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10 April 2016

Green - the color of abundance, wealth and prosperity.Although to give the interior a modern stylish appearance, they tend to use neutral colors such as white, gray or muted brown color accents are gaining in popularity.In many cases, the difference between the ordinary, uninhabited house and that seems attractive and warm, is a light kiss of color in an elegant and delicate form.Green is one of the contrasting colors, which really fits in well with tasteful modern interiors.

What goes green color in the interior


  1. air of novelty in the living room
  2. soothing and relaxed bedrooms
  3. ideal solution for modern kitchen
  4. Best vacation

Green has such universalshades that match the right is usually not difficult.Green - the color, which is an integral part of nature, so as part of our house we make it much easier than many other colors.Here are a few inspirational ideas that should help you make a choice in favor of the right shade of green as an accent color.

Stylish modern living room
elegant modern lounge with a variety of shades of green, uniformly distributed throughout the room.
Photo courtesy of Daniel Sheehan.

fruits, plants and vases naturally and easily add green to the living room in neutral colors.
Photo courtesy Leclair Décor.

Gray living room with green patches
gray room with soft splashes of yellow and green.
Photo courtesy Found Design.

room interior in green can be calming and relaxing, provided that the shade is chosen correctly.
Photo courtesy Gacek Design Group.

Kitchen with light green color
modern kitchen, which features a subtle shades of pale lemon-green color.
Photo courtesy Alterstudio.

Using a color accent in more than one place creates a sense of inner balance.
Photo courtesy of Prestige Builders.

Contrast Wall
Contrast wall - is still the most popular way to add color to a modern interior.
Photo courtesy of Panache Interiors.

Elegant greenish-yellow interior door.
Photo courtesy Intexure Architects.

Modern living room in white, gray and green colors
Modern living room in white and gray tones with a potted plant as a contrast of green spots.

Apple-green decor
apple-green decor in the general light background living.
Photo courtesy FrontPorch.

air of novelty in the living room

green as an accent color in the living room is used relatively infrequently.Paint one wall in a contrasting shade of green - this is not the only opportunity to bring color to the interior.The easiest and aesthetic goal in this respect is contrasting fabric.Lovely light green curtains and cushions, photo frames apple-green or even a houseplant in the corner will help to break the monotony of a neutral background.Or you can just put a glass vase suitable shade - it is better and easier.

The curtains and sofa combined with contrasting wall
curtains and sofa, combined with contrasting wall colors light green moss.

Green and blue in combination with green
green and blue colors used along with white and gray, the owners give this room a cheerful mood.
Photo courtesy of Tara Bussema.

Shades of blue in combination with green
soothing shades of blue in combination with a stylish green accents.
Photo courtesy KannCept Design.

Let the natural greenery outside, too, will become part of your interior.
Photo courtesy LK DeFrances & amp;Associates.

When designing the room and the selection of colors the best option is to follow the inspiration that nature gives us.Here the green is out of competition.In this aspect, it compares favorably with other colors, is a leader among them.

accessories and decor are the perfect way to introduce color in the interior!
Photo courtesy Tobi Fairley Interior Design.

Green and turquoise sofa cushions
green sofa and beautiful turquoise cushions provide a contrast of colors.
Photo courtesy Niki Papadopoulos.

various shades of green in the interior of this room is organically connected together.
Photo courtesy of Martha O'Hara Interiors.

Contrast Green
contrast green chairs and cushions gives freshness of the room in neutral colors.

Notice how the lime green in the paintings is complemented by green cushions.
Photo courtesy Carlyn And Company Interiors + Design.

Green furniture in a modern interior
Green furniture does not seem alien element in the classic interior of the living room.
Photo courtesy of J. Hettinger Interiors.

green accents seem much more attractive with the right lighting.
Photo courtesy of Heather Kleim.

Yellow-green accents - exquisitely-refined and ultra-modern at the same time.
Photo courtesy of Anderson Design Studio.

What green color in the interior combines not just good, but excellent, so it's orange.
Photo courtesy of Alan Mascord Design Associates.

soothing and relaxed bedrooms

As we said above, adding to the interior of the green is very fashionable trend.As some lighter shades of colors create a soothing atmosphere, they are a good choice for bedrooms.But stay away from the dark and bright colors, decorated interior destinations.Remember that the more neutral background you choose, the greater will be the effect of color accents.If you want to create a unique bedroom, think about mixing the two contrasting colors.Surprisingly good with different shades of green, orange and purple combination.

Master bedroom with green headboard
bedroom with a beautiful green headboard and lots of natural greenery.
Photo courtesy ON Design Architects.

Bring green accents in the room without holding it repairs can use decor and furniture.

delicate use of light green tint in the bedroom.
Photo courtesy of Maria Killam.

Bertoia Diamond Chair added that gray bedroom green freshness.
Photo courtesy Dijeau Poage Construction.

green print on the pillow overshadows all the other colors.
Photo courtesy of Mark Pinkerton / Vi360 photography.

Bedroom in black and white with green accents
bedroom in black and white with accents of green fabric.
Photo courtesy of Nico van der Meulen Architects.

perfect example of the use of contrasting fabrics in the bedroom.
Photo courtesy Crisp Architects.

simple addition of lime green colors stand out due to the excellent background of subdued interior.
Photo courtesy of Legrand.

ideal solution for modern kitchen

One of the most popular color trend is the use of green in the bathroom and the kitchen.Not that we dissuade you make it an integral part of the other rooms in your home!But remember that there is a clear distinction between the kitchen, where the green is becoming inclusive, and other facilities that use it only as an accent.Many manufacturers offer modern kitchen furniture cabinets in a shaker-style, which comes in various shades of green.On the pristine white they look very bright.For those who is not a supporter of extravagance, you can find a simple solution: one or two pots of plants and a few green apples will be a great addition to the kitchen in muted tones.

amazing combination of green interior with natural greenery outside the window!

Ware painted window frame and fresh vegetables gently add green to the interior of the kitchen.
Photo courtesy Vendome Press.

Pendant lights over the kitchen island table, and fresh apples, bringing green.
Photo courtesy Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders.

Green is the main color in the world, precisely because it appears the beauty of nature.In combination with natural textures and organic elements it is ideal for the modern kitchen space.

glossy green floors are a unique way to add color kitchen.
Photo courtesy Merzbau Design Collective.

green wall niches even neutral space gives a vivid appeal.
Photo courtesy NOA Architecture Planning Interiors.

Green LED lighting
green LED lighting is used as a source of contrasting color in the living room and kitchen combined into a single space.
Photo courtesy of BJ Armstrong Custom Homes.

stylish pendant lamps are an ideal way to add color to the kitchen.

Pot plants on the dining table and sofa cushions used to add subtle touches of green.
photo provided Sabal Homes.

Beautiful yellow-green wall transforms into a stylish staircase sculpture that instantly attracts attention.
Photo courtesy of Chelsea Atelier Architect.

high branches of greenery in a glass vase becomes the focal point of the space.
Photo courtesy MusaDesign Interior Design.

Best vacation

bathroom, dining area and living room are ideally suited to add a little green.In the bathroom, the green is especially tempting.You can use it as a primary color tiles.If you are not happy with the thought that you have to re-do the repair, then just add the white bathroom gorgeous green towels, and you will feel the difference almost immediately.And while green can be added in many different ways, ranging from painting and finishing decor, plants are still the best and probably the most popular option for this!

Add brightness hallway with the green door, released on a neutral background.
Photo courtesy Feldman Architecture.

Mirrors and green color of the walls in the interior of the bathroom emphasize its appeal.
Photo courtesy Rossington Architecture.

embossed green carpet literally attracts attention.
Photo courtesy Amoroso Design.

its light touch of green in the white bathroom there is a whiff of freshness.
Courtesy of Divine Kitchens.

You can change the color accents in the bathroom, just outweighing towels!
Photo courtesy Within Design.

Artworks on the wall - it's a great way to add a contrasting shade.
Photo courtesy of Theo Flamenbaum Interiors.

great way to add green!
Photo courtesy Leclair Décor.

transform your interior with bright furniture.
Photo courtesy Artistic Designs for Living.

not like green floor?Make a green roof!
Photo courtesy Mona Ives.

towels and a rug - the easiest way to add green accents in the bathroom, done in muted tones.
Photo courtesy of USI Design & amp;Remodeling.

Translation source: http://www.decoist.com

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