How to choose a detergent cleaner: from theory to practice

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09 April 2016

detergent-type vacuum cleaners can not only clean the room from dust, but also qualitatively wash floors.After the water is added for cleaning effective detergents, giving at least the foam.And such a device can easily take away the wet garbage, which a normal vacuum cleaner can not cope.Impressed with all these advantages, the person is ready to go for the purchase.Often, one stops him: he does not know how to choose the washing vacuum cleaner.To help standing at a crossroads - this article.

How to choose a detergent cleaner for their own purposes


  1. Features and operation of washing vacuum cleaners
  2. suction power and power consumption - it is important not to confuse
  3. Water tank capacity
  4. What you need to know about the systemfiltering dust
  5. suction tubes, hoses, remote control
  6. What nozzles need cleaning
  7. Weight and dimensions
  8. Easy Maintenance
  9. noise characteristics
  10. few additional tips

Features and operation of washing vacuum cleaners

The principle of operation of all devices equipped with cleaning function is the same.They have a special container, which is filled with clean water and detergent.In the hose for spraying it under pressure is supplied to the nozzle are distributed over its entire surface, and wetting the floor.Then, under the influence of thin air, collected from the surface of the floor, dirty liquid goes through gryazeotvodyaschie channels in the second tank - the dirty water.

The principle of the washing vacuum cleaner
1. Clean the cleaning solution.2. Spray.3. Spray the cleaning solution.4. Absorption of dirt.5. The collected dirt is moved to spetsilno koteyner.6. The direction of movement of the brush.

After working the entire surface of the vacuum cleaner floor becomes equally clear, never leave any spots or streaks.This is possible to achieve cleaning quality thanks to the constant supply of clean water.Washed linoleum, tile and laminate dries almost instantly.After a couple of minutes on the clean floor is already possible to safely walk.In principle, the solid floor clean and laundered usual mop.But clean and freshen the carpet, he returned the bright colors, the power of a wet vacuum.

Such devices, able to wash the floor, can be isolated in a separate class.They, like conventional vacuum cleaners are able to produce high quality dry cleaning.However, you can always turn on the wet cleaning, which allows not only to wash the floor covering, but also to collect wet garbage.

In some cases it is convenient to use a washing vacuum cleaner

For daily needs, especially in a small apartment, washing vacuum cleaner is not very convenient to use.It is quite cumbersome and requires a lot of storage space, has a notable weight and is not always able to pass.After cleaning it will have to be disassembled into parts that require rinsing and drying.Time it takes plenty, so the owners of small rooms is better to look to conventional vacuum cleaners.

But good use of washing machines in the apartments and houses, where the area is large enough for harvesting.They will be useful to owners of pets - a vacuum cleaner famously gather wool, even wet.And for those who prefer to dim the floor fluffy carpets, also a good idea to buy such a device.It is best to cope with the spring cleaning, promptly treating large areas.However, some owners of large apartments are happy to use even washing vacuum cleaner for frequent cleaning.

ideal cover for such devices - ceramic tile or stone floor.They are also useful in the carpet, where the basis is a thin latex.Linoleum and moisture resistant laminate - two surfaces suitable for wet processing.But the parquet floor, carpet on the basis of natural jute, carpet with a basis of foam do not like such treatment.It should keep and furniture that afraid of water.

suction power and power consumption - it is important not to confuse

to quality vacuuming you are satisfied it is necessary that the minimum acceptable suction power washing vacuum cleaner was 300 watts.When the need to remove very quickly using various filters, the unit will need a higher power absorption - 400 watts.Can and more - the stock never hurts.Even if the maximum power of the appliance will include rare, but at high loads it is not exactly fail t. E. Will poeredelenny margin.It should be remembered that it is the suction power - defining parameter when choosing a vacuum cleaner.Do not confuse it with the specified in the passport power consumption.

This is another marketing ploy: manufacturers of vacuum cleaners, trying to lure customers operate numbers in thousands of watts (1000, 2000, 2500).But here we are talking about power consumption, an increase which leads to an increase in power consumption.A affects the efficiency of suction.She's the best detergent cleaner reaches only 900 watts.At the same time it can consume electricity is much smaller than the cheap Chinese models, supposedly "super powerful".

The characteristics can be specified as an average (nominal) and the maximum power consumption and the suction power.The maximum nominal value of more than 15-30 percent.Normally it is possible to achieve only at the moment when the vacuum cleaner, and then, if the conditions for the ideal.Therefore it is better to focus on the average power.Solving the store, a washing vacuum cleaner to choose, compare the values ​​of the average and maximum power from your favorite model.This will help to determine the specific goal.

Water tank capacity

This is perhaps one of the most important parts to which you should pay attention when choosing a device.If your house is one or two rooms, you can safely take the model to a reservoir of 2 to 4 liters.Two-bedroom apartment will require more than the volume of the tank - between 4 and 5 liters.Large house a large area will be convenient to remove the detergent tank cleaner with 8 to 10 liters.Otherwise it is necessary to constantly run to fetch water, changing it.It's pretty annoying - for the replacement of the water cleaner every time you need to disassemble.It's better to just buy a model with parameters corresponding to the cleaning area.

We mentioned the second tank, which collects the dirty water.The fact that its volume is taken into account when selecting the cleaner is not required.Generally, it depends on the volume of the tank for clean water.

What you need to know about dust filtration systems

Getting into the water tank, Moussoro moistened, heavier and settles to the bottom.But not all - from 5 to 10% of light dust particles safely avoid this fate.Their saving air bubbles within which they find themselves.Emerging with these bubbles to the surface, the fine dust remains dry and intact.But there its waiting filters (such as vacuum cleaners and dry type).Usually this AFS, S or HEPA filters.It is best to cope with the task aquafiltering devices.

They perfectly capture large particles of dirt and dust, which sink in water.Due to this cleaned air that enters the room.However, even aqua-filter is not omnipotent - and it passes from 1.5 to 2% of a fine dust.Helping her to "catch" the coal and S HEPA fine filters.They serve at least a year (some models - a few years) and require only periodic washing under running water.According to EN 1822 HEPA filters trap used 99.5% of the particle size of 6 microns.S filters to DIN 24184 removes dust particles ranging in size from 3 microns - that's 99.7% of contaminants.

consider more classes of HEPA filters, which are taken to determine the effectiveness of the norm EN 1822.

available in the following filters:

Filter name and labeling percentage of removed particles,%
HEPA H 10 85
HEPA H 11 95
HEPA H 12 99,5
HEPA H 13 99,95
HEPA H 14 99,995
HEPA(ULPA) H 15 99,9995
HEPA (ULPA) H 16 99,99995

A number of models of washing vacuum cleaners in the separator structure capable to hold small particles of dust.After all, as we remember, they are "hidden" in the air bubbles.Separator corrects this flaw - he quickly rotates, the slurry is formed shallow water, detaining even microscopic dust particles.The efficiency of air purification increased to 99.97%.

Before buying the model you are interested be sure to ask what a filtration system installed there, especially true for people suffering from allergies.

suction tubes, hoses, remote control

modern vacuum cleaners equipped with telescopic tubes.They are convenient because they can be easily adjusted and are therefore suitable for a person of any height.

The "advanced" models have a remote control on the handle, it is very convenient.

Remote Control

By way of connections with the electronics of the vacuum cleaner, they are of three types:

Method 1 - wired control type.The wires are routed inside the hose connecting the vacuum cleaner and its handle.This is the budget option, it is used quite often.He's got a negative point - much heavier wire hose.

Method 2 - infra-red control.Here the principle of operation is the same as that of the television remote console.No wires, you just insert the two batteries in the remote.But sometimes the signal to the vacuum cleaner does not reach, stopping on an obstacle.This could be, for example, a sofa or cabinet.

Method 3 - radio control.This method is convenient, efficient and error-free.It is tempting to choose a vacuum cleaner for cleaning the house on the radio, but this type of models produced very little.And they are expensive.

vacuum tubes can be made of steel, aluminum or plastic.The last remaining cost less, but they are not as durable.The most reliable and robust - steel tubes.It is very convenient to use telescopic tubes savvy, but they have a significant drawback: the connection is loosened gradually begin to leak.You can certainly use the long one-piece tube, but using them is not very convenient.

What attachments are needed for cleaning

Usually a vacuum cleaner set of nozzles from five to seven.This device for dry cleaning, having modes of "sex" and "carpet", as well as tips for cleaning the floor, furniture cleaning, processing of glass.Sometimes there plunger.

Nozzles for vacuum cleaner

wet cleaning usually produce the main nozzle designed for carpet cleaning.For cleaning hard floors it is put on a special adapter.More wet cleaning nozzle is used for cleaning upholstered furniture and small planes, as well as a brush for hard surfaces.

Dry cleaning requires a universal brush, which can adjust the height of the pile.It is suitable for all types of surfaces.A small brush will allow to get tight spaces, and the crevice tool clean furniture.

general, the choice of tools and accessories very big, but it all depends on the manufacturer.Each of them competing with each other, creating their own devices or usovrshenstvovat old.To describe them all is not possible, but some are worth paying attention to.

Company VAX vacuum cleaners mans its special anti-static brush, which is convenient to clean the computer monitor, keyboard, or television screen.A head-cleaner THOMAS plunger will even clean the sink quickly.Handy tools manufactured by ROWENTA.Thus, the nozzle-brush Swip easily removes dust from the slats of blinds and keyboard, and the nozzle Wip, made of soft foam, will not damage the polished furniture or the TV screen.The manufacturer took care of the carpets and soft furnishings, and prepare them for the turbo brush.

We nozzle for hard-bracket has a special brush, which can be a good scrub dirt floor.Working with her reminds floor cleaning with a mop, but it turns more efficiently.It is always applied to clean water and dirty sucked into a special tank.It is worth to praise the nozzle from the company PHILIPS, which is adhering to the floor and clean the dirt and the floor at one time thoroughly wash, and the dirty water drops to collect all.However, she has a very economical consumption of clean water.

If you want to wash the glass panes, the window will be useful nozzles that produce companies and ROWENTA PHILIPS.Firms DELONGHI and LG went the other way - in this case they release the nozzle-rollers.On the one hand they have a sponge, which is wetted by the glass, and on the other - a rubber scraper, remove dirt.In this way it can be washed and mirrors, and various ceramic coating.

Weight and dimensions

to decide which one to choose a vacuum cleaner for the house or apartment, you need to navigate the sizes of different models.Washing machines are horizontal or vertical.The last option - it's a classic.These models produce ROWENTA, DELONGHI, THOMAS, VAX.And the first vacuum cleaner was cleaning it vertical.This device looks like a bit of a bucket equipped with automatic control.Its body has the form of a cylinder or a trapezoid, and over the water tanks located engine.Cylindrical vacuum cleaner is heavier and more water tanks had more capacious.Such devices are professionals, and they are suitable for a large apartment or house.

Vertical washing vacuum cleaner

If cumbersome vertical model you do not like (or maybe just nowhere to put it), you can buy a more compact vacuum cleaner.Externally it is very similar to his younger brother - the device for dry cleaning.Its sleek design fits well with the style of modern apartments and good maneuverability allows to use it even in small spaces.

Horizontal Vacuum Cleaner

Easy Maintenance

Every time after work cleaning the vacuum cleaner should be disassembled and washed, so manufacturers tend to make the assembly and disassembly quick and easy.If everything works efficiently and correctly, more than 15 minutes, this process will not take.And those models in which parts are located inconveniently, we have a long time to disassemble and assemble.

Much of this plan depends on the location of the water tanks.For example, the firm VAX tank top is pure water, and beneath it - a reservoir for waste liquid.For draining is necessary to remove the top container - is long and not too comfortable.

Tank under the tank

But often applied design "tank in tank" fairly easy to use.Here, the lower part of the body also serves as a container for dirty water.It is located inside the removable tank with water and shampoo for cleaning.To fill it, you need to open the side latches and remove the tank.THOMAS KARCHER and release vertical model in that version.

Tank in tank

ROWENTA developed a slightly different design - one-piece tank consisting of two cylinders that are inserted into one another.The inner cylinder for clean water you can manage to fill a few times, and then pour the dirty water.With a large amount of work is very convenient.And if you have to remove a small room, enough for one portion of clean water and shampoo.

noise characteristics

Cleaning units no more than "high-profile" than ordinary vacuum cleaners.If the device is placed on the conscience, and the quality of its parts, then it is very noisy and will not be.Models of famous brands have a noise level of not higher than 60-65 decibels.This figure is smaller than the washing machine.However, short-term operation of vacuum cleaners makes them the noise is not so important parameter.

few additional tips

Council 1.

Calculate the range of the unit by folding a length of hose, tube brush, cord and body.You should get at least 7 meters.Automatic cord winder - a necessary function.It is unacceptable too sharp winding - it is fraught with injuries.



Council 2.

The engine should be auto-shutdown in case of overheating.It was not clear moments?