Soak up the ultraviolet rays: How to dynamically transform the interior, using the color purple

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10 April 2016

Passion.Wisdom.Generosity.Greatness.It is a word that can describe your living room when you let into your house purple color along with its elegance and sophistication.Through several of our tips you will be able to bring purple into the interior of your room, and in your life, do not become like little girls at the same time and do not turn your home into a shining, sparkling, oversaturated with purple and pink shades of miniature kingdom.

latter comparison is not accidental.At the words "purple color in the interior," most of us comes to mind bedroom of a teenage girl.Room a little princess the XXI century with a curtain of bright purple ropes instead of the cabinet door, with plush pillows and purple synthetic purple curtains that seem to never open to let in the light of day.And, of course, with a purple lava lamp, decorating forever littered with trinkets dresser.

But there is a purple interior and subtle whiff of

glamor that erases from memory sticky, intrusive memories of girly room and gives rise to very different associations.

Using the purple color in the interior and its combination


  1. Step 1: The first purple smears
  2. Step 2: Gold, silver, purple ...
  3. Step 3: Finishing touches
  4. Step 4: In the cuptea all!
  5. Find your purple

feel all the wealth and luxury, which are hidden in various shades of purple, can only be the one in whose veins flows the blue blood.Shielding the shoulders and body in a purple cloak of wealth and grandeur, the king and queen kept her head held high, while the rest tend to them with awe and reverence.

Purple bedroom
even more luxury that adds a purple bedroom fireplace.

But there is good news for those whose ancestry is not the royals!You too can make the people around you respectfully bowed before the majesty of your purple mantle, as soon as you throw open the doors of its new extravagant living.Once they see, even if briefly, this made your hands purple room tomorrow speak about it all.

Are you ready?So let us curb our as yet undiscovered passion for purple ... in our homes and in our lives.

Step 1: The first purple smears

Now is the time to paint our four walls, that will contribute to excessive talkativeness most closed and quiet of us, in purple.By the way, you have already chosen what is it?After all, thousands of color tones, tints and shades.Will give you prefer violet or purple?Or maybe you prefer will have an indigo or plum?Everyone can choose his purple.

Purple and gray in the living room
purple and gray tones in the design of the living room - a chic contrast.
Photo courtesy Niki Papadopoulos.

Once the paint is dry, the place can take a brand-new, just delivered from the store velor chesterfield sofa style tan.Expand the protective film, and ... no, it's not a mirage, is the accuracy of color matching.Whisk rectangular and round purple cushions ... The sophistication continues to spread its wings.

Moroccan bathroom
Moroccan bathroom organically combines various shades of purple.

Step 2: Gold, silver, purple ...

When the noble people come to the house with a friendly visit, welcome home, as a rule, remove the light of real silverware.You own a posh room, so treat yourself by buying a silver table with a spreading legs.He will make the interior of your living room more elegant, and you will receive another confirmation of how easy to make purple (as well as any other color) bright and efficient.

But silver is not only what goes purple color in the interior.Let's not forget about gold.Generally, it is believed that gold and silver do not have to coexist in a single room.They are not even from opposite parts of the spectrum, they are from different worlds, and it is rarely possible to achieve harmony in their alliance.But this lively and vibrant colors like purple, can combine all of the other "royal" colors.

The combination of gold and purple
gold and purple - a combination worthy of the royal bedchamber.
Photo courtesy: Window Works.

to illuminate your living room purple try to use multiple lamps under the golden shades with fine black patterns.The pattern will help break the monotony of a golden surface and allow a simple black table become a hospitable host for a large table lamp with shade.

ornate gold picture frames on the wall will be another contender for a gold nomination and your purple wall will serve as a "red carpet" for a collage of randomly selected images.

Step 3: Finishing touches

Finally, it is time to turn our attention to that part of space where a lot of time on our feet.Of course, we are talking about the field (please, do not rush to raise your feet on tan perfection of your couch, bear at least a year).The floor should not be less gorgeous than all the other elements of the interior of the room.It could not be better suited for the living room purple plank Brazilian mesquite tree bordering a high plinth paler shade.You should give your feet what they want!Genuine natural wood, brought from distant Brazil, will make you take off our shoes and step on it barefoot.

Unusual dining
unusual design creates a cozy dining room with a purple carpet.

Purple carpet in modern living room
Purple Armenian handmade Tufenkian rug in modern living room.

Step 4: a cup of tea to all!

silver dish on your table silver, topped with tea, scones, biscuits and delicious chocolates not give you as much fun as watching the effect that will make your guests purple room.They discreetly take food, which you have prepared specifically to provoke them to ignore you created a royal atmosphere in your living room.Provocation failed!

Modern living room with sofa and armchairs
plum Modern living room with gray chairs and a sofa.
Photo courtesy: Niki Papadopoulos.

A good combination of colors
excellent demonstration of good combination of purple with other colors in the interior.
Photo courtesy: Rachel Reider Interiors.

No, sunscreen is not needed, these ultraviolet rays are good for the dynamic heart, soul and mind.

Bedroom teen girl
Purple bedroom for a teenage girl.
Photo courtesy: Tuba Yavuzer.

Home Theater
Home Theater, one wall of which is framed by a massive wooden frame covered with purple silk.
Photo courtesy: David Howell Design.

Living in red and purple tones
living room in white and purple-red.
Photo courtesy: Angela Varela Cunha.

Decorating purple cushions for a stunning contrast.
Photo courtesy: CWB Architects.

The ultra violet kitchen design.
Photo courtesy: John Lum Architecture.

Purple Interior teenage room.
Photo courtesy of Smith & amp;Vansant Architects.

purple accent on white wall.

Look for a suitable combination for the purple color in the interior?Note the white!
Photo courtesy: European Cabinets & amp;Design Studios.

Modern kitchen with white and purple colors.
Photo courtesy: Celia James.

Find your purple

In ancient times, purple symbolizes royalty, luxury, elegance and sophistication.Often it was associated with magic and mysticism.Today, the rich shades of color still retains much of its original symbolism, but more often it is used to give the interior vitality, natural naturalness, flavor and notes of excitement.

There are many different colors, tones and shades of purple, and each of them creates its own mood - from quiet and relaxing lavender to violet whimsical.You can choose to suit every taste!Here are some tips for those who have not yet decided to add a purple color in the interior of his room.

often considered feminine purple color.Indeed, pastel purple walls and a quilt with floral print is the perfect choice for the little girl's room.However, some shades of purple can be very masculine, particularly when used in combination with a well-chosen accents - such as dark wood furniture with rich upholstery and gold.Better yet, choose the purple tones, which do not feel the desire to carry out the separation by gender - they are ideal for family rooms, as they can cater to all tastes.

very fashionable and stylish color is, for example, eggplant.It can add life to a small room in the attic, or simple country house.

Purple also extremely versatile.It can act both as a dominant color in a room the color of walls, is reflected in the decor of all the accessories, and that as the smallest accents.Purple drape will give your living room more effectively, and dark purple rug will add a bedroom muted elegance and tranquility.Red and purple delicious if complemented by black and white colors and softer violet can be elegant when combined with light cream.

Experiment with purple and find exactly the shade that suits your personality and mood.

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