Flooring for houses and apartments - the variety and range of coverage depending on the room

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21 April 2016

about what kind of flooring to choose thinks each owner who is faced with the repair.Of course, it is possible to give preference to have all known for a long time and bored - linoleum, ceramic tile, carpet.But it can be quite trivial solution to the problem.After all, their purchases about 90 percent of the "repairers", forgetting to ask about the latest innovations, or at least familiar with the "ins" and "outs" they know coatings.

So once again remain in the side of the laminate (at very attractive rates), flooring (which is representative of the most environmentally friendly flooring materials), cork (the ability to acquire its original shape after deformation), and the appearance of the interior is not impressive.But the outcome of the repair can be much more original if intelligently use the existing trends of the construction market.And they, by the way, today there are many.

Flooring for homes and apartments


  1. Requirements to floor coverings from various premises
  2. Species flooring
  3. application of flooring, depending on the premises
  4. Summary Tableperformance flooring
  5. Video: Features wood flooring, PVC tile and cork

Faced with the choice of flooring, it must be remembered that different in function spaces should be used other than on the characteristics of the materials.For example, the same should not be a floor of the room in children and in the corridor - the function y data spaces too different.

So, what materials for flooring today offers us the market, what kind of facilities they use the most appropriate?Next we povedёm it as familiar to us all versions, and is rarely used on the exotic.

Requirements to floor coverings from various premises

considering flooring for home, we will talk about the materials of which it is advisable to use it inside the house, but not in commercial buildings such as a garage, shed, etc.. The object of the attention will be residentialrooms and spaces of economic nature (bathroom, kitchen, etc.).And should start by considering the individual characteristics of the premises.


Hallway - the first room, which gets everyone who came to the apartment.It is here that settles most of the dirt, dust and sand, which are able to mechanically damage the flooring.It turns out that the material used in the hall should be durable, resistant to moisture, do not take too much effort during the harvest.


Toilet and bathroom , which has never ruled out contact with the liquid, require wear-resistant flooring with high resistance to water, the cleaning process must not cause trouble.


where material on the floor, like a sanitary node must be durable and resistant to water.But this is not enough!Easy and simple to him should be removed, dirt, fat and oil substance.

Balcony or loggia

Balcony / loggia requires the use of a durable flooring that is resistant to sudden temperature changes.These characteristics is sufficient if the balcony converted into an extra room and a heated portion of the space.In the absence of glazing it is advisable to put on the floor materials resistant to the effects of more rain.Examples: tile, stone.

living rooms

Most of the time the inhabitants of the house and their guests held in the living room and dining room.This means that the data used in the spaces of the floor covering should be characterized by longevity.

floor material in the bedroom should be as environmentally friendly, does not accumulate a lot of dirt, easy to clean.

Children imposes floor covering requirements specific for the living room and bedroom at the same time.Thus, the material under children's feet should be environmentally friendly, durable, ergonomic and, most importantly, safe in terms of the possibility of injury.Also

characteristics peculiar to floor coverings used in different purpose rooms, there are common requirements: ease of installation and affordable price.To understand, in what area of ​​the apartment Plan of the material is most appropriate, should be available to start with the existing varieties of flooring, their positive and negative characteristics.

Species flooring

experts developed technologies allow to produce different types of flooring.

Among them:

  • Flooring
  • laminate flooring
  • linoleum
  • carpet tile
  • marmoleum
  • screed
  • cork flooring.

What are the main characteristics of each of the species?Where the most appropriate use of all of the above?So, first things first!


It is made of softwood, after laying the floor is covered with paint or varnish to protect the material from abrasion.At certain time intervals layer decorative coating must be renewed.

+ Benefits: environmental cleanliness, durability (thanks Allocated protective layer).It should also be noted that for a wooden floor simply to look.

- Disadvantages: qualitatively cover the floor boards - is not easy.Cope with it may, perhaps, only an expert.With regard to the diversity of design, the choice is very poor!

It looks like plywood floorboard.


laminate production technology is a processing MDF panels with special resins, followed by applying to them the paper layer.Then get a "semi-finished" pressed (the process takes place at high temperature) and varnish.Depending on the use of panels of MDF, laminates of different strength is obtained.This criterion is the basis of the classification, according to which the material is chosen for the installation in rooms of different types.

So, for living rooms is the most appropriate use of the lower laminate, 21-23, classes, and for the corridor and the kitchen would be the most appropriate material grades 31-33.

+ Benefits: fit very easily.If you wish to cope with this task either.Simply read the rules laying assist you with this material may be: "How to lay laminate step by step instructions."Joining the panels can be glued or glueless method.The first option allows you to create a more robust design, however, it is not dismantle as possible.The second option allows to create dismantled and coating that gives the chance to replace one of the panels in the case of its damage.On the laminate is always applied anti-static coating, which significantly facilitates the process of floor care.Design solutions of this material has a great many!

- Disadvantages: low environmental friendliness (it is connected with the use of resin impregnation and lacquers in the production), the instability with respect to water, poor ergonomics, durability depends on the class of the laminate.The most durable is a high class, which can not but be reflected in their price.

The process of laying laminate
Laminate and its styling.

Parquet and parquet

In the production process of wood flooring glued to a wooden base layer of fine wood with a thickness of 3 mm to 5 mm.Installation of the flooring can be one of two options.The first method is analogous to placing adhesive on the laminate, pasting a second board to the base.

Parquet is a separate small plates.Tiled and stacked, they are fastened by means of a bridge on a prepared foundation.

+ Benefits: environmentally friendly and durable.Like many modern flooring, easy to install, easy to clean.

- Disadvantages: limited design (the diversity of views represented only natural wood).

Parquet and laying
Gluing the floorboard.

Linoleum Linoleum can be found for sale in the following forms: sheets in rolls (width from 1 to 6 meters, thickness 1.5-5 mm) in the form of tiles, so-called PVC tiles.Laying linoleum is produced by bonding with special adhesives.The surface for laying must be carefully prepared.Incidentally, as the main component of the constituent material may include: rubber, alkyd resins, nitrocellulose, and most frequently - polyvinyl chloride.

+ Benefits: simply mount the cover to the base of loyal imposed requirement is very easy to clean, the design is very diverse, absolutely all kinds of material are water-resistant.Good linoleum characterized and more resistant to wear.

- Disadvantages: low ergonomics and environmental friendliness.

Laying linoleum
flooring linoleum increased strength.


relative carpet.The foundation can be laid both natural and artificially synthesized components that can repel dirt and characterized by long service life.Release form and method of installation are similar to linoleum.

+ Benefits: simply mounted, ergonomic and injury safe, a very large range of colors.If we talk about the carpet based on natural ingredients, it is eco-friendly and more.

- Disadvantages: short-lived, is not resistant to moisture, gives difficulties in cleaning.Synthetic carpet has a low environmental friendliness.

Joining carpet
Carpets and an example of its connections with other coatings.

ceramic, tiles and granite

Everything becomes more fans have ceramic tiles.Lay it on a special adhesive, and as a basis for a concrete screed.

+ Benefits: durability, ecological compatibility, moisture confrontation, simplicity in operation.

- Disadvantages: assembly complex, requires certain skills and experience;High risk of injury.

Laying Ceramic Tile
Ceramic tiles and the process of installation.

Marmoleum is made from natural ingredients.Among the main components appear flax, hemp and jute fibers.As additional materials are: vegetable oils, wood flour, resin and other conifers.Even dyes to produce this floor are used exclusively natural.Release form is similar to a roll of linoleum or laminate panels.

+ Benefits: not cause difficulties during installation, no special requirements to the base, has a long life, high resistance to water.It does not cause trouble when cleaning the room.What is very important - a purely natural material.

- Disadvantages: enough solid surface, eventually harden even more, ensures a high level of traumatic.

Laying marmoliuma
Marmoleum and the process of installation.

Liquid or liquid floors

Core components of liquid floors allow to divide the coating on: polyurethane, epoxy, methyl methacrylate and acrylic cement.Among the above mentioned are the most environmentally friendly cement and acrylic, but the greatest variety of design have epoxy floors.Most rarely used - methyl methacrylate, as they are the most expensive.

+ Benefits: durability and environmental friendliness.Resistance to water and, more importantly, to such substances as oil, chemicals, organic solvents.It's not hard to take care of liquid floors.

- Disadvantages: ergonomics and low demands on the basis of the process of installation (it should be as smooth, clean and dry).

Self-leveling floor in the bathroom
example implementation tanker 3D sex in the bathroom.

Cork floors

This is nothing like a plate of veneer or compressed cork crumbs.Adhesive flooring (sold in rolls, plates) are glued directly to the base;floating submitted sheets of MDF, which are in the process of production of glued layer "plug" these lists simply stacked.

+ Benefits: good sound insulation, environmentally friendly (due to underlying natural materialWe);big variety;ease of care.It is worth noting a very unusual characteristic - the ability to restore its shape distorting.Laying floating floors is quite simple.The advantage of adhesive coating is highly resistant to water.

- Disadvantages: flooring "glue cork" can cause some difficulties for them must be carefully aligned base;negative characteristic of floating floors is the low level of water resistance.

Cork flooring
cork flooring and the process of installation.

Application floor coverings, depending on the premises

deciding what coverage is best to use in a particular area of ​​your house / apartment, you need to analyze, what characteristics should have the floor and choose the most suitable material according to its properties.

Flooring spaces suitable for virtually any purpose.However, it is not necessary to put in an environment where contact with water or air humidity.Under such premises fall: balcony, hallway, kitchen, bathroom.

Laminate also used in spaces of various purposes (except for the toilet / bath).The question is when it is selected only in the material of the class will be most acceptable.For such facilities as a bedroom is fine laminate 23 class, hallway, living room, dining room below 32 are not recommended!

Parquet , similar to laminate, placed on all types of spaces, the apartment except bathrooms, it can be safely used in children's rooms.

Linoleum , despite its versatility, in the bedroom and child try to avoid.Usually it is used in the hallway, in the kitchen, in the dining room.

Carpet based on natural ingredients ideal for children's, but a synthetic used primarily in offices and classrooms.

Tile - an amazing option for use in areas of economic purpose - bath, toilet, often used in the kitchen.

Marmoleum can be used in rooms of virtually any destination, but gradually increasing stiffness exclude material from the list, recommended for children.

Liquid (liquid) floors actively use spaces in the economic purpose.Perhaps their use in the living room or dining room.Modern underfloor three-dimensional image can create an original and unique design.

Cork floors suitable for rooms of any purpose.Even in the children they can replace the carpet.As for the bathrooms and the corridor, then, are the coating is not recommended!

Of course, the choice of material depends on personal preferences and the thickness of the purse.But possessing information which floor coverings are generally flat today, knowing their features and giving free rein to imagination, you can create a special atmosphere.Believe me, seriously approaching the issue of the choice of material for the floor, the unique result of repair can be guaranteed.It was not clear moments?