How to choose a mattress for the bed, taking into account all the nuances

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10 April 2016

On how well we sleep enough, much depends on the mood and performance.And it is a shame, giving sleep due time, in the morning to feel overwhelmed and lethargic.This happens when the mattress proved wrong chosen.Perhaps we should discuss how to choose a mattress for a bed - and that it was convenient, and useful to the body.

How to choose a mattress spring or springless


  1. We select the size of the mattress under the bed
  2. spring or springless mattress
  3. Determine the hardness of the mattress
  4. mattress meet for upholstery - choose upholstery
  5. Features choice of mattressfor a double bed
  6. Video: How to choose the mattress of their features and device

We select the size of the mattress under the bed

Before buying a mattress need to very accurately measure the inner perimeter of your bed.We take out the old mattress, then take measurements with a tape measure berth.It may be tempting to measure pulling the mattress - it's easier.But this is no

t necessary, as it will eventually change the dimensions of the inevitable deformation.By the way, when buying a new bed is not necessary to take measurements - in the data sheet must contain all of the dimensions.

Measurement bed
Measure the inner perimeter of the bed.

happens that performed measurements produce unusual results.For example, instead of 80 cm width turns 79 or 83 cm. Keep in mind that the discrepancy of up to 1 cm is quite acceptable (for size 79 bed 201 cm safely buy a standard mattress 80 to 200 cm).But if the difference is 2 cm or more, you'll have to purchase the product to order.Otherwise the mattress will not fit into either opening the bed, or it will hang.In the latter case quickly wear case that has to be changed frequently.

Buying American mattress for a bed, made in Europe (or vice versa), be prepared for the fact that it will be quite difficult.European measures based on the length of centimeters, unlike US whose starting point - inch.Take one of the standard American size mattress for the bed - 60 to 80 inches.If we convert inches to centimeters, we get the numbers with fractions;width of 152.4 cm and a length of 203 cm. The standard two-meter length of the original European products less, and the width is very different.Thus, the mattress 160 cm is too large, and the size of the next in the line - 140 cm. This is too little.

You can use one of three options:

# 1. easiest and the bed and mattress to buy from the same manufacturer.They exactly fit together perfectly.

# 2. If you can not buy the products of one brand, you should choose the mattress is made in the same country, which made the bed.

# 3. can produce a mattress in size, referring to one of the manufacturers.Domestic factories willingly provide such a service (free of charge, of course).
In fact, many well-known European factories producing expensive and prestigious products, treat their customers with all the attention.They each model is presented in all sizes (European and American).Moreover, the price of the product is usually fixed.It's the premium-class, and so is very expensive.

spring or springless mattress

There are two main types of mattresses - with spring inside at all without it.In turn, the spring units can also have different designs, which are based on the name of the independent or dependent.

mattress on springs

# 1. dependent spring blocks.

begin with a description of dependent spring blocks - as they are called, because when pressing on one of the springs and all the other are set in motion.This option is cheaper, but it has a drawback.After a while, these mattresses strongly stretched in the middle - it turns a kind of hammock.And if such a bed sleeping two, the easier spouse inevitably comes to someone who is heavier.So it is better to leave dependent spring design for the garden or other short-term use.

The device dependent mattress with box spring
device mattress with dependent spring block: 1 - padding of the mattress;2 - dependent spring block of springs;3 - felt layer;4 - polyurethane foam (foam).5 - the perimeter of the foam.

Block Bonnel
Appearance Bonnel spring block with dependent springs.

Mattress with a dependent spring block
mattress on the basis of a dependent spring block.

# 2. independent units - convenient, but expensive.

here each spring and is working separately from the others, it lies in cheholchik from a special fabric - spunbond.Used like a mattress for a long time, and no sagging had not observed.But the price he is high enough.

And what a spring mattress to choose a bed that he had served long and had a reasonable price?Surely many have such a desire.Well, then look model with spring block TFK - they are the most cost.Per square meter of the surface in this block has 250 springs.More expensive design of the S 1000 has a spring 500 and S 2000 - 2 times more.

proportion to the price and the number of springs increases and the effect of the orthopedic mattress.Such goods are worth buying for the bed where you sleep all the time.

The unit of the mattress with independent spring block
device mattress with independent spring block: 1 - Coir;2 - a layer of latex;3 - spring is in the bag;4 - mattress cover;5 - the perimeter of the mattress (usually made of polyurethane);6 - independent spring block;7 - Coir.

Spring Feed
each spring sewn into the cover, resulting in here are ribbons of which are collected and independent spring units.

Mattress with independent spring block
mattress on the basis of an independent spring block.

Mattresses without springs

As the name implies - is a mattress without springs, they have a simple device.

The device springless mattress
device springless mattress: 1 - mattress cover;2 - layer coconut coir;3 - a layer of latex.

These products differ in the filler, which is inside them.As mentioned above, the more expensive models are valued, which are filled with natural materials.This latex, which has elasticity and anti-allergenic, and coconut (coir), able to give the product rigidity.

Natural filling of the mattress
springless mattresses filled with natural latex and coconut coir.

However, they are quite popular and affordable types of mattresses for the beds, which are filled with artificial materials.This, in particular, of polyurethane (foam), synthetic latex, and hollofayber.Naturally, they serve somewhat less than the product with natural materials inside.But then, their price is much lower.

Synthetic filling mattress
Springless mattress made of polyurethane foam (foam rubber) and coconut coir.

Determine the hardness of the mattress

If you sleep on a mattress is too hard, the weight can be distributed unevenly.Especially discomfort while there are in the region of the shoulders and hips.After all, the greatest burden falls on these areas.And in the morning, waking up to such a mattress, feels slightly beaten.However, deciding which one is best to buy a mattress for a bed, do not go to the other extreme.Too soft, too, the product will give full sleep - too be stretched muscles and ligaments.

If a person thin and light, it would not hurt the soft mattress - people who weigh less than 55 kilograms will be fine on it to get enough sleep.Those who have an average weight - 55 to 90 kilograms - you can buy a mattress having high rigidity.But the "heavyweights" of 90 kilograms and more than worth a look in the direction of more stringent product.In this case, it is not necessary to be afraid of the discomfort during sleep - everything will be in order.On the bed, and will sit comfortably as the edge of the mattress probably will not bend.

Mattress with different rigidity
1. Latex;2. Coir.In the photo you can see both sides of the reversible mattress which have different stiffness.This is achieved by the fact that the last layer on one side is the coconut coir, and the other layer of latex.Mattresses with different rigidity are both springless and spring units (see photo).They can be useful for those who can not pinpoint it with the necessary rigidity.

What better use of fillers mattress

It filler located above the block of springs and under it, defines the characteristics of stiffness and elasticity of the mattress.The best is "breathing" natural fillers, which also serve long enough.However, they have a drawback - quite a high price.We can say one thing to those whose weight exceeded per hundredweight, is still choose a natural filling, is extremely resistant to wear.

Hardness often depends on the thickness and type of filler.One of the natural materials most often used in mattresses is smiling coconut coir.It is often used to give the mattress a certain rigidity.

If the thickness of the material is only one centimeter, we obtain a product with an average hardness.But three centimeters coir give a very hard mattress.

Another popular natural filler - latex is.Latex unlike coconut softens the surface and making it more flexible and comfortable.

Besides natural, and use a lot of artificial fillers.One of the most popular is the polyurethane foam, commonly called foam.And it is made and premium mattresses, and cheap low cost products.

Foam rubber
However, in any case, the foam - the cheapest of the excipients.It may not only be different thickness and density, but also the quality of production.

studying what are mattresses for beds, consider another vehicle, is considered one of the elite - it hollofayber.Although artificial origin, it is not inferior to natural fillers (and sometimes exceed them).Hollofaybera homogeneous structure created by the large number of small spirals.

products has excellent keeping you warm, breathable, does not absorb moisture and odors.They will not lose their attractive appearance, not deformed.There are all the best features of the mattress as the spring, and springless type.

meet Mattress Upholstery - choose upholstery

When we come to the store mattresses, you must first pay attention to their appearance.Here manufacturers and try to clothe their products into beautiful covers, pleasant to the touch.Furthermore, it is important that the interior is sufficiently strong, capable of withstanding many years of operation.Images and textures mattress covers, offered today, shine diversity.Some can be turned to the wrong side having a different coloring.

used for sewing slipcovers strong natural (cotton, linen) or synthetic (polypropylene and polyester) fabric.Increases the strength and elasticity of the particular impregnation.There are anti-allergenic impregnation, as well as those that protect against dust.This diversity increases the range of the mattress for the bed.The final decision should be made based on your own needs.

Features selecting a mattress for a double bed

Compared with twin mattresses and a semi, double products must be adapted to the higher stresses.After sleeping on them will not one person, but two of them.So there is need sufficient elasticity, rigidity and resistance to wear.

especially difficult in cases when the weight of the couple who own the bed is different.Here is an example.My wife, for example, small and slim, and it weighs just 48 kilograms.And her husband, strong, tall and pumped, has a weight of almost twice as much - 90 kilograms.It turns out that when choosing a mattress to one person will always be uncomfortable to sleep.For example, buying a soft product, you can make comfortable sleep a fragile woman.Well, hard or semi-hard mattress will suit only her husband, but she is not very comfortable.

However, it is possible to rectify this situation.It allows very large bed instead of one large mattress to put two more narrow.

It is most preferably:

  • Some isolation will make it possible not to wake her "soul mate", tossing and turning in his sleep.
  • can buy two mattresses of different hardness, all of which will optimally fit the complexion and weight of the one who sleeps on it.
  • And do not be confused by a small gap between the mattress - it is easy to eliminate.Enough to buy a thin mattress pad, which is a mat without springs.It will connect the two into one bed.

However, there are some families where not want to think about the individual mattresses, preferring to sleep side by side, quite close to each other.Well - the spouses are entitled to it.They can buy a model with two sides having different stiffness.Let one of them will be in a tough measure, and the opposite - very soft.First, you need to experiment, turning the mattress.Then it is already possible to draw a conclusion on which side to sleep better both spouses.We believe the above tips will help you understand how to choose the right mattress to bed.

Video: How to choose the mattress of their features and device

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