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09 April 2016

This collection of colorful kitchens serve for you inspiration and tell me how to mix and match different colors and shades in the interior of your kitchen.

The use and combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen


  1. Ledenisto blue + white + blue-gray
  2. apple green + white + dark brown
  3. Dark Blue + snowy
  4. Burnt Orange+ teal
  5. Copper Red + cream
  6. White + light blue + royal blue
  7. Grey + White
  8. oil + lemon + Black
  9. Orange + Black + Grey
  10. Gray Light Blue + Chocolate + Black
  11. Orange + White
  12. Coral + bright green with a yellowish tint
  13. Yellow + chartreuse + white
  14. White + Purple + Black
  15. Orange + Green
  16. Grayish Green + Golden
  17. Red + White + Blue
  18. COCOA + celadon
  19. Grey + Blue + White
  20. Hazel + White + Black
  21. White + Blue + Green

Ledenisto blue + white + blue-gray

right combination of colors ininterior of the kitchen - no easy task, but in this case designers coped with it admirably.This magnificent spacious kitchen full of light.This abundance of natural light, is further

emphasized sheathed ceiling white boards and white furniture, and give rise to a feeling of spaciousness.The blue color of the island table contrasts his snow-white marble countertop.Metal handles on the cabinets and drawers give the room a refined luster.It adheres luster and bluish-gray tile, which laid out a kitchen apron.A reddish-brown floor space of the kitchen adds warmth, which abound in this cool colors is clearly not enough.

blue, white and gray color in the interior

apple green + white + dark brown

contrast between the ultra-modern cabinets and aged wood makes this kitchen inimitable, unique in its kind.Production roughness present in the shape of the room, underlined by simple metal lamps, steel stools and bright apple-green furniture.If it were not an abundance of sunlight, could be tempted to quickly expel this kitchen all dark wood, to get rid of the feeling of being in an old warehouse.However, perfectly contrasted with the old wood ceilings and floors are not only natural light, but also the white-paneled walls.


Dark Blue + snowy

Parquet floors give this kitchen a strict style in which, at first glance, does not really fit the modern appliances and other elements are present here.White ceramic tile "Metro", the people often called "wild boar" and radiant white countertops challenge dark blue cabinets.Read the voltage is shiny steel handles, are the attributes of professionalism and quality.A abstract chandelier with its pure white color and intricate lines added to this room is also a touch of sophistication and refinement.


Burnt Orange + teal

combination Burning orange and very bright greenish-blue makes this kitchen unique.Warm orange walls and floors of dark wood adjacent to the cold blue and cream-white hues.Turquoise and orange in glass tableware cabinets repeats colors cuisine.But placed above cabinets porcelain dishes created some unexpected splash of color is indigo.


Copper Red + cream

unique combination of copper and cream colors give the kitchen a fresh, modern look, which is based only on natural shades.Iron lamps handmade island on the table bring one more metal in combination copper hood and stainless steel gas stove and water tap.The unique nature of the cutting surface of the island created by the use of the table for its production of recovered wood chestnut.Mosaic apron consists of dark chocolate, cream, copper red tiles with small patches of blue.Copper theme can be traced in other parts of the kitchen, which greatly contribute to numerous copper pans and other kitchen utensils.


White + light blue + royal blue

selection of different tones and shades of blue in this kitchen creates a color palette inspiration of water, which soothes and calms.Against the backdrop of cobalt blue blue facades countertops cabinets is lost, and they seem to be almost white.The yellow-brownish tint island countertop table and wood floor gives rise to associations with the color of sand - the right "neighbor" to others the cool tones of water.The heat in the interior of the kitchen add a pair of brass hanging lamps and wooden bar stools.


Grey + White

combination of gray and white seems to be soft and soothing, yet you do not add to it accessories and color accents.This creates a feeling of serenity kitchen bright spot animating contrast look elegant red porcelain plates, is located on an open shelf, integrated in a gray kitchen set in a shaker-style.Behind the glass doors of cabinets kept white dishes, but also there will be a harmonious look and red.Mimics the brick white ceramic tiles "Metro", which is made from the apron, is an elegant frame gooseneck faucet.


oil + lemon + Black

combination of yellow and green is often associated with the tropical heat, but when you add to this mix iridescent glass mosaic, stainless steel, polished black granite and brass, you get something exotic.Charcoal gray island table with top made of stainless steel gives the interior a certain fundamental.


Orange + Black + Grey

This stunning modern appartment bright orange cabinets with black and gray tiles countertops and adds dramatic black picture frames, windows, but it does not gives rise to associations with Halloween.Pendant lights in steel mesh and stainless steel column is added to the room shine, though they have very different textures.


Gray Light Blue + Chocolate + Black

soothing tones of gray, brown and black colors in the interior of the kitchen create an atmosphere of naturalness.The same feelings arise when looking at the honey-colored wooden flooring.Extra touches of black brings to the interior furniture fittings and bar stools.


Orange + White

Bright orange walls create a dynamic backdrop for staggered white cabinets with black eye-catching accessories.Against the background of warm neutral tones and tile countertops apron bright orange color is particularly catchy and impressive and draws attention to the wooden cabinet.


Coral + bright green with a yellowish tint

colors that were required to give this kitchen a fantastic, bizarre species seem to have been found in one of the Impressionist canvases.Bright colors are literally overwhelmed with the space - and here warm coral walls, green and cold interior of chairs, and chartreuse mat.However, the white cabinets and small black accents do not give this tropical palette become overwhelming.Striped fabric on the cabinet door is added to this volatile mix a little playful mood.


Yellow + chartreuse + white

golden-yellow and beige cabinets countertops made of artificial stone allow a pale green and white patterned tiles apron colors dominate in the sunny kitchen.


White + Purple + Black

Thanks to the huge windows in the kitchen cool tones full sunlight, which prevents it from becoming dreary;cheerless space resembling a cave.Purple and black wall cabinets are combined with stainless steel, glass, and snow-white accents, which gives the room a fresh feeling.Stainless steel products are added live shine and scatter too dark interior colors.


Orange + Green

cabinets and shelves made from processed natural maple make this kitchen a few ordinary, but citrus shades of orange and green gives it a special personality.The white color of the walls, tiles and electric apron posing in a tiny room a feeling of spaciousness.


Grayish Green + Golden

sage greens and gold maple abound in this modern kitchen.They are everywhere - from the brilliant mosaic apron to colorful tiles.Maple counters are topped with granite counter tops, creating a neutral background, which allows enhancement of neutral colors - white chandeliers, lamps matt stainless steel and aluminum bar stool - just shine.


Red + White + Blue

to create a classic color palette of white color is often combined with red or blue accents.The decision to use a combination of these colors in the interior of the kitchen require you confidence and a willingness to live with the bright colors all year round.Here a bright blue wall serves as an excellent contrast to the facades of kitchen cabinets - white top and red at the bottom.Behind the glass doors of cabinets placed dishes, which repeats the colors throughout the kitchen.


COCOA + celadon

This practical kitchen, in which the lower cabinets are combined with cocoa-colored gray-green top, creates a soothing atmosphere.Motley granite countertops and arranged vertically rectangular white tiles apron added room a touch of sophistication.Checkered mat is not as elegant, but it charges the energy space.


Grey + Blue + White

gray cabinets, countertops and the white sky-blue tiles "Metro" in this kitchen give rise to a sense of calm and serenity.Painted in blue back wall cabinets are the perfect backdrop for your favorite dishes.A lively, relaxed atmosphere in the dining area located there helping to create a dark blue chair.


Hazel + White + Black

This kitchen - a classic in every respect, and it emphasizes its elegant white cabinet, coffered ceiling and warm yellow-brownish walls.Black Island Buffet serves as an anchor space.White marble countertops and tile apron create a sense of integrity and coherence of all elements of the interior.Wire inserts in the doors of the upper cabinets flanking the hood, it is added to the abundance of classic bit rustic.


White + Blue + Green

Classic White cabinets acquire a new look thanks to the blue, green and beige tile apron above a green-gray granite countertops.Casing of the yellow boards over the window adds a splash of sunlight and improves mood, and utensils of various shades of the glass-fronted cabinets in this kitchen creates a grand celebration of color.


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