhka", but has a way to transformation.His designs are not used rollers and seat mechanism "pantograph" when unfolded not touching the floor.That is why these sofas are called "walking."The sleeping surface is removed by a slight movement of the backrest, which is then lowered into the horizontal position.The operation of such a folding mechanism is simple, comfort and resistance to wear.

Video: Pull-type pantograph


clamshell device such construction works on the principle of the unfolding of the scroll.Thin foam (mattress of the sofa) and a cot retract the couch.To spread out its need for pull-tab.However, there are several types of this kind of transformation of sofas:

  • «french» bed trundle.To clean it decomposed seat cushions and mattresses laid out in three phases;
  • «American" clamshell in two phases is transformed into bed;
  • «Italian» sofa clamshell does not require prior removal of pillows. This is the most reliable and expensive option of the sofa-bed arrangement.

Video: The mechanism of transformation "French clamshell"

Sofa mechanism "Lit»

This compact sofa quite simply transformed into a comfortable single bed, and its armrests can be expanded from almost any angle.Seat sofa is a sleeper, and his back - not moving.Expanding one of the armrests can get a small bed (for children), and if we expand the sofa completely get a full single bed.

Video: Sofa mechanism "Lit»

Types of sofas design features

distinguish angular in shape, classic straight sofas and island.

Corner sofas easily installed in corners of the room, you can lean against a wall.They occupy a minimum usable area, and perfect for small areas.

Most often insular sofas differ rounded shape, they are not leaning against a wall and can not put in a corner.This sofa should occupy a central place in the spacious rooms.

types of sofas intended

All kinds of upholstered furniture intended can be classified:

  • on office sofas.
  • to the living room.
  • Kitchen.
  • in the hallway.
  • for children's rooms.

This kind of sofa and the mechanism may be different, so you need to decide on a particular model, it is suitable for your purposes.Most often, it is the material which is sheathed with a sofa determines its function.

So sofas steering wheel or similar cheaper materials are usually designed for office or kitchen.

sofas for children's rooms usually upholstered bright, but at the same time practical materials from which it is easy to deduce stains.

sofas in size and the number of seats

All sofas can be divided into compact models for 2-3 people and great design for 5 or more people.At the same time there is no single standard for this size of upholstered furniture.One manufacturer produces 2-seater sofa length of 1.6 m and another company - 1,9 m.

Please note that the model you like is not occupied all the free space in the room, did not block the approach to a balcony, coffee table, TV.Before you buy be sure to measure the area of ​​the room and compare it with the size of the sofa.Good luck with your purchase!

shown below is the video will help you to choose the sofa for different needs.

Video: How to choose a sofa

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