How to choose a robot vacuum cleaner: Power User Tips

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10 April 2016

That dream came true hero of the movie "The Adventures of Electronics", which he sang with enthusiasm that "inject robots, not people."On the smart robot vacuum cleaner, clean the apartment yourself, the dream of many.It costs dearly, and models in the store offers a lot - it is difficult to understand how they differ from one another.We hope that this material will help the buyer to find out how to choose a robotic vacuum cleaner good quality with the right characteristics.

Choose a robotic vacuum cleaner, the criteria, the principle of operation, the choice of the manufacturer


  1. How does the robot vacuum cleaner and that he had inside
  2. Myths and features that are sure to need to know before buying a robot vacuum cleaner
  3. How to choose a robotic vacuum cleaner: the main criteria
  4. Which manufacturer to prefer
  5. ratio value of the product and its quality
  6. Video: Test of robotic vacuum cleaners

How does the robot vacuum cleaner and that he had inside

First, we talk about technical parameters sharpera little cleaner -

because they determine how quickly and effectively our future will run cleaner.However, it can be said of any technical device.And now - the specifics.

prefix "robot" got the vacuum cleaner due to the fact that all the cleaning work it performs independently, in accordance with a given program.Before reaching any obstacles or doorway, he cleverly and carefully inspecting it.When cleaning is completed, the machine on the base in a hurry - to recharge.By the way, each database has a decent device - a nameless Chinese model of its lack.

design and materials of the harvest

large debris, the robot cleaner removes the special brush (which he included one or two).To reach the hard to reach areas (eg, near the furniture legs in the corners, next to the wall), he laid up a small side brush.

The device of the harvesting of the robot cleaner
1 - side brush;2 - silicone brush;3 - turbo brush;4 - for the dust container.

In general, it is not so important, what size are all of these devices - the determining factor is the material from which they are made.If it is a high quality, the vacuum cleaner can be easily be cleaned of this "problem" of debris as the skin, hair or wool.

The principle of operation of the robot vacuum cleaner

1. side brush sweeps debris along baseboards and in corners of the room, and then move it into the main brush.

2. two main brushes rotate toward each other and lift debris from the floor.

3. All the collected garbage is moved into a dust collector and filter traps small dust particles.

The principle of operation of the robot vacuum cleaner

mention again cheap Chinese models, harvesting of which is not made very well.Clean such a device is necessary for a long time.A well designed vacuum cleaner does not require a long fuss when cleaning.In addition, he and details are changed in one easy motion.A model of mid-market and business-class equipped with special brushes, very easy to use.They wound on hair or threads are removed in a few seconds - just press the button.

As the robot cleaner know where to go

small and compact robot cleaner is not as powerful suction air, as his older brother - an ordinary vacuum cleaner.But he is guided in the room thanks to a special touch sensor, and can also perform cleaning on a certain algorithm.This procedure is defined by software that each manufacturer's own, patented.It is what determines the quality of cleaning, sometimes defining a substantial difference in price for similar models of one brand.

Sensors cleaner

During janitorial robot vacuum cleaner can move in one of the standard trajectories: zigzag, spiral, diagonal perimeter.Sensors suggest the device when you need to replace one algorithm to another movement.Note that during its random movement cleaner operates in accordance with certain rules.For example, the center of the room, he could clean "without fanaticism", but cleans the corners of garbage thoroughly and meticulously.There are models that regulate the suction force in dependence on the cleanliness of the room.They themselves can choose the mode that gives the best results.Algorithms action and movement of the vacuum cleaner are specified using special software, which is equipped with a robot vacuum cleaner.The quality of the software and development of its position in the base depends largely on the quality of the vacuum cleaner.Therefore, every manufacturer tries to introduce their innovations and patent them.

can consider the principle of operation of the robot cleaner, a parallel between his unit and the living organism.Then, a variety of sensors can be compared to the senses.They send signals to the controller, which gives the device a command to rotate or go faster.If a lot of sensor, the robot is guided perfectly in any room.

standard set of sensors includes the following types of it:

1. collision sensors are hidden under the bumper .The bumper is made of rubber, and covers the entire perimeter of the vacuum cleaner.If the proximity is any object, the sensor signals this.The controller receives the signal and changes the direction of motion of the device.It will be the opposite of the triggered sensor.

2. touch sensors are infrared type .They are located along the perimeter, but their problem - not give a robot cleaner encounter any major subject.Their presence increases the maneuverability of the device and reduces cleaning time.They work like this: the infrared beam, to create a special emitter is reflected from the object, and then arrives at the receiver.When a large object is dangerously close to a vacuum cleaner, a reflection of the invisible beam is happening too fast.This sensor reacts immediately by sending a signal adjustments "brain" of the device.The trajectory of change successfully, and collision occurs.

3. drop sensor , which are at the bottom of the vacuum cleaner are also infrared.Their task - in time to report that the height of the floor has changed.This is very helpful when you need to cross the threshold or falling from a high ladder.

These were the main types of sensors, be sure to present each of the robot cleaner.Models of business class, which are equipped with a host of convenient extra features are an extended range of features.

addition to the main set, they can be present following useful additions:

1. Ultrasonic sensors operate on the principle of echolocation.Emitter (no longer infrared and sound) transmits high-frequency sound waves that person does not feel.Reflected from the object, the wave returns to the receiver.Depending on the type of the return wave is estimated the distance at which the subject is.Accordingly, the robot can adjust its speed: where empty, it rolls more quickly and where a lot of furniture - slowly.Due to the ultrasonic cleaner device more carefully cleans the corners and the floor near the baseboards.

2. pollution sensors help to choose the optimal mode of harvesting and motion path.Depending on how clean the room, the robot cleaner may move faster or slower, to produce a cosmetic or general cleaning.

3. Laser sensors - is a system scanner that uses laser surveys the room, outlining in detail its path and sending its intelligent system.Due to the location of the robot will be able to plan in advance to get around obstacles and do not clean up carefully where and so clean enough.

Even some additional "features", such as the front wheel speed sensor, are not so important.Their presence does not affect the performance of the device.

base to recharge the robot cleaner and its battery

to ride freely around the house, putting clean, our cleaner need an independent source of energy.To this end, it was equipped built-in battery, the main characteristic of which - capacity.The larger it is, the longer it can operate the device without the need for recharging.Accordingly, the larger size will be and harvested area.As an example, take a decent-sized room - 60 m2.The robot cleaner, working diligently and efficiently cope with her two hours.But if the built-in battery lasts only an hour, you will have to interrupt in the middle of cleaning for recharging.

Robots premium recharged "eyeballs" in just 20 minutes, and more cost-effective model is required for this much longer - from 3 to 8 hours.And sometimes it may happen that the apartment consisting of two rooms cleaned for a whole day.Maybe for some people it does not matter, but for many this sluggishness to go overboard.Therefore preferable to acquire the model with a large volume of the battery.

Now let's talk about how to charge.Very convenient, when the robot cleaner supplied with the base - a special charging station.Once their power running out, they are looking for the station, and then automatically recharged.From the owner clean the apartment it requires quite a bit: to put the unit in the center of the room and ask him the desired program.Well, and if necessary, to throw out the garbage from the container.The rest of the work will make the cleaner yourself.

robots to not get lost and can easily find the charging station, it constantly emits an infrared signal.Thanks to this little cleaner is the right direction to its base, even from a remote corner of the big house.Some charging stations has convenient additional tool - large waste container in which to put all scavenge.

The basis for the charge of the vacuum cleaner

About the wet cleaning and it features

Wash floors robot vacuum cleaner in one of two ways:

Method 1. If you have built a container of water, the device does a good wet cleaningcompletely independently.However, as you would with a conventional wet vacuum, it is necessary to periodically change the dirty water in the tank to clean.

Because of autonomy and mobility aids for cleaning can not be rigidly connected to the water system as a washing machine.Robotic vacuum cleaners detergent types usually do not have auto-recharging, as will still have to change the water more frequently than to charge the battery.

The cleaning robot vacuum cleaner

Before washing the floor with his robot collects all large debris.Then he carefully poured the water brush to scour the flooring.The third phase - cleaning the dirty water.For this purpose there is a special scraper, which supplies water to the suction device.The result pleases housewives, and a pleasure to use automation than rags and mops.However, not every floor covering is ready to withstand such treatment.In particular, the vacuum cleaner is not suitable for cleaning laminate and parquet (except waterproof brands), brushed wood and wooden boards with open joints, porous stone tiles and include the long carpets.

Method 2. It acts as the majority of the robot cleaner.In this case, the lower part of the device attaches the wet tissue which is wiped and the floor.Of course, this piece of tissue requires periodic rinsing with clean water.

In general, similar to the standard wet cleaning, only to crawl with a wet rag instead of a contented housewife is hardworking and industrious robot vacuum cleaner.

Cloth washing robot

Myths and features that are sure to need to know before buying a robot cleaner

main features and principles of design and operation of the robot cleaner, we have reviewed.But before we look at the criteria by which you will be able to choose your robot vacuum cleaner, it is necessary to debunk some of the myths and outline its features.

Myth 1 .Do not think that the automatic assistant all the housework to shoulder.After all, the apartment will be a lot of places where it still does not penetrate can.So be prepared for the fact that once a fortnight or three weeks, need to arm conventional vacuum cleaner.The robot, of course, will keep the apartment clean, picking up trash and dust, but the monthly general cleaning will have to do the landlord.

Myth 2 .Now one embarrassing moment associated with cleaning corners.Even the special shape of the device does not work well to clean them.For example, the square models are available from LG and Neato VX-21, however, and they are not able to cope with the insidious dust in the corners of the room.And at Neato VX-21 and another side brushes available, because of which the wall strips are untidy dust.Have the LG side brushes are available, which distinguishes this model from the previous one.So it is better to choose a robot cleaner that model, where there are two side brushes.It is best if each such device consists of three or four small luchevidnyh brushes.

Myth 3 .Most base-aspirator vacuum cleaner which can rake collected garbage is nothing more than an advertising gimmick.Such models are manufactured by Samsung, Kerher, DeeBot, but using them is not always convenient.Base equipped with huge garbage bins, is too cumbersome, and it is necessary to look for a place.It is also necessary to leave a space on the side for free entrance to the robot.In addition, these models are often used interchangeable bags which are quite expensive.We'll have to buy them regularly - and this extra cost.And while unloading garbage he sometimes wakes past, and it is necessary to periodically clean the robot-site parking.


Myth 4 .Another marketing trick - equipment vacuum cleaners special UV lamp that can destroy germs and bacteria."Indulge" this mainly Chinese manufacturers and reputable brands (such as the Neato, iClebo, iRobot) No UV lamps do not put.They do not want to cheat their customers, because what's the use of such a lamp is absolutely not.It is all empty words that are not substantiated by evidence - the Chinese manufacturers did not even try to verify whether the destroyed bacteria and germs data devices.

Myth 5 .During wet cleaning robot vacuum cleaner acts as a polisher, rubbing a wet cloth floor covering made of microfiber.The spots, it certainly does not remove, but wipe the floor.For the safety of the water supply to the consumer in that the vacuum cleaner is absent.But high-quality devices (eg, models iClebo Pop and iClebo Arte) and napkin has excellent quality.It does not dry for a long time - enough for the whole cleaning.Due to this well-fine dust is removed.With a vacuum cleaner allergies, sensitive to dust, life is much quieter.Perhaps the most successful cloth for wet cleaning the model iClebo Arte, and unsuccessful - many Chinese-made products (for example, Clever & amp; Clean 112).Their presence is not felt.

Myth 6 .The fine filter and a HEPA filter performs the same function.Only the latter has a greater number of layers for filtering, and it has a denser structure.

Pleasure is not cheap, and the urgent need for such a device is not always there.

robot cleaner can really help you if:

  • you live in a dusty area, and your windows constantly flies into the dust, and even in the summer and down.And if you have no more strength to wield a broom and constantly cloth, it makes sense to buy a robot vacuum cleaner.You can program it so that it will gently clean the apartment every two days, while no one is home.And then the whole week you can do nothing, appropriating only on weekends.
  • you have a pet, especially fluffy.Good robot cleaners perfectly clean wool and down.But inexpensive models are often too small dust collector (of 0.25 liters), quickly clogging hair.Therefore, in this case, they are poorly help.If the dust container has a volume of 0.5 liters or more, the problems in the collection of hair will not.It was not clear moments?