How to choose a vacuum cleaner - step by step guide

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09 April 2016

Without cleaner today is not enough - this purchase belongs to the category of priority.However, having come into the store, many are surprised to find that the models with different features and functions produced a huge amount.In this article, we'll show you how to choose a vacuum cleaner, it is necessary for you, and what parameters it should be paid special attention.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner - a great guide


  1. Choose the type of cleaning is supported by a vacuum cleaner and use a dust collector
  2. optimum suction power
  3. filter efficiency
  4. management system cleaner
  5. suction pipe - it shouldbe
  6. Bits: how many and what
  7. Allowable noise
  8. What else is worth considering when choosing a vacuum cleaner
  9. choose the design of the vacuum cleaner
  10. Video: How to choose a vacuum cleaner

Choose the type of cleaning is supported by a vacuum cleaner and use a dust collector

First you need to decide what you need cleaning - a traditional dry or wet when using the

vacuum cleaner can be cleaned floor coverings.In the latter case it is called "washing."Devices for dry cleaning, in turn, is also divided into several varieties.For example, they may differ in the way garbage collection - in a bag, in a special removable container, and some models are equipped with a water filter (aquafiltering).

vacuum, removes dry method

1. Models with dust bags. Such devices are found in the store more often.They cost is not very expensive, and very convenient to use them.Especially popular with consumers disposable paper bags, which can be removed and discarded with the trash, do not breathe in this dust.Bags made of fabric can be used multiple times, but this requires them periodically shake.

buying a new vacuum cleaner, we usually get one complete cloth and several paper bags.

When disposable paper products is over, there is a need to buy new ones - for the convenience to pay.This means that not only will have to part with some amount (however small), but sacrifice some free time to search bags.Sometimes, going to the store for them, and you can not find the desired size of the market.However, it is possible to do a bag made of fabric that will last years without requiring replacement.But breathe dust when tapping out his very unpleasant, and those who are prone to allergies, even harmful.

vacuum cleaner dust bag is driven by the electric motor starts the fans.With this chamber, built into the housing of the device, creates a rarefied atmosphere.There and enters the dust goes from the brush of the vacuum cleaner through the hose and suction tube to the inlet chamber.Once there, the air along with the debris is inside the filter bag, after which the waste is deposited in a bag.The dirty air passes through the filter system, which gets rid of impurities.Through the outlet of the device to the room air is purified.

The principle of operation of the vacuum cleaner dust bag
1. The air intake, here comes the dirty air with dust and debris;2. The holder of the bag;3. A disposable or reusable bag in which the bulk of the waste deposited;4. The filter of the engine and prevents the engine from a strong dust;5. Engine;6. The fine filter, such as HEPA.

2. models without bags .In such vacuum cleaners use cyclonic type system.For the first time developed a similar device British engineer John Dyson.Its essence is the following: the drawn air mixed with dust gets inside the special cone-shaped tank.There's air masses move in a helical path, walking path from the base of the cone to its apex.They rotate faster and faster, and dust particles, drawn by the centrifugal force, pressed against the walls of the tank.Pausing, they have nothing, and kept falling down to the bottom of the container.

Design and operation of container vacuum cleaner
1. Incoming air flow with dust;2. Separation of large debris;3. filtering fine dust particles;4. Air filtration using a HEPA filter.

Today's models of this type use the principle of "dual cyclone", who also invented the Dyson.Thus for larger dust particles using an external cyclone where air flows in a spiral.Most of the debris remains on the separation plate, located towards the inner cyclone.It removes the finer dust particles.Due to the transparent wall of the container can admire the process, watching vzmetayutsya dust devils.

The release of the container
After working capacity of a simple shake out the trash is emptied.Periodically, it is recommended to wash the container.

Many of deciding how to choose a vacuum cleaner for the house, stop at the cyclone models.After all, they fill the bag with the suction power is not reduced.This distinguishes them from devices equipped with dust bag.When a bag is filled, the thrust of a vacuum cleaner considerably weakened.

However, cyclone method is not without disadvantages.Thus, shaking the container, people inevitably into contact with the dust.Also coming back to the cleaned air filter is not perfect - is delayed about 97 percent of the dust.However, modern HEPA filters that serve to further purify the air, reduce the lack of a second to nothing.By using such a vacuum cleaner can not allow the destruction of the cyclone.He can destroy by reducing airflow.For example, this may occur at a time when a vacuum cleaner stuck schetke retractable carpet or any other object.

3. models aquafiltering .These vacuum cleaners with dust fighting water, poured into a special filter.While cleaning the dirty air is there on the suction tube and hose.Air supply pressure is high, and it is immediately mixed with water to form a mass of bubbles.This large dust particles sink quickly, and small "hide" in air bubbles.To delete them, use additional filters.

Structure and working principle of a vacuum cleaner with aquafiltering
1. Basic Filtering takes place in a water bath;2. The intermediate filter - filters the fine dust particles that have escaped from the water;3. Filter HEPA, trapping the smallest particles.

Such devices have the advantage that the suction force them constant.And devastate the dust is easy enough - just remove the water filter and pour the contaminated liquid into drains.And models with aquafiltering help create a comfortable microclimate.After filtering, they give back clean, fresh and moist air.

But we must remember that this vacuum container requires not only shaking out, but regular (after each cleaning) washing.But sometimes it may not have time or desire.

In addition, the device has aquafiltering need more space than a conventional vacuum cleaner, as its dimensions are more solid.So before you buy, you must first consider where the appliance will be stored.And buying a vacuum cleaner as a gift an elderly person, it is worth inquire whether he needed it.Perhaps grandmother would prefer classical compact model with a bag that does not need to wash every time.

Despite all technical improvements, and improvement in the use of a vacuum cleaner with a container or akvalitrom may appear a number of deficiencies that may lead to the rejection of its use.Knowing this, clever manufacturers produce models that can be used as container or aquafiltering and dust bag.

wet vacuum cleaning

These devices can clean and dry method, and "wet."In the latter case, water is sprayed on the floor, and then is sucked into the vacuum cleaner.This ability can help out when you need to quickly collect the spilled a puddle on the floor.It is very easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner like carpets, tiles, masonry.And wearing a special nozzle can to shine wash window panes.If you select a household vacuum cleaner detergent type, then we get a higher quality of cleaning.It suffices to use once a week, achieving the same purity as in the "dry" vacuum cleaner through the day.

Besides cleaning different surfaces, these devices can:

  • remove large debris (and even wet);
  • moisturize, purify and aromatize the air;
  • clean the blockage in the bathtub or sink.

Now cons.Price pattern with wash function in two and even three times higher than those that can remove only the dry method.In addition, not all furniture like wet cleaning.Do not tolerate such treatment and natural pile carpets, and noble parquet.For the frail woman or child to remove this vacuum cleaner will be difficult - it's big and heavy.And after each cleaning device has to be disassembled, cleaned and dried.Electricity consumption has enough large as the amount of detergent.By the way, when cleaning the carpet much of this money is still on it, leaving a vacuum cleaner ever.

The tank for clean and dirty water
Each such device has two container - 1 for pure water with detergent and 2 dirty water.

composition from the first reservoir through the hose is fed to a special nozzle, sprayed over their entire surface.In the second tank in the suction mode receives waste liquid.The supply of clean water can be adjusted independently.

The principle of the washing vacuum cleaner
1. Clean the cleaning solution.2. Spray.3. Spray the cleaning solution.4. Absorption of dirt.5. The collected dirt is moved to a special container.6. The direction of movement of the brush.

Those who are interested in vacuum cleaners, can be recommended to read more about them - they devoted a separate article (see link at the bottom of this article).And we continue to talk about the parameters that need to pay attention when choosing a vacuum cleaner.

optimum suction power

This characteristic is decisive when comparing similar models.Naturally, it is better to stay on the other, in which the suction power is more important.After all, this suggests a more efficient operation of the vacuum cleaner - means the apartment will be cleaned faster and cleaner.

Not to be confused with the suction power consumption.That it is usually indicated on the body of the vacuum cleaner in large numbers and is calculated in thousands of watts.So, one can often see these values: 1200, 1800, 2000, 1500 Watt.

This information shows how much power does this model.On the suction power on the body or the fine print, or not written at all.Then you need to look into the technical passport of the device and search for information there.


The problem is that until now to come up with a vacuum cleaner is not the standard by which to measure the power of suction.How, for example, washing or spinning class at the washing machine, which has long led to a common denominator world.Therefore, different manufacturers reported the suction power in different ways.For example, some of them began to measure this parameter airwatt.This item comes from the English system of measures and is not standardized worldwide.So the other part of the manufacturers indicates a suction power in watts.

usually decent manufacturing companies always indicate two values ​​of this characteristic: the maximum and nominal.This helps the user to choose a vacuum cleaner in the parameters.The fact is that the maximum power absorption takes place in the first few minutes of operation, and nominal - 5 - 10 minutes.Well, when these values ​​differ by 14-16 percent at the most.

If this indicator is between 300 and 350 watts, the vacuum cleaner handle the tiles, linoleum and a short-nap carpet.Owners of large apartments, pets or carpets with long pile, you can consult the model in which the suction power ranges from 350 to 500 watts.Especially good combination - low power consumption combined with high suction power.This means that the model belongs to the upper class.

effective filter to remove from the air as much as possible the percentage of particles of dirt and dust, it must be carefully filtered.Some vacuum cleaners are equipped with the elite class ten or twelve filters.Typically, this is just another ploy marketers.Let us examine more filtration system.When the air along with the debris and dust sucked into a vacuum cleaner, it falls into one of three devices: a bag or container aquafiltering.The largest dust particles are deposited there and small continue their way together with the air before reaching the engine filter.It protects the motor from dust.The air moves further and reaches the output filters.

most commonly used output microfilters electrostatic type, S device filters and fine filter - HEPA filters.Last name - an abbreviation which stands for «High Efficiency Particutate Air».If we translate this phrase, we get "highly clean air."Microparticles dust that can catch the output filters can have a size of 0.3 micron.Various filter models can have varying degrees of effectiveness and durability.

HEPA filter - a kind of accordion, composed of a special fiber material with a fiber diameter of 0.65 to 6.5 micron.Disposable filters made from fiberglass paper and reusable - of polytetrafluorethylene.PTFE products require periodic flushing - in this condition, you can enjoy them for a long time, as much as, and by the vacuum cleaner.The efficiency of HEPA filter defines a European standard - the norm EN 1822. Further - more in HEPA-type models.

HEPA filter
One of the embodiments of the HEPA filter.

releasing today vacuums are usually equipped with a HEPA filter or HEPA H 13 H 12 HEPA H 11. Much less can find the device that uses a HEPA H 10. A number that indicates the end, determines the degree of air purification.The higher the value, the more effective the filter system works.The cost of the vacuum cleaner increases.But for those who suffer from asthma and allergies, save on their health is not worth it.Experts know how to choose a good vacuum cleaner for this category of people - a model where there are HEPA filters of H 13 or higher.They not only all the dust (even the small) is removed from the air and tobacco smoke, and pollen.

When buying a vacuum cleaner to keep in mind that the filters for fine purification, not all models are included.Often, they have to be purchased separately.Sales are HEPA filters of several types - and they are reusable and replaceable.

Filter name and labeling percentage of removed particles,%
HEPA H 10 85
HEPA H 11 95
HEPA H 12 99,5
HEPA H 13 99,95
HEPA H 14 99,995
HEPA (ULPA) H 15 99,9995
HEPA (ULPA) H 16 99,99995

should also mention S filters - devices even higher levels of purification.Their degree of trapping allergens and fine dust - 99.97 percent.They can also be replaceable or reusable.They require washing or replacement only once a year.

management system cleaner

In this case, we are talking about a system that includes a vacuum cleaner, turns it off and adjusts the suction power.Usually this are buttons on the handset or the lever on the control panel or cabinet.Control Vacuum may be electronic or mechanical.

1. mechanical system .The mechanical system - a rotator or the slide switch located on the fixture.With the help of regulated power.Such a system has some disadvantages.When cleaning, changing the power, we have to bend to the body of the instrument and the possibility of its adjustment is limited to fixed values.

2. Electronic .Electronic - control rheostat type, which allows smoothly change the power, just as the sound is regulated in the radio.It was not clear moments?