The difference from the gun hammer drill - break it down

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11 April 2016

looking at shop window with a neatly laid out instrument, just eyes run, percussion drills, rotary hammers, screwdrivers.All of them are a little bit similar in appearance, and many think that it does the same thing.Let's find out in detail the difference between drill punch in which case you may need a particular tool.First, consider why and when you can use a particular tool.

What is the difference from the gun hammer drill


  1. Where and why use a drill
  2. Why use punch
  3. Differences drill punch
  4. Summing up
  5. Video: Hammer Drill orHammer

Where and why use a drill

To start talk about the drill.Even an experienced person not entirely known that the tool if necessary to drill a large or small openings in almost any material.If the drill is equipped with a percussion mechanism, then it can be a wall of concrete and penetrate (ie work in the hammer mode).However, this mode is easily turned off by going to the traditional drilling holes, which is very convenient.But

this is the use of a drill does not end there.

Depending on what kind of material to be drilled, various types of drills, which look different, and are designed for different purposes.

1. For drilling wood surface useful drills on a tree, but in most cases they are replaced by the usual drills on metal.In some cases, are used to drill wood drill pen.

2. If you have to work with metal, then drill need other - more durable, having a definite structure.

3. And with tile and glass should be careful - that and look, instead of the smooth hole chipped out.Therefore, to solve such problems, there is another type of drill - a spear-shaped drill for ceramics and glass.

4. making holes for large diameter drill bits are the best option crown type.

5. As mentioned above, when the hammer drill works like a hammer, it is able to hollow concrete and brick.Although a full punch her not to become - but it can do the work of medium difficulty.For these purposes, applicable to drill pobeditovymi lugs.

Grinding wheel for drills
to using a drill to polish the surface, enough to use as a nozzle grinding wheel.

Brush on metal on a drill
If there is a need to make the cleaning of various metal surfaces on the drill enough to wear a special steel wire brush.

If the wire in bunches at the brush - twisted, processing will blister.For a more fine finishes necessary to use a nozzle with a corrugated wire type.

Attachment on a drill mixer
If you want to mix some weight, the drill is easy to turn into a mixer.For this, too, it has a special attachment.

This hammer drill is a versatile device that can perform many functions.If you have some extra tools it can work, and a mixer, and screwdrivers, and a machine for grinding, or when you switch on chiselling - puncher.

Why use punch

This tool is used to break up any material.It is often used as a cool "pro", engaged in construction and repair on a regular basis for years, and handyman.

With the gun, you can:

  • to drill a hole in the concrete, brick, block
  • remove plaster;
  • knock down the tiles;
  • chipping bricks;
  • shtroblenie produce concrete walls.

Without this tool, you will not make any repairs or house can not be built.Working with him is convenient - it's fast and has almost no recoil.

nozzle device can be:

  • borax;
  • chisel;
  • core bits;
  • peaks.

As for equipment, it may have a tail part of the two systems.It's either SDS Max, or SDS Plus.

SDS Plus system is characterized by the presence of four oval-shaped grooves for mounting.Two of them are in the end and are open, the other two - hidden.When the shank is inserted into the socket, it moves over the open grooves as guides.Special shut beads fix it in closed holes.

SDS Plus
Drills with shank SDS Plus.

The system SDS Max has not four but five notches for mounting.Now open groove three, so the drill is held more firmly.This system is most often used in professional tools.

nozzle-chisel hammer put on when something will be dismantled.The nozzle is used for peak shtrobleniya walls before laying wires or to make holes in the wall.Nozzle-bit will do the large through hole.

Differences drill punch

main difference - the system of impactor

The most significant difference from the gun hammer drill is operating principle of the shock system.So, for the formation of impact drills are the two gear mechanism - ratchet.Tool holder is rigidly connected with the first of them, and his body - with the second.When the hammer mechanism is not needed, the stopper is inserted between the ratchets and have no contact.When you activate the Shot stopper is removed, and the gear converts the rotational movement of the cartridge in the progressive-returnable.

This process is just fine shown in the following video clip, despite the fact that the speaker in the video calls is constantly hammer drill hammer, in fact, in the video shows the operation of a conventional hammer drill.Just where translators and announcers know the difference between a drill with the function of the impact of the gun, they do not read this article :).

Video: The principle of operation of the hammer drill

have punch things differently.An impact device can be either electromechanical or electropneumatic.The most commonly used first type.In this case there are two coils, which when the electromagnetic interaction causes movement of the core back and forth.Further energy is transferred directly to the working part of the gun.

pneumatic mechanism can be of two types.Equipped with a crank transmission system or the so-called "drunk" bearings.In the latter case, the rotating rotor drives the piston, which transmits the impact energy of the working part.

Video: The firing mechanism of "drunk" bearing

Well, crank mechanism type its rotational energy is transmitted by the piston which compressed air gives a boost the working part of the gun.

Video: Impact crank mechanism

functionality - this is important

In this regard, significantly ahead hammer drill - because it has three modes of operation.This rotation, rotation and hit with a punch.Accordingly, using the electric hammer drill can be, not only a wall but also its punch.Gouged a large hole, proshtrobit groove for cable, break off a piece of the wall - all under the power of this powerful tool as punch.But the drill with a percussion mechanism has only two modes - standard drilling and drilling with impact.And the force of this impact is not as powerful as that of the punch.

How are the main characteristics of

for electric drill is the main characteristic of torque, or torque, moment.Unit to measure it - Newton-meter.Hammers are classified as other grounds.For them, the main - is power, which depends on the energy of the impact.This value is measured in joules.A torque perforator does not have to be large, it is often much less than that of the hammer drill to the same engine power.

performance leader

And then punch again forging ahead.After all, the energy of the impact it has, without doubt, greater than that of the hammer drill.Therefore, to work with the hammer is much more comfortable - it is not necessarily so much pressure as to the impact drill.Working with the latter, without substantial pressure to break a hole will be extremely difficult.

Main application

to drill the main area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication - it works for drilling metal, tile and wood surfaces.Well, the hammer is designed to overcome the concrete and brick walls.Therefore expended on the hour or minute, and difficult to compare the quality of the work carried out by one or other instrument.After all, impact drill function - just more.However, as the drilling function at the perforator.Do not neglect the instructions using the tool "on all cylinders" where permitted only intermittent operation.Sadly it will end - to break a good thing.

Summing up

Now, representing the difference between the percussion drill punch, the choice will be made easier.Choose a similar tool that will represent all the details, what is it you may need.If you have to work with bricks and concrete, the store look to the side, where the shelves are punchers.If works such as punching walls, coming very rare, it is not necessary to spend money on a powerful punch.It can be a shock and then do a drill.It will be necessary only if you intend to perform such work often and long.

Video: Hammer Drill or punch

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