How to choose a mattress for a double bed: useful and necessary tips

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09 April 2016

During romantic lovers dream sleep and wake up next, cheek to cheek.But in real life co-sleeping is not always comfortable for two.Problems arise both in size and the difference in weight and rigidity of a mattress for two people.Next we will look at how to choose a mattress for a double bed and tell you how you can solve all possible problems.

How to choose the right mattress for a double bed


  1. How to choose the size of a double mattress
  2. types of mattresses and which one is best to choose for a double bed
  3. How to solve the problem with a degree of hardness double mattress
  4. Select a skin for your mattress
  5. Video: How to choose a mattress

How to choose the size of a double mattress

Let's start with the general rule: the length and width of the mattress are required to match exactly with the corresponding dimensions of your bed.It is necessary to buy, based on the growth of higher-spouse (as otherwise it will be in the back of the heel rest against

).And to get the maximum comfort, it is necessary to provide for a further 10 - 15 centimeters in length margin.By the way, usually orthopedic mattresses purpose are long and nine-tenths of one or two meters.

Bed Size

width for double mattresses varies from 1.6 to 2 meters.Most two-meter wide products, 2 meters wide, called King Size.If the mattress has a width of 180 centimeters, it is called Queen Size.

height (or thickness) of the mattress depends on the fact that it is inside.Which filler as it shows what type of springs used.If the mattress on springs, the height of the product ranges from 18 to 24 centimeters.Well, somewhat thinner springless products: 15 to 18 centimeters.

There is another characteristic that must be considered when choosing.This is how many kilos of weight is capable of supporting the mattress.The passport typically indicate the maximum load for a single bed.Since sleep to be together, then this value must be multiplied by 2. Sometimes the weight of husband and wife is very different, then these calculations did not fit.If different weight to forty kilograms (or more) is best to stay on the bi-block spring model.

types of mattresses and which one is best to choose for a double bed

Here we must first decide what you nicer: a product with springs or without springs.It should be noted that the majority still inclined to the first option.Models spring-type mass produced, but they all fall into one of two varieties: with independent or dependent spring blocks.

¬ęBonnel" - a classic spring mattresses

For more than sixty years producing mattresses with the spring block.Interestingly, their simple design proved to be quite successful, and all this time it did not need to improve.This spring pack made of cold drawn wire is called a dependent, since above all they are fastened together.It turns out a strong and durable product at a budget price.Make spring (cylindrical or conical forms) of carbon steel, using special machines.

But if we talk about a double mattress with this type of spring, they can not recommend to everyone.With a significant weight difference peculiar partners will "swing": one that is heavier, will outweigh the tilting mattress in his side.So, by the way, you can be on the floor.Well, the easiest spouse will continue to roll to the middle, that not everyone will like it.If the husband and wife "in the same weight class," the article with a spring "Bonnel" it is fine.

The device dependent mattress with box spring
device mattress with dependent spring block: 1 - padding of the mattress;2 - dependent spring block of springs;3 - felt layer;4 - polyurethane foam (foam).5 - the perimeter of the foam.

Mattress with the spring block Bonnel
Mattress with the spring block Bonnel.

Independent springs - a guarantee of comfort for both

As is clear from the title, there is no connection between the individual springs.Not only that - each of which is enclosed in a separate envelope, eliminating squeaking and friction elements together.And the overall strength of the product thus increasing.Adjusting to the shape of the body, this mattress cares about each of the sleeping couple.He will not lean on the severity, and no one will not roll down, not fall.

But to make such structures more complicated and longer than the previous ones.Therefore, they are much more expensive, what is the lack of them, and perhaps the only one.So many people wondering how to choose the right mattress for a double bed, stop at these models.

The unit of the mattress with independent spring block
device mattress with independent spring block: 1 - Coir;2 - a layer of latex;3 - spring is in the bag;4 - mattress cover;5 - the perimeter of the mattress (usually made of polyurethane);6 - independent spring block;7 - Coir.

Mattress with independent spring block mattress with independent spring block.

And if you did without springs?

most affordable springless mattresses are made of foam rubber.First, sleep on it gently and pleasantly enough, but eventually he and caking prominaetsya.By the way, polyurethane foam (aka, soft polyurethane foam) is of varying quality - from soft to medium and hard.There is also a latex foam, characterized in particular elasticity.

And for more comfort mattress can not consist entirely of foam, but with the addition of other materials (if not only one).One can cite as examples of coconut fiber and latex.Last quite expensive (and not only natural but also man-made), but it has a long service life.A tough Coir different environmental friendliness and excellent quality.It is often used for children's mattress.

Summing up the above, we note that a clean foam rubber sleeping together is not very convenient.It is suitable only as a temporary shelter for a couple.But combined with quality materials springless mattress can be considered as a constant.For example, a good choice is a product in which the core is made from coconut fibers and the outer layer - latex (natural or artificial).The upholstery used as practical and beautiful jacquard.

The device springless mattress
device springless mattress: 1 - mattress cover;2 - layer coconut coir;3 - a layer of latex.

Springless mattress
Springless foam mattress.


But remember that at any springless mattress definitely needed orthopedic lattice of steel with beech (optimal) or birch strips.They are a bit springy, creating an orthopedic effect.On that basis even a foam mattress is pretty bad.

How to solve the problem with a degree of hardness of the mattress double

Each of us has their own preferences, including that on which to sleep.A well-chosen, stiffness, mattress should support the spine in the correct position.

Soft mattress

too soft mattress.

Hard mattress

too hard mattress.

The correct mattress
The correct mattress supports the spine in the right position and gives the opportunity to relax.

Someone nuzhet mattress softer, someone - firmer.Stiffness may depend not only on the weight of the person, but also on the characteristics of a constitution and some health problems.What to do if each person needs its own rigidity, and sleep on this mattress should be both?However, in this case, there is a solution, not even one, but five.Let us consider each of them.

Out One: mattress hardness dvutipovoy

There are mattresses, one side of which a solid and the second - much softer.Coatings sides can also be made of different materials.Turning the product, for example, every week, you can take turns to please any of the spouses.

Out Two: buy two mattresses with different rigidity

And if instead of one large two small items to purchase?The same option, and good.After all, each of the partners will be able to handpick his bedroom mattress to taste, with the rigidity that it is most appropriate.And rest with pleasure on the selected own beds.The gap between the mattress can be removed using a mattress pad.

Out Three: double mattress with box spring DS

so called special design elements that are in the middle of a double orthopedic mattress.This double spring: in - the smaller the diameter, the outside - more.In other words, each spring member independent of the two.And if a man lie mattress with an average or low weight, the work will be one external spring.And the inner will react only when the weight of the sleeper will be solid enough.It turns out that any of the partners will be the most convenient.

Out Four: box spring mattress with variable stiffness

manufacturers began to produce mattresses that have a different stiffness at each of the longitudinal halves.They just put on each side of a stiff or less stiff springs.At this berth will rest useful and comfortable even for those spouses who differ in weight of 30 kilograms and more.

Output Five: the mattress on independent springs with asymmetric filling

stiffness of the product can be varied not only tension springs, but different filler material from each of the parts.Coir, for example, is well suited for the creation of a hard bed.A natural rubber latex, which is much softer, it is possible to use the opposite side.It turns out a universal product for a dream, perfect for both spouses with different tastes and preferences.The spring block it independent type, giving additional support.

Choosing a shell for your mattress

puzzling, how to choose a mattress for a double bed, it is worth considering not only about the internal structure and its filling.Upholstery material also plays an important role.He has good breathability, and be strong enough not to rub or break over time.And quality is a necessary elasticity.

Good for the top layer of the mattress fabric, jacquard called.It consists of a mixture of natural (cotton) and synthetic (polyester) material.This interior has all the necessary qualities.In the more expensive jacquard cotton content above - they are commonly used for the mattresses of elite class.Very useful is the special treatment that does not cause allergies, tissue gives added strength and property of non-combustibility and well repels insects.

If you want to add additional rigidity to the product, the paving layer coconut coir, which is obtained from the inner shells of coconuts.This fiber of flax resembles, but feels it is much rougher and harder.Also, it is characterized by high elasticity and inability to rot.By the way, the price of coconut fiber is significantly lower than, for example, horse hair (also famous for rigidity).And also natural latex coir is much more expensive.

Under Jacquard layer is most often padding polyester, quilted with a top layer.It gives soft upholstery and further strengthens it.Next may be a layer of soft foam and then - spunbond (special non-woven cloth, separating the spring block of upholstery and flooring).Spunbond is very strong and is able to make a solid load.

to cover (mattress cover) very often used thick calico, which is one hundred percent cotton.This material is safe and natural, it is almost hesitates and does not fade, easy to wash and comfortable to hold.

Video: How to choose a mattress

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