The use of gray in the interior

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11 April 2016

Grey, is certainly one of the most frequently used colors in the interior.Available in a variety of tones and shades, he became the most favored option for designers, as well as for homeowners.One reason for this - the modern trend of creating stylish and elegant interior with clean, crisp lines.

The combination and the use of gray in the interior


  1. Relaxing bedroom in gray
  2. Magnificent living with gray tones and shades
  3. Fine cuisine and dining in gray
  4. refreshing bathrooms and ergonomicoffices

With its subtle shade poluminimalizma and the ability to create a neutral and slightly uncertain style that is gaining popularity, Gray was in the spotlight.Beautiful, diverse and at the same time is the perfect base for color accents, gray color in the interior - it is sheer elegance, finesse and a certain understatement.

Perfect bedroom
Perfect bedroom in shades of gray combines style and elegance.
Photo courtesy: Michael Abrams Limited.

proposed gray contrast - from cold to warmer shades of tones - allows you to

choose a color scheme for your entire home with plenty of possible variations.Ideal for any corner of the house, it can perfectly be combined with other bright colors.But even as an independent, gray - is the wealth and sophistication.

Living combining different shades
Modern living organically combines various shades of gray.
Photo courtesy: Leclair D├ęcor.

Grey armchair
gray chair by Eero Saarinen womb.
Photo courtesy: Sheri Olson Architecture PLLC.

Gray in the kitchen
use of gray in the kitchen and dining space creates a sense of integrity.
Photo courtesy: Jeffrey King Interiors.

Gray - a contrasting white shelves
Gray in the living room serves as a natural contrast white shelves.

The bedroom in the style of minimalism
Minimalistic bedroom in blue-gray.
Photo courtesy: Imagine Living.

The gray shades in the interior
Refined add different shades of gray in the interior.

Living conditions
creative use of gray help create a living environment!

Exquisite and elegant interior
Gray in the interior of the cabinet he adds grace and elegance
Photo courtesy: Wendt Design Group.

Cuisine with elements of blue
hint of blue on a gray kitchen. Photo courtesy: Natalie Du Bois.

Relaxing bedroom in gray

While some believe that the bedroom should reflect the personality of its owner, this in no way means that its design should be used daringly bright colors.Numerous studies of sleep and everything connected with it, indicate that too many bright colors in the bedroom can lead to excessive excitation, is not conducive to a good night's rest.Gray not only makes modern interior, but it creates an aura of peace and tranquility.The cold blue-gray color or chic shades of gray with a hint of silver, offer the perfect balance between tranquility and style.

Bedroom with bright oktsentami
bedroom in white and gray with bright yellow accents - soothing and stylish at the same time.
Photo courtesy: Michelle Hinckley.

Silver color in a modern style
silver and gray colors are becoming increasingly popular in modern bedrooms.
Photo courtesy: Domiteaux + Baggett Architects.

The snow-white interior background
gray bedding and decorative items slightly diluted with a snow-white interior background.

luxurious bedding, pillows and various accessories grays, in contrast to what some exotic colors, is much easier to find.Once the perfect gray canvas is created, you can change the accents and add contrasting colors depending on your mood, the season and the latest color trends in fashion!

Aura emancipation in the bedroom
gray and purple colors create an aura of relaxation in the bedroom and luxury!
Photo courtesy: Greg Natale.

Bedding and decor matching shades
bedding and decor matching shades can enhance the beauty of the gray walls in the interior of the bedroom.
Photo courtesy: Pillar Custom Homes.

Bright Table Lamp
bright table lamps are the perfect contrast, if they are on a gray background.

The abundance of sunlight colors gives to a bedroom in shades of gray attraction
abundance of fresh air and sunlight gives this bedroom in light gray special appeal.
Photo courtesy: Catherine Nguyen.

Fabulous bedroom in shades of gray
Fabulous bedroom in shades of gray creates a home atmosphere of privacy!

Bedroom uplifting
Light gray molasses, as well as some bolder colors can lift your mood.
Photo courtesy: Great Neighborhood Homes.

Gray, orange and pink in the interior of the bedroom
In search of what goes gray color in the interior, pay attention to the orange and pink.You will surely enjoy!

Magnificent living with gray tones and shades

Grey is perfect for modern living.While white is often used to create a clean background, gray gives the interior complexity and elegance.Because living is much less private, than the bedroom or bathroom, home owners, as a rule, tend to use them in hushed tones.Cool shades of gray can be used in environments with sufficient natural ventilation and excellent lighting.Warmer shades of gray are ideal for compact living room, which is necessary to add a feeling of spaciousness and lightness.

Bright yellow accents in the interior
gray interior look amazing thanks to bright yellow accents, reminiscent of the kiss of the sun.
Photo courtesy: Atmosphere Interior Design.

Minimalist interior light silver
bright silvery-gray combines minimalism and dazzling charm.
Photo courtesy: Niki Papadopoulos.

Luxury purple interior
luxurious purple combined with a gray and white in the living room looks very elegant.

natural neutral color allows you to endlessly experiment with the decor and accessories.The combination of different shades of gray - is also a good idea because it offers subtle variations without a sharp departure from the main theme.

combination of natural light from the light and dark shades of gray.
Photo courtesy: Meredith Heron.

Light gray-tinged
Cool light gray with a hint of blue allows you to refresh the living room space.
Photo courtesy: Case Design / Remodeling.

The contrast in the textures of materials
contrast in textures of materials can make gray more interesting and exciting.
Photo courtesy: Green Couch Interior Design.

Interior herbed
different tones of gray, flavored with rich greens!
Photo courtesy: Garrison Hullinger Interior Design.

The gray bars on white background
Sometimes gray strokes on a white background reminiscent of theatrical scenery.
Photo courtesy: Usona.

Npolnoe coating gives the interior a variety of
gray flooring allows you to add to the interior a touch of diversity.

Warm wood tones
Warm wood tones combined with thoughtful gray.

Fine cuisine and dining in gray

Kitchen Grey - not the usual color of the most popular here still remains white or almost white.But in the last few years of this tradition are increasingly receding, replaced by white on modern ergonomic kitchen comes no less pertinent gray.A growing number of homeowners who are ready to use gray as the predominant color in their kitchens, indicates a change in views on what should be the kitchen space.This color is ideal for homes, which are located in warmer regions, with plenty of sunshine and relatively hot weather.

Striped marble focuses
Islet gray-white striped marble in the spotlight.
Courtesy of LUX Design.

Warm wooden surfaces in the interior
warm wood surfaces well with cold gray.
Photo courtesy of Cornerstone Architects.

Gray in the interior furnishings
gray high-quality furniture with the right approach can be very attractive and appealing.
photo provided Cucina Bella - Rebecca Gagne CKD.

Since the kitchen, as a rule, boasts functional lighting is achieved by using a variety of sources, there is no fear that a dark corner or general gloom violate color scheme.The combination of gray in the interior of the kitchen with a red, green or yellow leaves no room homeliness and ordinary.Gray in the interior of the kitchen and the dining room is really a trend of time.

Shades of gray are in harmony with each other
many shades of gray in contrast with each other.
Photo courtesy: Joseph Trojanowski Architect).

Highlighting conspicuous
Beautiful lights and conspicuous dining area are a good addition to a kitchen in shades of gray.
Photo courtesy of New Mood Design.

Ergonomic kitchen in green and gray tones
ergonomic kitchen in shades of gray with a stylish green elements.
Photo courtesy Dijeau Poage Construction.

Yellow green armchair in a gray living room
Yellow-green chairs in the style of Verner Panton enliven gray dining room.
Courtesy of Cynthia Mason Interiors.

Cuisine with an emphasis on the stove
Modern kitchen in gray tones with striking red smear.
Photo courtesy Odenza Homes.

Light gray tones playfully combined with black furniture.
Photo courtesy of Venegas and Company.

Gray-green cabinets in the kitchen
Greenish-gray cabinets enliven this compact, open-plan kitchen.
Photo courtesy of John Lum Architecture.

refreshing bathrooms and ergonomic rooms

People are often hesitant to use gray for fear that it will give the interior a "sterile", a monotonous appearance.But most of this can be avoided with the help of creativity and wise use of spot colors.Bathrooms in gray and white tones can get kind of a luxury spa, and a combination of gray in their interior with stone, glass or wood make this room a truly unique and exquisite.Classrooms, hallways, home theaters in shades of gray appear no less stunning.

Neutral gray background
Thanks neutral gray background neatly folded towels act as an accent color.
Photo courtesy of Chris Snook.

The bathroom in gray and black tones
stylish modern bathroom, made with gray, white and black colors.Simply delicious!

The Cabinet in silvery tones
Home offices in the white and gray tones.
Photo courtesy LuAnn Development.

strength of gray is its neutrality.It gives creative people the chance to experiment with exciting bright colors such as orange or fuchsia.For those who do not have an adventurous character, this color offers a ready-made color scheme of the interior, because the gray looks much more fashionable than simple shades of white.As Erica James erotic novel "Fifty shades of gray", this paint scatters the shelves at breakneck speed.Now is the time to take advantage of this sophisticated splendor with a touch of luxury and inspiration!

dark gray shades can give brilliant results.
Courtesy of Elad Gonen & amp;Zeev Beech.

The relaxed atmosphere of the bathroom creates a light gray color of its walls.
Courtesy of Clawson Architects.

gray countertop gives this bathroom a special appeal.
Photo courtesy of Austin Interior Renovations & amp;Statewide Remodeling.

Warm shades of gray in addition to red and white are ideal for the office.
Photo courtesy of AB HOME Interiors.

spacious bathroom in gray and white colors promises a luxury spa right in your home.
Photo courtesy Pear Interiors.

different shades of gray combined with black and white minimalist bathroom give a special splendor.

The combination of white and gray create a feeling of luxury and wealth.

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