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10 April 2016

When the house is skilful man's hands, it means - there is someone to collect, and a new wardrobe, and shelves to hang and screws with self-tapping screw.That's just at times most of these screws or nuts have to wrap up so much that after a normal screwdriver as an iron hand - before the tire.But with the screwdriver will be able to do it all without much effort.In order to optimally determine the order to buy a screwdriver for the house, consider the characteristics of this device.

Screwdriver Home


  1. What parameters should have a good household screwdriver
  2. Choice brand manufacturer screwdriver
  3. Summing up and determines the parameters for household screwdriver
  4. Video: Select cordless screwdriver- 1
  5. Video: Choosing a cordless screwdriver - 2

What parameters should have a good household appliance screwdriver

this need when it is necessary either to screw or unscrew the screws, bolts, nuts or screws.Planted a drill hole and can be

done (but only a little).If you need to drill a large hole, then take an assistant drill.

main parameter is torque screwdrivers.It was on this indicator it is necessary to pay attention to studying the device passport.

What does the torque value

This parameter shows how the surface of the tool handle without problems.The lower torque so less dense should be a material that needs to be screwed in the screws.For household tools enough torque of 10 to 20 Nm.To protect the motor it is equipped with a special ratchet clutch.Thanks to her, with loads exceeding a threshold (maximum torque), the motor shaft starts to slip.

Qualitatively, the screwdriver is always a device that limits the maximum torque.It is done in the form of a ring and is located on the axis of the engine immediately after the chuck.Safety clutch and nozzle protects from wear, and will not allow the screws too deeply into the material.

limiter can be adjusted.Steps of adjustment is from 5 to 22 - more is better than less.

Select the type of food

screwdriver may be fixed, powered by a normal socket or battery.The latter option is more mobile, compact and convenient.But he has, and "pitfalls".If you do not use a long screwdriver, its batteries die quietly.Very often, this is what lies screwdriver and use it may come 1 time in 2 months.The batteries are discharged, they do not get a timely charge and gradually lose capacity.Therefore, it may be worthwhile to look at the not so convenient network device with a long cord - he will not fail.

Cordless Screwdriver
Less - demand constant charging and rapid failure of the batteries.

Screwdrivers will be more weighty and clumsy than their rechargeable counterparts.But they can be stored indefinitely, and charge no need to worry.Long cord completely will make the necessary work, and if it is not enough - extension cable at your disposal.

downside network models is the high price.But with such a choice, as now, one can find quite a budget and the power screwdriver.

Choosing between these two types of power consider the conditions in which you will need to use the device and make a selection.

If the batteries, what

power unit is determined by the nominal voltage of the battery, and the duration of the work - in her capacity.Household screwdrivers have this figure at 1.2 - 1.5 amp-hours.Further, we note that most of these batteries are of three types.

  • Batteries NiCad type commonly removed from production because they contain cadmium, very harmful to humans.It can cause allergies.But in stores appliances with a battery still sold.The battery that is resistant to frost and can be recharged up to a thousand times.The main drawback - it has a memory effect, which reduces the charge time from time.
  • batteries are nickel metal hydride type are very light.The ability to recharge - five hundred times.
  • batteries are lithium-ion type - high quality, has no memory effect, it is long.Unfortunately, fear of frost.

If you decide to take the cordless screwdriver read the below written.

Video: Testing the cordless screwdrivers

type charger

Professional devices are usually included an excellent device for charging, able to do its job in just an hour.Amateur models charge the battery in three or even five times longer.However, you decide - because professional models of chargers are much more expensive.In my opinion there is no need to overpay, so you can opt for a simple charger.

Speed ​​

For quality screwdriving enough speed not exceeding 500 rev / min.Drilling is required 1300 rev / min, no less.The best option - the presence of the speed controller.

Choice brand manufacturer screwdriver

huge choice of models and companies capable of confusing inexperienced buyer.He had no idea what a screwdriver is better to buy for the house.They are so similar to each other, except that the colors and design are different - that's the first impression.

If the amount spent for you not to play a special role, looking intently at the three most popular brands.This Makita, Hitachi and Bosch.Well, yes, some have to overpay for a famous name, but the instrument will please ergonomics, functionality and durability.

If the appliance is purchased only for small home repairs, and you can save.Good enough shown himself screwdrivers American company Black & amp; Decker.Or you can buy a domestic Interskol - it is quite "workhorse".

Summing up and determines the parameters for household screwdriver

  • buying a screwdriver, choose a reliable trusted manufacturers.
  • torque value - not less than 10 Nm.
  • motor speed - just about 400-500 / min.
  • modes - two.This twisting and drilling.
  • Availability reverse.

depending on their requests take the model works either from the mains or a portable.What is good and what is bad, each of them, referred to above.Important: if you bought the battery unit, we look to complete was a spare battery.Couple tips for buying this device:

  • is best for the house to take a model with a lithium-ion battery types, such as the battery has no memory effect at home, it will last longer.That's because the house you do not use the device continuously, and care in the discharge duration of batteries such as nickel-cadmium fraught with rapid release of their failure.
  • battery voltage should be in the range of 10 to 14.4 volts.
  • If two different models of the screwdriver have batteries with the same voltage, choose the largest charge (unit - Ah).Buy the model that this option more.

Video: Choosing a cordless screwdriver - 1

Video: Choosing a cordless screwdriver - 2

  • Reviews of screwdrivers of different manufacturers

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