How to wash your windows properly and without divorce

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09 April 2016

Every self-respecting hostess monitors the cleanliness of windows.On average, the wet cleaning windows takes place every three months.But if your apartment is located on the first floor, you may need to wash your windows more often so they gets more dust and dirt.Surely everyone knows how to wash the windows, but not everyone gets it right.In this article, we will focus on how and what better to wash the windows.

How to wash your windows properly and without streaks - Tips and Secrets


  1. tools needed for washing windows, there are in every house
  2. Spend a little preparation
  3. choice of detergent
  4. Video: Comparison of means for washing windows
  5. Stages washing windows
  6. Some features washing plastic windows
  7. Care Tips windows
  8. Video: About how to properly wash the windows!

tools needed for washing windows, there are in every house

Sponge. desirable that one side of the jaw was rigid.So you can easily get rid of stubborn dirt.

wiper.It is also called screed or sgonki.With this device,

you will not only understand how to properly wash the windows, but also like it to do.The wiper can be on a long handle, then you do not need to once again climb up on a chair or window sill.There is particularly convenient pattern with a sponge on one side and on the other sgonki.

detergent. It can be anything.On the choice of means for washing windows, we discuss in more detail further in the text.
piece of dry cloth.You can use cotton fabric, you can take a piece of genuine suede, linen or nonwoven fabric.The main condition - it should absorb water well.

pelvis or bucket. you need any container with water.First, in order to dissolve the detergent and then to rinse the glass with clean water.

Spend a little preparation

To start sill free of foreign objects (flower pots, vases, household appliances).And all the tools are located in the zone reach.Do not pour a lot of water in a bucket or basin to avoid splashing it around.To determine in advance what you'll wash the windows outside.Well, if it is a separate sponge, because the reverse side of the glass is much dirtier.

for wet cleaning is best to choose cloudy, windless weather.Otherwise, direct sunlight glass will dry quickly, and then wash the windows without streaks fail.

choice of detergent

So, my window.If you have windows with wooden frames painted, use a cleaning liquid cleaner, soapy water, or add to water ammonia at the rate of 2 tablespoons per 1 liter of water.Do not use baking soda, as the paint on it dims.

better wash plastic windows?The main thing - do not use abrasive powders or rough washcloth.To avoid damaging sensitive to mechanical impact plastic.To wash the plastic window can be any liquid agent.

There is another way, a time-tested - is the use of chalk.For this purpose, it should pound and dissolve in water (2-3 tbsp. L. 1, a glass of water).Then wipe with a solution of chalk glass, let it dry out a bit and thoroughly rub it with newspapers.

This method really works, but it is quite time-consuming.It is much easier to wash the windows use modern synthetic means.It may be in any form - powder, gel or paste.The choice of detergent on the market is huge and they do an excellent job with their task.

When choosing pay attention to its composition, because some components may cause an allergic reaction.Basically, they consist of water, ammonia, a surfactant, and auxiliary acids and alcohols, dissolving the dirt.

Video: Comparison of means for washing windows

Stages washing windows

my frame. Always wash the windows start with cleaning and washing of the frame and then move on to the glass.Very often admit error Getting to wash the glass, and then frame.

Clean dirt from the main window. soak the sponge in water with dissolved detergent, and thoroughly wet the glass surface.Then, without missing a centimeter, clean the window, driving down the dirt with a sponge.Remember that the main pollution are located at the junctions of the glass and frame.Therefore, the conclusion of the first stage, draw a sponge on the perimeter of the window, increasing the pressure.When you wash the plastic windows from the outside, use a brush with a long handle.Be aware of security measures, and avoid sudden movements.

Fine wash. to clean the windows, you will need dry wiper.Spend sgonki on the glass, starting from the top.Maintain the angle of 20-30 degrees.The move must be strictly horizontal, each time overlapping portion scrubbed a couple of centimeters.Wipe dry with a wiper gum after each pass.This is the most important moment in the entire wash and dry cloths may need much.Wet screed will leave streaks on the glass.Together with rags, you can use old newspapers.

If no tie, then the best and time-tested, means for cleaning the windows will flannel cloth.

Fine washing windows
movement of the wiper on the glass surface.

Some features washing plastic windows

for proper washing of plastic windows and preserve their functionality to pay attention to the following points:

1. If your design of plastic windows has a special coating or spraying, do not be afraid to wash them, becauseare all applied to the inner side of the glass.

2. Pay special attention to the care of metal fittings, rubber seals and drainage holes:

  • The hardware after washing and drying, lubricate with engine oil.
  • on a special rubber seal, apply silicone grease.It will protect from drying out and cracking.

Grease fittings plastic window
lubrication fittings plastic window. Photo -

3. drainage outfalls must always be clean.Contamination can lead to the fact that the window will fog up and freeze in winter.On sale there are special kits to care for plastic windows, which contain all the necessary tools.

Arrangement of various elements of hardware plastic window
Look where is each of the elements of plastic window accessories.
Photo -

Care Tips windows

1. After cleaning, wipe the windows with a solution of vinegar.The smell will drive away the flies and glass stay clean longer.

2. Take a strong solution of common salt (2 tbsp. L. To 1 cup of water) and apply it to the glass - so the windows do not freeze at longer frosts.

3. small cracks on the glass can be treated outside of colorless nail polish.It is invisible and lasts a long time.

4. window to remain clean for longer, they can be wiped with a mixture of water (30 g), glycerol (70g) and a couple of drops of ammonia.When the glass is dry, it will be a thin protective film.

reading this article, you learned how to wash the windows and the right to choose any detergents, and how to fix the result.Catching wash the windows, especially on the outside, do not forget about safety.

Video: About how to properly wash the windows!

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