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10 April 2016

Hammer - thing in the economy is necessary.Especially if the walls of the house are made of concrete or brick.These materials are typically holes with a drill, even equipped with a percussion mechanism - no easy task.And, if necessary, to dismantle a piece of the wall and did not work without the gun.But some punch to buy the house - light or heavy, home or professional?The answer to this question in our new material.

What a punch better to buy home


  1. characteristics sufficient for rotary household type
  2. Select brand
  3. Video: Choosing the best punch for home

Features sufficientfor rotary household type

Determine the class of instrument

to navigate in a variety of these tools deal with their classification.This will help you punch with the right characteristics.

However, the classes a little - only three:

  • light class hammers weigh 4 kilograms or less.They are something most often bought for household use.And if anywhere mention the punch f
    or home, as a rule, this is an easy tool.It is used mainly for punching.
  • Hammers, belonging to the middle class will be "more impressive".They may have a weight of 5 to 8 kg.With a very good impact strength (up to eight joules), they can even become a solid array of ruin.Or smooth out the bumps on the surface of concrete, easily chipping all unnecessary.
  • Hammers heavy class - a tool for the "pros."They weigh more than 8 kilograms, having excellent functionality.This powerful device can punch a hole in any, even the most hard surfaces.

force with which it strikes

This feature, also called impact energy, measured in Joules and is decisive for such devices.After all, it depends on how deep the drill is able to plunge into the material.For light perforators household type, this value does not exceed 1 - 2 Joules.Keep in mind that at low impact energy to punch holes properly, you can not.It will work like a hammer impact drill.

drill fastening system

Systems for the connection to the device is also drill three.They affect the behavior of the device during use, as well as its reliability.

The fastening system of the drill

system - SDS plus - used in small rotary hammers (up to four kilograms in weight).Such a device can make holes with a diameter of no more than three centimeters.It is convenient and compact, so use at home more often it is they are equipped with a domestic model.

In addition to this type of fastening drill tooling can be purchased, as they say on every corner, in contrast to the tooling for a rare system SDS max, which in some small stores can not meet.About

power puncher

This figure is not fundamental.Even the best puncher house has a capacity lower than any drill.After punching in the energy is much less than when drilling.Boer punch should not spin as fast as the drill from the drill.And in order to achieve high speed need a lot of energy.Light drills, ranging from 400 to 800 watts, well suited for home repairs.They can be called the most popular.

choose the number of operating modes

number of these modes is again three.There are perforators as a single mode of operation, and with two or three modes.

  • puncher with one operating mode is similar in its functionality in the drill.He easily drill a wood or metal surface.
  • Hammers with two modes can do more kinds of work.They can not just drill, drill and connect with axial translational movements (strokes) of the working part.
  • Hammer with three modes has all the features of previous types of devices.Furthermore, it may perform a non-rotating tooling punches.In this case, it turns on the third mode - the net impact.

choosing a particular model, carefully study the instructions.They pointed out how many modes there is a particular device.Indeed, any model can be the difference is in this parameter.

Modes of operation
In my opinion the best is to have 3 operating modes.


Hammer can be a straight shape and curved at a right angle in the form of the Latin letter «L».

L-shaped punch
The angular models motor is arranged vertically, and its cooling by reducing the length is more intense.

Because of these design features continuous operation at the time of this type of device longer than the models straight form.And they share the lead.However, angle drills are not without drawbacks, and, which is the solid weight and dimensions.

Narrow punch
therefore wield this hammer is often less convenient than the instrument of direct form.

Optimum performance for domestic punch

To cope with the unyielding concrete walls rapidly punching in diameter from 1.6 to 2.0 cm, we need a device with the following parameters:

  • power - is between 500 and 800 W.
  • Shot Power - in the range between 1.2 and 2.2 J.
  • modes - three.This is a simple rotation, rotation, accompanied by blows and kicks, which are carried out without rotation.
  • to change the engine speed should have a special regulator.
  • tool is equipped with a special protective sleeve, which prevents possible jamming of the drill to the surface for processing.
  • Very handy when for attachment and removal of the drill shank to the cartridge unit does not need special keys.This requirement meets the mounting system SDS-Plus.
  • very good if included will go cartridge to go to the usual drill, then the hammer drill can be used as equipping it with various attachments.

Select brand

Even a cursory glance at the drills in the shop, you can often see at a glance where there are tools, household, and where - professional.After all, they are for the convenience painted by manufacturers in two different colors.To determine what is best to buy punch for home (ie home) look at the brands listed below.This MAKITA, BOSCH, Hitachi, STERN.And now each of the manufacturers tell you more.

Hammers MAKITA

Household punchers Japanese company Makita - easy, convenient and reliable device.If you want to make minor repairs in the office or at home, hang shelves, make a recess for the wiring, the Makita perfectly perform all the tasks.Operating mode switch (from conventional drilling to drilling mode impact) of these devices is located at the rear.It also includes a handle and reverse.

Hammers Makita
most popular for use in the home model: Makita HR2450 (in the photo it was he), Makita HR2470 and Makita HR2470FT.

Key Features:

  • power - no more than 700 watts;
  • impact force - 3 J;
  • engine speed in one minute - not more than 4500.

Hammers BOSCH

German hammers Bosch, made with the latest technologies, is more reliable and high quality.They clearly triggered electronics, time-proven, almost fails.It provides the most accurate adjustment of the speed of rotation of the drill.If you find this tool in the store brand of blue, then you know that this hammer is designed for professional artists.

Hammers Bosch
Those who are looking for a device for home use, you need to pay attention to the model, painted in green color.What advise on specific models will not, a lot of them and the quality of them all at the appropriate level.

Hammers Hitachi

These drills come from Japan.If you will only perform work on making holes for fasteners, then pay attention to low-power lightweight model Hitachi DH22PG.It has two modes, light as a feather, and cope with the bulk of household tasks.In principle, and some professional work of this "kid" on the shoulder.After all, he develops a good torque to overcome the hardest obstacles.

Hammers Hitachi
With it you do not get tired - very comfortable handle and light weight will not allow this.

Here are his characteristics:

  • Power - 620 W;
  • impact force - 1.4 J;
  • revolutions per one minute - 1500;
  • weight - 1.9 kg.

Hammers STERN

This Austrian brand.Reliable and trustworthy, but is only suitable for those who are confident in their abilities.It hammers it produces very weighty.This professional and consumer models, the power ranging from 620 to 1250 watts.Company Stern does not like frills, it drills the austere minimalism.They have a button to turn on, which is sinking, you can work for a long time, as well as the mode switch (there are three in this model) and that's it.No further details on the case are not provided.

Hammer Stern
However, sometimes the body has more control frequency.

Video: Choosing the best punch for home

  • reviews rotary hammers of different brands and types of appointments

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