How to drill a hole in the glass - the necessary tools and technology of drilling

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12 April 2016

Glass, mirrors, stained glass - the material firmly took up positions in a modern interior.For those who prefer to do things with their hands, sometimes lack the skills proper handling glass.For example, drill a hole in the glass, not everyone can do.Material expensive and fragile.The slightest violation of technology can lead to cracking.Before you drill a hole in the glass, it is recommended to get acquainted with the safest methods of drilling.

How to drill a hole in the glass - the necessary tools


  1. The drill glass
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  3. Drill glass
  4. Video: How to drill glass

The drill glass

to drill glass, you can use a special drill.At the end of them - pointed carbide inserts and they are called spear drills.For large diameter drill bits are used.They are available with an abrasive coating, often - with a diamond.It should be noted that on the market today have a core cutters and diamond-coated small diameter, for example - 8 -

10 mm.The safest drilling is producing such crowns than spear drills.

Spear drill
spear drills for glass and ceramic tiles.

Crowns on the glass
crowns for glass and ceramic tiles.

If the drill bit is not found, you can use a carbide drill for concrete.

Now a little about how to drill a conventional drill the glass to metal.Thus it is necessary to fulfill two conditions.First of all, the drill should be new and sharp.Blunt drill to take the work impossible.Secondly, before drilling the glass, the usual drill must harden, which may not always be possible in a home workshop.

Drills for metal and concrete are not similar in shape to the special drill glass.Work these drills should be very carefully and accurately, and it is best not to use and purchase a special spear drill bit or crown of the buyout was discussed above.

As regards adaptation of drilling here will suit ordinary electric drill or screwdriver baht.

Video: The drilling glass


glass to glass is cracked, you must first put it on a flat surface.It is necessary that the glass surrounding the entire plane of the surface.This is the same prerequisite as in glass cutting.Drill tempered glass can not be, because when you try to drill it crumble into small pieces.

to start drilling safely make a stencil.To do this, take a small piece of plywood or hardboard and do it in a hole the diameter of which is expected to drill into the glass.Before you begin drilling, apply the stencil at the right place - it will not allow the drill bit to slide on the surface.

place drilling should be constantly wet.To this water can be used.

This can be done in different ways:

  • sculpt plasticine circular border-guard and pour into a liquid;
  • put a tourniquet around the planned opening of a wet rag to prevent water from dripping slowly into the hole;
  • can be at times very wet drill, just dipping it in water.

necessary to adjust the rotation speed of rotation of an electric drill.It should be no more than 400/700 rpm, t. E. To put it simply it has to be small.Work is necessary to drill very carefully, not pushing the glass.The drill is sinking deeper into the glass surface, the less it is necessary to press the drill.The smaller is drilled, the lower the rotational speed must be.Special care must act when the drill passes through.Uniform drilling and regular sprinkling guarantee a good result.

If you need a large diameter hole and you are working crown, here important to keep the drill so that the crown has a surface substantially parallel to the glass.Sharp movements from side to side are not allowed.Make sure that the cropping went evenly around the entire circumference, and do not let a crown eats away more with one edge of the circle than the other.

  • Drilling similar glass with drilling ceramic tiles, about it you can read more in the article:

excellent tips on drilling are in the video below:

Video: How to drill glass

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