How to wash acrylic bathtub - Tips and Tricks

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09 April 2016

The acrylic wash bath, so that it did not change its appearance, served long and pleasing to the eye for its outstanding appearance.In view of the fact that in our market acrylic baths have appeared recently, many ask themselves - what means such a bath to wash and how to handle them.No major difficulties in the process of cleaning acrylic baths there.Here, most importantly, follow the rules of cleaning.

How to wash acrylic bathtub


  1. Features washing and caring for acrylic bathroom
  2. What improvised means you can wash acrylic bathtub
  3. cleanser acrylic baths
  4. Video: Caring for acrylicbaths

We are all accustomed to bulky and heavy cast iron baths and acrylic baths, which are elegant in form and light enough, at first glance seem to be fragile and impractical.For this reason, many cautious look at the plumbing, which is made of acrylic.

Features washing and caring for acrylic bathroom

Unfortunately, many are not yet known the basic rules for the care o

f acrylic.It should be noted that the surface of the acrylic bath requires more care, and therefore should be familiar with a number of rules for the care of this material.By following the basic rules of care, you will be able to extend their flawless appearance bath.

Acrylic - a wear-resistant material.Its surface has a dirt-repelling effect, whereby the microorganisms do not grow in it.Besides acrylic tub is not afraid of strikes, but it is easily scratched.

Features washing acrylic baths. main thing when washing acrylic baths caution and accuracy.It is not recommended as a means to use a washing powder and abrasives, as well as pasta containing chlorine, acids, alkalis and ammonia.These substances contribute to scratches on the surface, and lead to loss of the natural color.Before you begin to wash acrylic bathtubs, always carefully read the composition of the cleaning agent used.Do not use metal brushes and solid - such brushes violate the integrity of the acrylic coating.

is also not recommended in acrylic tub to bathe their pets, put them in metal basins and buckets.Never place a variety of items in the bathroom - stools, metal basins and objects, as well as any other household utensils.

How to care for acrylic bathroom

What improvised means you can wash acrylic bathtub

to properly care for acrylic bath, as a means for washing you should use a liquid cleansing effect.For this purpose, the composition is perfect for washing dishes, liquid soap, shower gel, etc.

If the surface of a bath you find streaks of lime, it is not necessary to wash the entire container completely.It suffices to take a soft cloth moistened with lemon juice or vinegar and wipe the surface.

If you have noticed that some sections of the surface begin to darken the bathroom, it is sufficient to rinse the container under running water and wipe with a soft, dry cloth.

In case the acrylic bathtub any small wound, its surface may be treated with a polishing material, particularly it may be a conventional mastic.It is often practiced for this purpose furniture polish or car polish.

cleanser acrylic baths

present level of development of the chemical industry has allowed to develop specific means by which the acrylic bathtub for a long time can maintain its original appearance.This means any such acrylic container to clean quickly and safely.I would like to allocate such funds as the Akrilan, Cillit, Sarma, Acryl-Net, Star-Acrylat.

These cream-gel specifically designed for cleaning acrylic surfaces.The tool is applied to the tissue and only thereafter to the bath surface.Napkins wiped the entire surface of the container and left for 5 minutes.After 5 minutes, it means you need a good wash with warm water and wipe dry with a cloth.

For cleaning acrylic baths, you can use and versatile means.The most popular universal tool for cleaning acrylic surfaces is considered to be a remedy for the company Ravak.It is designed with special technology and is designed for cleaning of acrylic surfaces.

to get rid of high quality rust, it is recommended to use tools that are designed to deal with rust it with acrylic surfaces.

In any event, choosing a means for cleaning acrylic baths, always give preference to special funds.These funds will not only gently clean the surface, but also give it shine and protection, in the form of a thin waterproof film.Now you already know than to wash the acrylic surface and can provide her with proper care and increase its service life.

Video: Caring for acrylic baths

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