How to care for laminate - washing and removing stains

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09 April 2016

Laminate - a modern floor covering.Laminated board is impregnated with environmentally friendly resins, thanks to which it has high durability.Laminate flooring is versatile, it can be used in any room.A variety of colors and textures will create the interior for every taste.Due to the upper waterproof protective layer, so the floor will serve you for a very long time, if you know how to care for laminate.

How to care for laminate - my right and display a variety of spots


  1. my laminate properly
  2. marks on laminate.
  3. Features care different types of laminate
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my laminate properly

care laminate flooring does not require any special tools.Laminate, in contrast to a parquet not required varnish or polish.When buying a cover, you can consult the seller, what and how better to wash laminate.The protective top layer has an anti-dust effect, which prevents rapid accumulation of dust on the surface of the laminate.

Many doubt whether it is possible to wash the laminat

e with water.Known manufacturers offer quality modern flooring, which does not deteriorate in contact with moisture it.Therefore, the laminate can be washed.There is no difference in principle, a mop to wash the laminate, the main thing that was a soft cloth and warm water.To eliminate stubborn dirt in the water you can add detergent for laminate.

Laminate not demanding of himself, but there are some important rules knowing that you understand how to properly care for the laminate to prolong its service life:

  • Do not use cleaning abrasives, as thiswill cause damage to the top protective layer.For this same reason, the floor must be cleaned by means of hot steam.
  • To remove stubborn dirt or stains, use special tools recommended by the manufacturer.
  • During reshuffle not drag heavy furniture on the floor and try to lift it, or under it enclose something soft.
  • Laminate flooring is resistant to high heels and claws of animals, but may suffer from the legs of chairs and small furniture castors.Therefore, stick to them of felt pads to prevent scratches.
  • If scratches or dents still there, they can mask the special paste, pre-select the desired color.If the damage is severe, it is possible to replace the board.

marks on laminate

Before washing laminate floors, it is necessary to remove the stains, if any.

1. chocolate stains, grease, juice or alcohol can be removed with a liquid detergent with a neutral pH, for example, "Mr. Muscle for laminate."Dampen a soft cloth with this tool, cover the stain and leave it for 5-10 minutes.Then rinse with clean warm water.

2. Traces of tar, pencil, ink, shoe polish, lipstick, coal, cigarettes or nail polish removed by methyl alcohol.Be careful when dealing with these substances, because they are toxic and inept handling may harm your health.

3. If there were stains on the floor candle wax or chewing gum, then you need to wait for them to complete solidification, and then carefully scrape off the knife.You can attach to the contaminated sites ice cube, then wax or gum will be easier to remove.

Features care different types of laminate

1. glossy (polished) Floor requires more attention.Such a laminate should be washed until it gleamed.Therefore, after cleaning is required to wipe the floor with a dry cloth.Try not to walk barefoot on such coverage, especially if you have done on foot fat cream.

2. Matte finish usually faster soiled.Over time, the laminate is formed on the frosted bloom.To remove this greasy film need to use a special cleaning spray containing alcohol.Before cleaning Spray the surface and let it sit for a few minutes.Then rinse with clean water and wipe with a dry cloth.Using alcohol-spray - is a great way to wash the laminate without divorce.

3. laminate with beveled on the perimeter of the board. This coating is more sensitive to water, so you need to thoroughly wring out the cloth before washing laminate.Of course, chamfer boards also have a protective coating, but still make sure that water does not accumulate in them.

Laminate - a great way to decorate your home.This floor will serve you for a very long time, if you know how to timely and properly care for laminate.

Video: Choose a mop

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